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waiting for the whisper
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    one of the complications of the aneros is that you often have to schedule sessions (eg, when the house is empty).

    the reason is that there is a lot of overhead, compared to the ol' traditional which you can whip off quick by going into a bathroom or can do in a private room and be prepared to stuff it back in your trousers if an interruption comes knocking.

    with the aneros you'd have a real hard time executing a quick cover up. also you have to prep, etc, plus you're likely to be making some noise.

    what is particularly sweet about the aneros-less sessions is that you can wait for the whisper. you are doing whatever you are doing and you start to feel that call, that need. your loins start taking control of you, and it becomes increasingly hard to resist. in the traditional setting you'd head to someplace for a few minutes of privacy to let the cum fly. with an aneros-less session you can stay where you are or make your way to a comfy spot, and, as long as you are out of sight, can go for your nipples, etc, and as long as you can stay quiet, can have orgasms plumbing you without worry of being "caught."

    the thing that is particularly good about this is that when your body makes you do it, as opposed to your schedule, you are more likely to succumb fully.

  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    I can't believe this!!! This post just tripped me over the edge. I was sitting here writing a reply to another post and was getting a little aroused. Read this and went into a contraction can't write any more .. I'm out of here.

    first time this has happened in broad daylight.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    What Darwin describes here has been happening with me for quite some time. It is as though my body tells me when the time is right and not the other way around. There are times when I am just too lazy to go through the motions of an actual Aneros session and I just find a quiet place and let it happen. Some simple kegels at the right time is pretty powerful during these times and I can parlay this into some very satisfying Super O's. Coupling that now with what I have learned with KSMO, can turn into a great time.

    I am not afraid of these occurances happening at the wrong time or losing control of myself when it is not appropriate because I have been through it enough to realize that it is controllable. That "tickling" is just like a tap on the shoulder saying, "it can be time if you want it!" I have read of others that are nervous about letting go in fear of losing that control. There have been some that have had trouble "grounding" themselves but they seem to always find what is needed. It is a learning process.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Darwin and Insearchof!

    I do get a kind of "contact high" from the written words in this forum, sometimes! I get this even more during the KS live chats and have talked to others about the possibility of one's sexual energy traveling (in a way) to other places and people, through their written words! An interesting subject, if you are currently experiencing these phenomenons???

    As for the aneros-less sessions...they are less hastle and spontaneous, but I live alone and can do whatever...whenever. However, I would gladly give up some of this freedom for a mate with a like-mindedness about sex and adventure!

    Later, Hlaser
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Buster!

    Ditto Man!

  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44

    Thanks so much for that post. I makes me breathe a little easier about the intensity of what has happened to me this week. The intensity and frequency was really beginning to scare me especially the unplanned trips into an orgasmic state. Briefly here is what the week looked like:

    Monday working :
    Tuesday evening: 2nd Super O session w/Helix
    Tuesday night: 3rd session w/o Aneros after falling asleep and being reawakened.
    Wednesday morning: reawakened and into 4th. session w/o Aneros
    Thursday morning: 5th SuperO session w/Helix finish w/ejaculatory orgasm
    Friday working: finally a break in the action
    Saturday: 6th. session Super O w/Helix finish w/ejaculatory orgasm
    Sunday morning: first crossover to Super O land while fully awake, after reading this post.

    For a old guy whose masterbation frequency was down to about twice a month, this is very scary territory! It seems like my body really wants it, because of the three incidents of completely unsolicited crossovers.
    If I die while having a Super O, who could think of a better way to go??

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    After reading these threads how am I supposed to relax with no expectations in waiting for the super "o"!


    Seems like there are quite a few great threads and many more participants in the last few weeks.

    This is forum is a jewel.

  • d_faultd_fault
    Posts: 21
    I am glad someone else brought this up, I thought I was loosing my shit. I wish I could bring on the Aneros-Free sensations, hard as I try, meditate & clear my mind... it doesn't happen.
    But, certain "Sativas" turn the prostate on like a switch for me, and thought I was imagining it when I would get the whispers to go sit relax and enjoy... some times with or without the aneros.

    Cool, I'm glad to not make it "Two flew over the Cuckoo's nest"
  • WardWard
    Posts: 29
    It's been awhile since visited the aneros site but today was reading this aneros free super "O" blog and gave it a shot. I didn't have a super "O" but I was well on my way. I had to stop because fellow work mates came in to the room... I little awkward to greet someone while pitching a tent. Anyway, all the usual things started happening. VERY COOL. It took me a year to get that fricking super "O", it's nice that for once something worked right away. I bet it has something to do with muscle awareness and memory. Thanks for the post Darwin. I have been looking for long time for something I can do that is very erotic and "stealthy," and the best part is I don't even have to buy anything. Cha Ching!