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hands free wet orgasm?
  • hoodleehoohoodleehoo
    Posts: 18
    Well, I've felt the itchy/scratchy tingle that has been described when the prostate is rubbed against so I've tried focusing on that. I tried visualizing sexual stuff (that didn't involve my penis, like me eating out a girl) and I felt myself on the way to possibly ramping up for an orgasm. I kept my hips moving and tried to strengthen the signals and I started moving towards an orgasm. I was excited that I might be on my way to my first dry orgasm. Unfortunately, my penis started burning all the way through (in a good way) and I ejaculated. I don't think anything was stimilating my penis unless the erection and hip movement caused a little friction between the top of the penis and my stomach.

    I was disappointed as it wasn't even as intense as a normal penile orgasm. Is this a positive step or a negative one? Am I doing something wrong?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi hoodleehoo,

    A question if I may, are you holding your sack between your thighs by chance? I have heard of that contributing to that occurance. There have been many times in this forum that I have heard of guys WANTING that to happen and cant get it to happen.

    I can understand why you dont want it to occur during your sessions. It's a mood killer.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    i am assuming you were not stretching your balls between your legs (which, as the manufacturer describes, can trigger hands free ejac).

    this has happened to me a couple of times too, with the helix. i ejaculated from it without wanting or trying to.

    in your case i think it may have been the hip motion. not because of your penis rubbing but because inside you that kind of stimulation can cause ejaculation (has in me anyway).

    the aneros shouldn't need that. it should be motored by your PC muscles not you consciously grinding your pelvis.

    next time you get to that place try keeping your pelvis still yet still concentrating on how good it feels in there nonetheless. hopefully your PC muscles will do their (subtle) trick.

    this could also be a form of premature ejaculation. (do i recall correctly that you are a young guy?). if you also cum quickly during real sex there are lots of methods to train yourself to slow down. i would even guess that aneros use itself could be good for that. perhaps as you use it more you will get accustomed to the intense pleasure and your ejac reflex will calm down. that would be good training for intercourse.

    or, again, it could just have been the grinding and a fluke occurrence.

  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    On a slightly related note, I've noticed that when I masturbate with the aneros inserted, my point of no return is much sooner than it would be without the aneros. I believe that ejaculation with the aneros is, in general, easier to achieve (whether on purpose, or by accident) that without it.
  • hoodleehoohoodleehoo
    Posts: 18
    I have my legs spread a little open like normal so I'm not holding my balls or anything. The hip movement is what allows anything to happen. Without it nothing really happens.