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First-timer patience and endurance questions
  • bjcolburbjcolbur
    Posts: 3
    I just got my MGX today and tried it out for a good 40 minutes or so and it was totally unique. I originally got frustrated my first time trying and had too many expectations so I quickly migrated to manual masturbation. However, I caught myself and decided to take a short break then really try to enter a meditative state. About 20 minutes in, I started to get what I have seen another user describe as the "cocoon state" where your whole body just feels like it's in thick, warm water. Around then, I started to get my first hints of a prostate orgasm. I tried switching positions and I never ended up regaining that state of arousal.

    However, even in that state of arousal, I found myself clenching as tight as I possibly could and even quivering with a combination of the pleasure and the muscle tension. All that having been said, I felt that the entire time I was just building up to a good prostate orgasm and not actually having one. Each clench brought me to the brink of an orgasm and nothing happened, no matter how hard I tried. Is this a period that requires some time for the body to adapt to before an orgasm or is it a sign that I am trying too hard? It felt pretty relaxed as I was doing it, but I did find myself getting frustrated that I wasn't actually getting there. In the end, I masturbated manually (also amazing, let me tell you).

    I know this is just my first time and it's probably a good sign that I even got this into it, but can anyone give me some advice for my next session?
  • DistraughtDistraught
    Posts: 50
    My recommendations are to douce with water first and use lots of the water based lube. Spend a lot of time getting used to the thing and relaxing with it in. You can't force or rush these things like a penile orgasm - instead these build cycle after cycle stronger and stronger. For me I can feel my pulse / heartbeat in my anus / chest as I relax and things become more intense. Become aware of the sensation that you have during normal penile orgasms. For me, as I recall there is a sensation in the back of the brain and top of the spinal cord a type of rushing / releasing feel. Concentrate on your heartbeat / throb, breathing, that orgasmic feeling / state and the contractions. If you stay and pay attention to all of those things eventually you will start having long term, continuous orgasms and body spasms. Oddly after learning the technique I can even do it to some degree sitting around anywhere without the Aneros inserted.

    Good luck, and enjoy!

    PS: I might add that the state you mention is the beginning of it. You need to reside there and let the sensations, spasms, orgasms grow stronger through cycles. It may take more sessions too as you learn the new sensations. But yes, eventually those cycles get so strong that you will start to convulse and have prostate orgasms with fluid pumping out in rhythmic contractions - at least that's what happens to me. This happens over and over again. It just gets better with more use, and I find the state and having the Aneros inserted is extremely addictive. As soon as I am done I want to start again. I don't know how so much time can pass as I may do it for 5 hours or so but I guess when you are in a constant state of orgasm it just does. Amazing!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Welcome to the Forum.

    The "cocoon state" you mentioned sounded like my response to a thread titled "fantasizing during Aneros use" by 'hula', so I know exactly what you mean. From your description of events, it seems you were "...trying too hard", but you have already learned some valuable bits of information in your first session. Very good for you!

    1.) You have reached some of the early "milestones" (see 'darwin' s Sticky titled "GLOSSARY").
    2.) The relaxed, "meditative state" is exactly where your mind needs to be to start experiencing the subtle sensations that will eventually lead you to the super-O.
    3.) Overtly hard sphincter contractions can dampen the development of the subtle pleasure waves/sensations that lead to the super-O.
    4.) You now know the feelings that need to be nurtured, teased and amplified in the arousal process.

    Words of advice for your next session :

    1.) Try to suspend your expectation of "...actually getting there", enjoy each session for the feelings/sensations that ARE pleasant and present. This will greatly reduce your frustration factor.
    2.) Try to get into that relaxed, meditative state from the very beginning of the session.
    3.) Try to maintain mental focus on the good feelings that your prostate is generating, and use gentle contractions to help amplify the intensity of those sensations, be aware (as 'Distraught' cited above) that the pleasure waves often come in cycles of varying time frequency, you need to stay patient for the cycles to build in intensity.
    4.) If you haven't already done so, I would highly recommend you read the Sticky posts by 'B. Mayfield' titled "B's Keys to the Backdoor" & "B's Best of the BEE-Line". There is a wealth of essential information contained within those threads, which will save you a great deal of time and frustration during your learning process, plus they will answer a good many questions you have yet to formulate.
    5.) The super-O can NOT be forced or coerced to occur, you must allow your body the opportunity to spontaneously generate it, so try to enjoy the ride during the session time you have available to you.

    You'll be in the for the ride of your life when the super-O does finally show up at your "backdoor".

    Good Vibes to You!
  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    All i can say is WOW be happy, not many get as much as you got on the first time from what the posts say.
  • bjcolburbjcolbur
    Posts: 3
    Thanks to everyone for your advice - I tried things again last night and then this morning and got some new results. I realized the most important thing that I was missing was holding a partial contraction for a long period of time. Once I did that, I started to get some really intense anal twitching and at some points, twitching in other parts of my body, namely my toes and legs. I think the most important lesson I've learned so far is that you have to be patient for this to work. I think the main thing that is hindering my patience is that while I have a free hour or so when I do this, I am still too aware of time constraints and later obligations, so I can't really relax.

    I am a sex addict and am addicted to masturbation, so I am trying to be careful not to: 1.) use the aneros too often or 2.) use the aneros for too long in a given try. When I hear posts of people saying they use it for 5-8 hours at a time, that's really reminiscent of masturbation binges I used to go on. Regardless, it seems like I really do need more time and more relaxed headspace with no obligations ahead of me to take advantage of this.

    Needless to say, the new milestone today was fantastic. I can only hope things continue to improve as they have in the first 3 sessions.

    If anyone has any more advice in terms of preparing for aneros sessions with regards to scheduling, relaxation techniques, anything, really, please let me know. I'm still strugglng to maintain my meditative focus during my sessions. Thanks.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    i usually go for a block of two hours.

    the aneros is dangerous for sex addicts. the reason is that before long you will be able to have dry orgasms pretty much at will, without the aneros. they are called chair orgasms, as in quick orgasms while in a desk chair. for sex addicts, the dangerous part is that you can do them at work, so you can pretend to work all day while actually feeding your brain with orgasm induced endorphines, etc.

    it gets worse as you can do them anytime, such as driving, etc.

    also, you lose a sense of time while using the aneros so hours go by before you know it.

    if you really are a sex addict and this has been a problem for you, using the aneros is the equivalent of a former herion addict playing with meth.

  • bjcolburbjcolbur
    Posts: 3
    Thanks for your candid observations, darwin. That's really good to know. I am in a 12-step program for my sex addiction and figured that the aneros would be a good way to start having a more spiritual or at least thoughtful connection to my body when I was engaging myself sexually, as in the past I had always fantasized about past acting out situations and it was emotionally unhealthy for me. In my experience so far, I can only concentrate on my body if I am to reap the benefits of the aneros, which seems like a good plan for more sexual harmony in my life.

    However, your observations are potentially frightening to me. When you put it in terms of a former drug user picking up again, that scares the shit out of me. I've been sober for a while and don't want that to start up again. However, I think I am going to have to play this one out by ear. I am considering buying one other model to try out and then just getting to know them both in more depth, but I am well advised to be cautious in that pursuit. I appreciate your honesty and I will be as careful as possible. I may end up relapsing as a result of this, but I think it could also be one of the healthier things I've done in my sexual redevelopment.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi bjcolbur!

    I only have one suggestion for you.

    In Jack Johnston's KSMO community, he seems to be really in-tune to people there after they bring-up thru this protocol, things from their past, etc. that make them troubled or frighten them! (called: "fur-balls" there)

    Jack is a dedicated professional and very sensitive to one's needs, especially those with special circumstances such as you!

    KSMO is a more mental/spiritual approach to the MMO (multiple male orgasm). Check it out!

    Again, my 2 cents!

    Later, Hlaser
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    I just received the Aneros Helix and tried it a couple times last nigh but without a lot of success. I'm a straight guy but have regularly used anal play from my teens (with fingers and other objects like vibrators and such) and have even cum as a result of anal stimulation alone. My wife really gets into fingering me during sex and I thought this could enhance an already healthy sex life. So, I tried by myself at first to see how it worked.

    On the first try, I found the Helix to be kind of uncomfortable even though I followed the directions on the web site for relaxation. After about an hour of the unconfortable feeling, I pulled it out. I waited a couple hours and inserted it again and this time it was less uncomfortable...a little more pleasurable, but still no fireworks. I did have a somewhat steady stream of clear pre-cum leaking out of my penis during the session but no erection and no orgasms.

    Do you have to have a hard on first for this to properly work? Are there any other tips you can offer to relax my anus?

    I'm very game to keep trying but wonder what the signposts are on the road to the Super-O. Any kind of "look for this first, then this will happen, then this?" I thought maybe the Helix wasn't reaching my prostate so I also ordered the Euphos (sp?) because it seems a little longer but I haven't received it yet.

    I'm anxious to join the crowd of the super-satisfied but need a little direction.


    Update...Tues Afternoon...
    Okay, over my lunch break (I work out of home) just tried it again for about an hour and this time I did get to the uncontrollable muscle quivering...still no hard dick or super-o but it was much more comfortable and pleasurable. I used an enema to make sure I was clean, then put a healthy dose of Astroglide up my ass and on the Helix and inserted the Helix sloooowly. Still doesn't feel like it's hitting my prostate. And the tab is not hitting my sweet spot. I relaxed for 20 minutes with breathing then began the sphincter tighterning...20 times...then went to the more gentle tightening. Pre-cum was flowing from the get-go and then the pulsing, involentary contractons started. Couldn't get past that but I could see from other posts I was on the right path. What cum's next? How do I get past this plateau (sp?)?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    new guy-

    in the GLOSSARY there is a "milestones" entry which is one man's attempt at tabulating the signposts.