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achieved super-O on second attempt but can't repeat success
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Hello everyone I'm obviously new to the forum though I've read some here and there in the past.
    I bought my Aneros awhile back now maybe a year ago. The first time I used it I almost achieved an internal orgasm but since I didn't know what I was doing I "messed" it up. The second time using the Aneros I managed to achieve a super-O that I never thought possible for a man to have. I used a technique I read online and it worked great. It happened within about 6 or 7 minutes into the session. I had about 3 or 4 super-O's during that session. I thought that my life was going to get so much better being able to "easily" have these crazy intense orgasms whenever I wanted. Then...... I haven't been able to achieve another since. I've become very frustrated and disappointed with my sessions. I've tried to just take them for what they are but after achieving such intense orgasms I really want to be able to do it again... and again... lol
    Does this happen to others here? Being able to easily have a super-O and then just nothing for many sessions? The thing is, is that I can get super close but for some reason right before I have the Big O the feelings just dissapate. My breathing starts to get erratic and everything is building up to it then it all just goes away. It's driving me crazy cause I know what is possible and my Super-O's in that one session just mock me. I've had a couple of anal orgasms but nothing near what happened on my 2nd attempt.
    Another thing is that the only time I get close to the big O is in the first 5-15 minutes. After that most pleasure feelings go away and after about 45 minutes I give up.
    One more question. As far as lubrication goes. I don't have one of those rectal syringes that pumps the lube directly in, I just put the lube on the aneros and put that in. Should I be using more lube and is it necessary to buy one of those rectal syringes?
    Anybody who has any advice for me please reply.
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    The problem with just applying lube to the aneros is that most of it is scraped off by the sphincter on the way in. Pre-lubing solves this problem. Also, it takes more lube than a person might think at first. The body tends to absorb most kinds of lube over time. What you think is enough at first ends up not being enough in the long run. This may be why most of your success is at the beginning of your sessions. After several minutes, the small amount of lube that stuck to the aneros on the way in has been absorbed, and it can't move freely enough.
    There are two ways to get lube into the rectum: Just use your finger to apply it, or inject it with a syringe of some sort. I know a lot of people here use the kind of eye dropper intended to children's medication. It's a little bigger than a normal eye dropper, and seems to hold just the right amount, and is easily inserted into the anus. You can probably get one at your local pharmacy for a couple dollars. Good luck.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Awesome, Thanks Gravel! Will be heading to the store to grab one of those for sure. I don't know why I haven't boughten one yet. I forgot to mention that after about 20 minutes I reapply more lube but I can see how much more action the aneros will have using the syringe. Thanks!
  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    Hi Billy, get a child medicine syringe (baby dropper) it's like $1.99 & put lube inside you. It works great for me. I have not had a super O yet but I can feel my aneros move inside of me more if I do that.

    Hey I just got a funny idea for "saturday nite live" 5 guys lined up as I insert a baby dropper in each followed by an aneros & they all moan in joy LOL LOL LOL. YEP I know I'm crazy hahaha
  • I have not yet achieved a super-o, but I'm experiencing a similar frustration, in that when I first started using my helix, that night my prostrate felt heavy and swollen and I experienced very low level "feel-good" sensations in my abdomen and prostate area while I was at work. In the following weeks I was able to concentrate and magnify those feelings to an extent, but they have gradually become less and less intense and now the only time I get even moderate sensations is when I'm actually using my helix.

    I've also had a feeling that develops right about where my belly button is that feels pretty good and sometimes I can encourage that feeling to increase, but never anywhere close to an orgasmic state.

    Most likely, like I've seen posted, I'm simply trying too hard, even when I just lay there and try to just let things happen. I have trouble leaving things alone and I'm constantly trying to encourage sensations with anal contractions and position changes.

    My guess is that you may be experiencing a similar problem with trying too hard. I can only imagine the sensations you've had and if I were in your shoes, I'd undoubtedly be trying to achieve that state again, myself.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Your experience is not at all uncommon. In my case, I had a Super O the very first time that I used the Aneros, but was unable to repeat it for a full three months! Thereafter, it took me some time to become consistent with it. There is a lot about the Super O that resembles the two steps forward one step back model of learning. Why it's like that has much to do with who we all are. Generally, all men make a whole series of assumptions about how they are going to make this happen. . As I've stated before, it not about "making" or forcing a Super O to happen as much as it's about, encouraging it. It's about taking arousal and channeling it and having it register in your body in a different way.

    It's important to remember that the Aneros is a tool to help facilitate this response, but that much of what's behind the Super O resides inside of you already. This idea is validated by many users that are able to have Super O's without the Aneros.

    Both of you guys Billy11 and Justn_Otherguy have had some really encouraging things happening for you. I understand that you want to take this farther now, but you have to give it time. Billy11 in your case having actually experienced the Super O, I'm certain that have been through an endless review of the events leading up to your first Super O hoping to find the key. I was there too. I can only tell you that, I never really found a "blueprint" for my first Super O, except to say that I was so aroused at the notion of what I was doing that I simply stumbled into it. Ultimately arousal and more precisely what you do with arousal IS the key to success with the Super O. Techniques undoubtedly play a role, in generating and sustaining arousal, but if you don't know what to do with the arousal, it dissipates quickly. Visualization can be very helpful in this regard, check out my post entitled Arousal and Generating Sensations with the Aneros in the B's Best of BeeLine sticky thread for more info. on this. One user recently came up with the technque of visualizing that he is squeezing the tip of the Aneros inside his rectum with his contractions. The interest thing about this image is that it not only focuses muscle focuses ones mind on their prostate!

    Justn_Otherguy the sensations that you've written about indicates to me that you're very close, (particularly that tickling below your navel).. it's really about putting it all together. Again, the visualizing can be a benefit to you here as well. Some other images: visualize yourself having a Super O, visualize yourself ejaculating, visualize one or two fingers or maybe even a tongue, stroking and pressing against your prostate. If you're bisexual or are excited by penetration fantasies...that's yet another place for you to go.

    Keep exploring and stay with it guys!

    BF Mayfield
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Sorry if this turns out to being a long post ;-)
    Thanks Gravel and Canadian, I went yesterday and did exactly that and that baby medicine feeder works great. Glad to hear of a cheap device instead of buying an overpriced one online.
    Mayfield, Thanks for your reply as well. I fully understand what you're saying about how "it's already inside you to achieve the super-O" When I first began using the aneros I got to the point to where I could just sit in my computer chair without using the aneros and bring about very pleasurable feelings but then would try too hard I feel and couldn't take it to the next level. I'm also into lucid dreaming and astral projection/OBE in which I've been exploring for about 10 years now and have learned throughout that time possibilities that before were unheard of by me. So I'm very used to relaxation, meditation, and consciously entering the trance state to astral project. Stuff that took years of study to get good at and I can see how meditation into super-O's is definitely legit. Now I understand what I need to do to help me along the way of discovering consciously intended super-O's.
    When I first began studying astral projection/obe's, I used to use brainwave CD's that help you relax/meditate and help guide you into AP/OBE.
    So yesterday I decided to add something else to my aneros sessions that acts sort of like those brainwave CD's and have used it for my last two sessions.
    Some of you here may be familiar with something called a light/sound machine? If you don't know what that is just google it to read how it works. Using the light/sound machine is powerful stuff in itself cause it easily puts you in trance quick. Adding using the light/sound machine during an Aneros session is just amazing!
    Well since writing my last post I've had two sessions with the MGX (only one I own) along with the light/sound machine and let me tell you... instant improvement! I'll write about my last one.
    With more lube I can relax and not have to worry about re-lubing so thanks for the advice with that. I set my Proteus (what the light/sound machine is called) for a 60 minute visualization program. Next I decided to abort my old technique that hasn't had much success. So instead of trying to get to the super-O, I tried to let it come to me. I relaxed for at least 15 minutes getting to a good trance level before using the slightest muscle contraction (the one I normally do but with much less force) and would hold for awhile and then release. This is the first time I've used the aneros in which I didn't "try" to have a super-O. I just did the very light muscle contractions along with extended relaxing of the muscles. I was getting very warm/euphoria all over and then I started to get what seemed to be an erection and didn't think much of it at first. But the erection became a heartbeat that could be felt through out my body. It was like I was getting erect just a little at a time and with each heartbeat it would intensify. My breathing became very strong and the heartbeat just got more and more intense tell I felt like I was on the verge of what would be my fist super-O since my 2nd session. But instead this sensation would just stay at a very intense level and then slowly retreat. I have a theory of why it would do this. First when I started to get really close to where I would just explode, mentally I started to get too excited and "think" too much and it would retreat. This same thing would happen over and over in waves in which I would just still slightly contract my ass muscles "encouraging" the super-O instead of trying to squeeze harder and go to it. Another thing I would do is what Mayfield said about visualizing the prostate and using different ways of visualizing pleasuring it. (The light/sound machine for me helps the visualizing quite well) As I did this the wave would instantly come on but when I lost concentration of the visualizing it would lessen. About 45 minutes into the session and after I'm not sure how many waves of this (each wave was almost as intense as each other) I decided to stop the visualizing and muscle contractions, and let myself drift deeper into trance in which I would fall asleep off and on until the session was over but during that last 15 minutes I didn't have anymore waves and I was too tired to continue on any longer... hehe but still managed to have a good hands on session with the aneros still in before bed.
    So since my first post I'm now on a mission to explore the elusive world of the male super-O that the majority amount of humans probably don't know exist (much like how the majority of people don't realize the elusive world of lucid dreaming, astral projection/OBE and its possibilities)
    I was thrilled when I had my first series of super-O's on my 2nd session using the aneros of the fact that I'm not "stuck" with just one type of orgasm that only last for mere seconds. Shit I can't believe it's taken this much of my life to learn about it.
    One thing that sucks at this point about all this though is that I still don't feel comfortable telling anybody I know about the aneros and male super-O's. I want to tell people I know of what they're missing out on but don't want a weird reaction out of them. I do have one friend that knows who is really good at erotic hypnotism. The only reason why I told him is because shit he's into erotic hypnotism and there's lots of kinky shit going on with that so I knew it wouldn't be a big deal. I've actually been talking with him in the last two days about helping me make some hypnotic male super-O files and files I can use while using the aneros to help with having super-O's. Looking forward to seeing if they help as well.
    Anyways sorry this ended up into a super long post and it's awesome if you're still reading this far into it lol. I promise I won't post anymore long session reports. Just short ones maybe ;-)
    Glad I came to this forum to help get my concentration back to "wanting" to have unimaginable O's. Have read many many threads here in the last couple days.
    Thanks for your replies and advice.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Another update...
    after three days of doing energy work and lots of edging masterbating (never letting myself orgasm) as well as a few aneroless sessions, I decided it was time for an aneros session. First I've been reading alot of Mayfield's and Darwin's posts and they've helped alot. I used to go into my aneros sessions trying to be relaxed as possible and trying to not be aroused cause I thought that's what it was all about to get to the super-O's. So anyways after really getting myself into the mood I busted out the aneros and did all the normal stuff I would normally do to prepare. I really worked with the breathing and different contractions. I started out on my back watching some good erotica. For about 15 minutes I would slowly build pleasure waves but no matter what I would not try to contract to hard. Just slightly. When I felt I needed to I would play with my nipples a bit to get some more arousal going. Well about the 20-25 minute mark I felt like the session wasn't really going as well as I hoped so I decided to roll over to the side position with a pillow between my legs (this is the position that I had my first series of super-O's a year ago during my second session ever with the aneros). I again built up the pleasure waves and then it just hit out of nowhere. I felt my anus began to start tingling and then spasming a bit. My heart began to beat what seemed like twice as fast. I fully let go of the small contraction I was holding to relax completely and that's what seemed to put me over the edge. My penis went from flaccid to more hard than i have ever felt it get it seemed. I tried hard just to focus on the sensations and not worry about it just getting me close to the super-O and then residing like it often does. But I could feel this was much stronger. I was hit with 4 waves of what I would call mini super-O's (cause they were pretty intense but not as intense as it could be) that lasted maybe about 2 minutes each with only like 15 seconds max between them which still those 15 seconds my anus and stuff was still twitching. After this the orgasms stopped and I went another maybe 20 minutes or more but didn't have much going on so I decided to go ahead and finish myself off (after three days without masterbating "alot for me" I had the most intense orgasm that actually hurt a little.
    I'm sure the 3 days of no masterbation except for the edging sessions (I did alot of those) helped some. All day today I've been feeling pleasure waves just circulate through my body starting from my prostate or perinium. Right now as I'm writing this the waves are circulating through me. At one point today at work I felt the waves growing more intense and I thought I was going to have an orgasm right there at work with a bunch of people around me. I started breathing harder and kind of freaked out thinking "I can't do this right here"lol.
    Anyways, loving this forum, learning a lot, especially about myself.