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Ok getting somewhere at last!!
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Hi guys, its been a while since I last posted!

    I have some good news, last night I for the first time achieved the fabled involuntary anal contractions. The pre-cum was flowing and I felt pretty good, to the point that this morning I had to pop it back there just because it felt like it needed it. I followed this with a well deserved penile orgasm and boy it was good.

    Firstly for those who are having a problem getting to this stage, here is how I have achieved it:

    1) Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the bed (I have removed the handle of my classic)

    2) With regards to the contractions, image the shape of the aneros, it is curved upwards when it is inserted. Initially when I started out I focused on just trying to draw it deep into me. Now I have adapted it to a softer inward (upward towards head) contraction and a gentle forward one (towards the belly button). This causes the massager to get full on contact with the prostate.

    I hope that help some one, contact me if you need a more lucid description.

    So things are moving and I have a few general questions if I may:

    1) I adjusted the P tab a few years back and I find that it hurts a little when its being thrown around by my anal muscles. Is this normal or should I try and move it back to its starting position? To be honest its tight to start so I am not sure?

    2) Where do I go from here, I have the twitching which feels great. But what am I looking for now and how do I keep this twitching alive. It seems to fade all to quickly.


  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    Personally I like to leave the tab where it was at manufacture,but that ,I think is down to personal preference and the individuals body make up.
    As to where do you go from where you are at the moment with the nice tingling feelings.I think you are on your way to experiencing your first dry orgasm with the Aneros.My best advice I can give you is to keep practicing.The more you use the Aneros the stronger the feelings will become.Believe me,I was at the same stage as you for a little while and kept getting the tingling feelings which felt really good,but they would then fade away which was very frustrating,but I was determined to carry on because something kept telling me I was so close to getting an orgasm with the Aneros .Then one session I had I felt the tingling start as before so I just held a very slight tension on my sphincter muscle and just imagined the Aneros moving inside me stroking my prostate.all of a sudden I realised that the tingling was increasing rapidly ,my heart was starting to race and I was breathing more heavily.Then the most wonderful feeling I've ever felt surged through my body.It was almost indescribable,it felt like every part of me was orgasming,not just my genital area but every part right down to my finger tips were pulsating.It came in waves which lasted minutes at a time,then as the last one ebbed away within a few seconds I could feel another one building deep within me.The more I use the Aneros the more intense the feelings are and the longer they last.So I would advise you to use the Aneros as often as you can,by the way I've had my best sessions with the MGX.What model do you use?Once the tingling feelings start,don't try to force them,just concentrate on them and let your body take over,and believe me,once you do get to the point where your body takes over you WILL experience the most wonderful feelings that is humanly possible,wave after wave of pure bliss from head to toe.It does take some practice but God it's worth it.
    So good luck and please post when you've had your first multiple orgasms and tell us what you felt like.
    Anal fun :D
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    I feel as if I've gotten to much the same point--where I'm getting a lot of small involuntary contractions, and everything feels really good, but I just can't seem to tip over the edge. I've had my best success so far laying on my stomach. I'm not completely sure if the p tab is on my sweet spot. It'll feel as if the aneros is starting to take off on its own, then all of a sudden it will grind to a halt, and I have to start it up again. Am I on the right track? I'll also get a few twitches in my legs, abdomen, arms, etc., and I also have twice experienced a tingling sensation spreading up my sides and into my arms when I was VERY relaxed. Should I just keep doing what I'm doing? Does it sound like I'm getting close?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Guys!

    Sounds like everyone is on the verge of a break-thru! Just keep on this path and you will score the big one! It will happen when you least expect it, so just relax and breathe . . .

    Your body knowledge will take-over if you let it and it will let you have as much as it feels you can handle at a given time. (then it may give you a dry spell for a few days to integrate ALL these new and wonderful feelings and techniques???)

    (Usually after this little dry spell will be a newer and higher level of Orgasm than before! This has been my experience, any way??? And so-on ... and so-on...

    Keep the faith and Enjoy the Journey!

    Later, Hlaser
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    Thanks for the words of encouragement hlaser.
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Decided to try a different tact and used the helix rather than the MGX, I took the handle off and laid back and boy oh boy was it good.

    A word of advice, if you like using the device whilst laying on your back then may I suggest that you remove the handle (not the p tab).

    I had twitches, convulsions and all sorts. Plus when I could not take it any more and finished the job, the about of orgasmic fluid (to be politically correct) was phenomenal.

    Now to date I have not shown the girlfriend this toy, but if she saw how much came out she would be up for it in a second.

    Here's to more orgasmic sessions.