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You're Not Supposed to Stroke With These Things?
  • Hey guys, longtime lurker finally signing up.

    So I'm going through here and I see stuff about breathing exercises and laying still. The "Super-O," it's meant to be obtained dryly? You're not supposed to stroke the bearded dragon?
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Paulie and welcome to the forum!

    While the Aneros can certainly enhance masturbation sessions and lovemaking, if you are seeking the Super O as most of us are, you need to leave your penis alone and tune into the sensations that the Aneros helps to create. If you haven’t done so already please read B Mayfield's post B’s Keys to the Backdoor. You’ll find a wealth of information there and throughout the forum.

    Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    stroke the dragon too long and it'll be breathing fire. This is all about the internal fire not the external one. Read on and you'll be amazed and taken to new heights.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249

    in my experience, you can stroke the dragon and still enjoy Super-O's at the same time. But in my opinion, it's much easier learning to have Super-O's without stroking first.

    Best of Luck!
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    I kind of see the aneros as a two-for-one device. You can use it to enhance traditional masturbation and sex. Or you can use it for strictly anal and prostate stimulation, which will lead to the super-o. I don't personally think either purpose is better or worse than the other. I know there are some aneros users who use it only as an aid in traditional sex, to help maintain erections, or intensify orgasms, etc. Some, however, would say that if you didn't put some effort into reaching the super-o, you'd be missing out on something. In the end, I think how you use the aneros is up to you.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    You are right Gravel, but I'll bid you up one more. For me it began as a potential solution to a medical condition, as originally intended by its designers. So it can be a three-in-one device at least: medical, traditional wet sex, and the solo dry journey to Super-Os, Old Wolf's Beyond..., and possibly other "altered states of consciousness", or is that a fourth category? (Reference: Intellectual Orgasms thread)

    I use my MGX more or less regularly because it greatly reduces the very annoying symptoms of my chronic BPH.

    I use it during sex with my wife or masturbation because I must take a beta-blocker drug for my heart condition, and that causes a significant degree of Erectile Dysfunction. I have difficulty sustaining a full erection for a length of time (although my wife and I have found some great sex when I have the partial that I can sustain. The aneros is a very good "assistant" in overcoming the ED too, making full or partial sustainable. My wife likes the sensations/stimulation she gets from the MGX through me during penile intercourse, "bumping" and inducing contractions in me as it is massaging away back there.

    I am still in early stages in the solo journey, with one exception, almost any aneros session awakens next day after effects or "Echo Effects" (from KSMO, which I use with my aneros) of electric still-body orgasms like Old Wolf's "Beyond" and Darwin's "Calm Seas".

    When my wife and I are on our amourous adventures, aneros is the first stage booster rocket through the multi-stage foreplay and penile intercourse as we achieve near-orbital energies. Then she likes to take over massaging my prostate into dry multiple orgasms or Super-Os (a good deal of convulsing and vocalization) and we really orbit with her continuing to massage my prostate as I (more calmly) am able to also renew my massaging of her prostate (G-spot) and we orbit for a long time in electric otherworldly dry energetics ecstacies, until she has multiple ejaculatory orgasms and I finish with a wet fountain. The aneros and KSMO are huge advantages in exploring this mutual prostate ecstatic sex beyond sex.

    Once you rewire your body to be receptive, and that is the key, there are such amazing possibilities here, both dry and wet. A-MAZING!!!
  • AneRiderAneRider
    Posts: 8
    I've posted my experiences in another thread "What I've learned using my Aneros", which I invite you to read.

    Here's the bottom line for me: Because of the Aneros, I've "discovered" muscles I can control around my prostate. I did that hands off (as your opening post questioned), and in fact, ultimately without the Aneros installed. Since then, I've gained more and more control over the tiny muscles in my perineal area ('twixt penis and anus), and I can "stroke myself" while sitting on any firm chair, hands on the keyboard, doing actual work... even with other people in the room. I've had three or four days where, after some nice, stimulating squeezing and involuntary spasms that feel a little like ejaculation, I feel an orgasm coming on... and then I can come and keep coming (no ejaculation) repeatedly for several hours. It is truly astounding, better than any drug or sex I've ever had.

    So back to your question "hands off"? Sir, if you are as lucky as I, during those occasional days when it all falls together and I'm experiencing one of those delicious multi-hour orgasm sessions, a hooker couldn't pay me enough to make me accept a blowjob... because it would interrupt my Super O parade... and that is WAY better than a blowjob!

    I am serious. So yes, work at playing with these toys, use the lubes, follow the advice, fall asleep with it, try anything you can. But if some day, you kind of stretch your muscles after sitting in your office chair for a while, and you feel a little odd twitching in your crotch, GO WITH IT! I'd honestly pay any price for the gift I received from using the Aneros (and no, I don't get a free toaster if you buy one).