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Aneros instead of kegels?
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    Since I've started using my aneros, I've noticed much more pleasure, more ejaculate, and a shorter refractory period for my regular orgasms during traditional masturbation. At one point, I had tried Kegels for these same reasons, but I simply lost interest. So my question is this: Can the aneros be used instead of Kegels? It seems that it can. I've read some posts that claim that Kegels will help enhance aneros use, but are they interchangeable? Regardless, I believe that using the aneros has improved my reproductive and urinary health.
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    I hate bumping my own threads, but I'm really curious about this one. If you have any insight, please respond. Thanks, everyone.
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Hi Gravel, The answer to your question would depend on your goal. It sounds as if your basic goal has been met and you can just relax and enjoy. On the other hand, since this is, in most cases, an ongoing exploration of a person's sensual frontier, my question would be: "Why not, at some point, add diligent Kegel exercises into the mix and see what happens?" It would be great to hear your answer to your own question. Nobody else's answer will really be able to relay the info like experience. I'll see if I can summon some discipline, do my Kegels, and report my results. grateful
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Gravel,

    The contractions used when using the Aneros are typically much gentler than when doing Kegel exercises. With Kegels, you typically squeeze the muscle completely for several seconds and then release. With the Aneros, you need to use more finesse since the goal is to gently massage your prostate.

    So, while you are certainly exercising the same muscles with the Aneros, I don't think they are getting the same amount of exercise as when doing Kegel exercises.

    Do you need to do Kegels to use the Aneros? No, I don't think so since using the device itself will provide the exercise. Will you get stronger erections and more forceful penile orgasmic contractions using the Aneros only? To some degree you will, but it's my opinion that only Kegels will give you maximum benefit in that area.

    Hope this helps,