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What I've learned using my Aneros...
  • AneRiderAneRider
    Posts: 8
    This is to share some stuff that would have helped me with the Aneros at first. Stuff I didn't find here before, so I'll share it.

    You will read some odd things here... stuff about "the journey" and similar ideas. Well, I just made myself cum [gently but nicely] while sitting at work, in my office chair, with both hands on the keyboard and no Aneros plugged in my butt. So I guess I finally understand the hyperbolae about "the journey." Here's my take:

    I can wiggle my ears. I can also flex the muscles around my prostate, get them to spasm, and excite myself to orgasm. I couldn't do either one of these as a kid, and yes, they are related. They are very much related to your experience with your new (or potential) prostate toy from, so read on. Here's how:

    The eyeglasses I got at thirteen years old pressed on my temples in a way that made me aware of some facial muscles there. At first, it was just a squeezing, and nothing more. After a time, while yawning, or twitching my face, or something, I noticed that by "tightening" the place where I felt the squeezing from my eyeglass frames, I could get my eyeglasses to move up my nose a little. The more I practiced this, the more definitely I could move my glasses. I did this perhaps dozens of times a day... not to a purpose, just like a stretch or something. But over time, I mastered contracting some facial muscles which, it turns out, pulled my ears back. So now I can wiggle my ears! (If you're sitting there with your $70 piece of plastic, pissed off that you're not having repeated three-minute non-ejaculatory orgasms at will, READ ON!)

    The routine male orgasm involves involuntary, pumping contractions of the muscles around the prostate. The contractions (and the prior filling of the prostate from penile stimulation) stimulate a web of nerves called the "Veil of Aphrodite." Those nerves are responsible for initiating the orgamic pleasure of ejaculation. The brain responds to the stimulation with a cascade of hormones resulting in what we know as the orgasm. Well, the Aneros (and related toys, I assume) gives you a way to stimulate your prostate and diddle with the "veil of Aphrodite" by using the muscles in your anus and rectum. Without getting into all of the other, very useful stuff I've read here in the Forum, here's my experience: Using the Aneros, I did the following to arrive at a point where I am a VERY happy customer:

    1) I followed the directions about lube and allowing at least a couple of hours of uninterrupted play time. I added a quick, easy, warm water enema to my "foreplay". (It sucks to get close to having fun, only to have to get messy and start over.) My lube is 3cc of WalMart "AstroGlide" and a teaspoon of KY. I use a big syringe of warm water first as an enema. After maybe a couple of enemas, I feel cleaned out. Then I insert 3cc's of AstroGlide using a 10cc syringe with a short piece of aquarium air line hose attached, and finally a teaspoon of KY rubbed on the Aneros.

    2) Piss on the advice not drinking anything. Have a glass of your favorite booze. It won't help, but it certainly won't hurt.

    3) While you follow all of the other advice you'll read here, breathing, squeezing, relaxing, and all of that, FOCUS ON TRYING TO CONTRACT DIFFERENT MUCLES AROUND THE ANEROS TO SQUEEZE THE TIP OF IT AND MOVE IT EVERY WAY YOU CAN. WHEN IT FEELS GOOD, KEEP IT UP!

    4) At first, you'll probably clench your anus to drive the probe as hard as possible into your prostate. The muscles you're looking for are actually the ones that'll squeeze the tip of the probe, and the ones close by that. Keep messing around squeezing it different ways, and forget about orgasms. They're not going to happen unless you keep diddling around playing with the feelings and trying to tighten different muscles around the probe.

    5) If you're lucky (as I was), you may fall asleep with the Aneros in you, then wake up totally relaxed, and very easily and quickly stimulate yourself into a full-fledged non-ejaculatory orgasm. My goodness, that's fun: I've had one, and it was exactly the same as a regular orgasm. I was certain I was going to squirt a puddle of semen into my undies! Nothing came out, but exactly the same feeling... "Oh my God, I'm going to cum!" And then you DO!

    That's about all I have to share. Once you learn how to squeeze the right muscles around your prostate, you own it. I can make myself cum (or simply enjoy owning a prostate) almost any time I'm in the mood. Is it as good as getting a hand job? Most of the time, no. Once in a while, yes. All in all, the stuff you'll read on this site is mostly true. Have I had multiple, multi-minute orgasms at will wearing this thing? Yes, as recently as last night. I guess it was so good that I wanted to say "thanks", but talking to a little piece of plastic seemed stupid. So I decided to write this, to try and help guys like myself who got here, bought it, and wanted to figure out what to do with it.

    For what it's worth, I also own a Venus-2000 blowjob machine. It's awesome, but frankly, if I could have only one of the two, I'd choose the Aneros: It's more bang for the buck, and you can carry it in your pocket. Owning a V2K is like having a Maserati... tons of fun, but lots of maintenance.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312

    I really like your ear wiggle analogy.

    i've been having great difficulty making sense of things like:
    - why do some guys get it right off while some take months+
    - what physiologically is happening when we undergo "rewiring"

    i wonder if the "ear wiggle effect" is a prominent part of it: that one way or another, over an immediate or protracted time frame, we discover, probably unconsciously, the right muscles to contract to place the aneros head on the prostate.

    when guys say "it doesn't fit me" and "i don't feel it touching my prostate" perhaps it is just as you say: they haven't stumbled on the right muscle moves. (previously i had thought it was a matter of neurological sensitivity, somewhat like Hitachi Magic described in a recent post).

    absurdly, for all my experience and all my 100s of dry orgasms and dozens of super orgasms, just last night, for the first time, did i really really feel the TICKLE TO THAT SPOT all the way to orgasm. (yum)

    now i am going to do just what you suggest: fiddle with my contractions to see if i can find the one that consistently gives me that "prostate tickle," so i can reproduce my experience of last night.

    (the really odd thing is that i've had, as those who have been subjected to my past posts know, very many different intense experiences with the aneros, slightest touch, cradle, ksmo, etc, and yet, they are always so novel and not particularly repeatable).

  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    I completely agree, and have been reaching the same conclusion but regarding sensitivity as of recently. I think it takes the brain a while to develope an almost "tactile blueprint" of an area that normally is not explored. I believe its a similair effect as when somebody looses a limb, it can take their brain a long time to stop feeling and being aware of it, but the exact opposite. I had really low sensitivity when i first started and only recently am i able to really feel whats going on down there. ive found that after about a month of using the progasm, i can really feel it sliding in against the rectum walls and approaching my prostate and i can tell the moment it makes contact. it really takes a lot of mental focus to visualise the process but it really adds to the pleasure. i love how the aneros experience continues to supply lot of food for thought!
  • Good job AneRider;
    I enjoyed the post.

    So easy a caveman can do it.
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Anerider, What an observation! This idea might go a long way toward explaining differences Aneros users experience interacting with the same product. Though I know that what gives one person sexual pleasure will vary greatly from someone else, I think you are really onto something. I know of many people who have control of different small muscle groups around their face scalp and ears. Without any practice they can just do it. This may account for some of the success people have had right out of the box. Maybe some have those muscle groups good to go. I never considered that with focus and repitition I could learn to control inactive facial muscles. I guess that's not surprising since the reward for success is minimal. I know over the course of my life I have tried various means of anal stimulation with no pleasnat results. It is the consistency of men reporting great pleasure that caused me to try more than a few times. I don't know if Aneros would have been my last whack at it, but it was close to that. For me, the development of the ability to achieve pleasure from using the MGX took about two weeks of regular use. Three months + later and I have had one session where I experienced MMOs - really something! I am hoping more of our seasoned posters will chime in on this thread. While I believe that the phenominon we are working with is more complex than you present it; this input, IMHO, is quite a contribution to the ongoing discussion. Thanks for sharing! grateful
  • anonymousanonymous
    Posts: 72
    I'd just like to say, I've experimented with this technique, and it is a great one. It feels better than just holding a contraction in your anus. Look for that contraction deeper, and like he says, there are muscles that can contract deep in the rectum, contracting around the head of the Aneros. I was using a the mental thought I had was actually me being the one that was massaging the head of the Progasm, and when you do this, it basically massages back. Now that I've isolated those muscles, like he said, I can do the same thing without it even being inserted, and you can massage your prostate using those muscles.

    Another thought of using these muscles deeper in the rectum was that I wanted to push the Aneros upward, as in towards the front of my body, rather than drawing it deeper inward, and this brought some incredible orgasms.
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Can a few more of the "Super O" group chime in on this thread? This seems to make real sense to me, but having not progressed very far down the road, I am seeking the opinion of some other of our tour guides. The way this newbie is reading it, this represents a departure from seeking to find a place where involuntary, almost intuitive movements take our pelasure to places no self-directed means can, to a more intentional, self directed approach where we are able to "tell" the Aneros what to do and how to do it through the use of the development of muscle control. Should we be relaxing and concentrating ourselves into a state where we expand pleasurable feelings until we are swept away or should we be focusing on the actual action of the device and encouraging specific kinds of movement? Some further discussion/clarification from others would fit into the spirit and intent of this forum. Darwin, maybe the way I have stated the question will give you a handle to use to help me sort this out? Thanks all. grateful
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Wow Guys . . .

    This IS a very interesting thread!

    I have talked about very similar things in e-mails, etc. with Darwin and others for a while now, about how there are muscles in various locations that not only are important in the MMO's, but change the feeling an nature of the orgasm! (very hard to explain!)

    I am only a lay person, where human physiology is concerned, but I can tell you how it feels, when it happens and how it seems to be with me???

    IMHO, there are different kinds of MMO's. All lovely in their own way! (Ex. Anal Orgasm, Prostate, Penis, etc.)

    One of the best explainations of a Super-O for me has always been one of Brian Mayfield's, where he describes a "neural loupe" being started by the Aneros between the anus, perinueum and prostate. (to a little engine, once it starts driving)

    Would it be possible that all of the various types of MMO's start with the various muscles and start a neural condition, that causes the amazing O's that we feel??? (Just a thought!)

    I can feel muscles and nerves around my anal ring, and have had anal orgasms there! Perineum & prostate MMO's, of course! Another phenom, caused by nipple play, goes from my nipples to a tiny set of muscles just in front of my balls or maybe the base of the penis! This causes a throbbing of the muscle and my balls raising up (as they do during a traditional orgasm) and after the balls throb it sends a pulse down the shaft to the nerves gathered on the under-side of the penis head (frenulum, I guess?)

    It feels like two paralell O's going on: Nipples - "tiny muscle" and balls - down the nerves to the penis head...(which makes your penis throb and jump, as in a traditional orgasm) All Dry Orgasms!

    Different kinds of MMO's with different "feels" started with muscle contractions or "involuntaries" which are a precursor to this neural nervana taking over in different locations???

    I have been experiencing this, as I type this post! This is how it feels to me currently, but as we progress on our Journey and rise to new levels of experience, no one knows where it will lead or how it will feel ... down the road???

    All I know for sure is that it keeps getting better with time and experience! I have talked at length with people that have been on this path for quit a few years now and they swear there is no limit to how far you can go!

    Interesting thread...let's keep it going! (different strokes for different folkes, so everyone may feel it or explain it quite differently) All feelings are valid here!

    Later, Hlaser
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I was just noticing the other day how I could engage the muscles to actually massage the tip of the Progasm. The Progasm has enabled me to feel quite a bit more in relation to muscle spasms all along its length. That is something that is naturally not as apparant with the Eupho for example. This is a very timely thread for me. I will try some of the things that have been mentioned here the next time I use some of the other models.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Hey Buster, you're an inspiration!! Great ideas come from this forum. I too had the feeling of being able to massage the tip but never really took it anywhere until you talked experimentation.

    Last session with the progasm I basically did nothing but do the type of massage you mentioned for several minutes. It was hard not to get into the usual routine but believe me it was worth it. It was another new adventure, The major differences I noticed was:

    Extended period of "near ejaculation" ( at one time I had to look to be sure I wasn't!)
    Semi-erect during entire session ( usually erections come and go)
    A strong prostate orgasm with the progasm (hadn't had one this strong with the pro - it danced all over)

    The waves, etc lasted much longer and there was no respite between. There is so much here that it makes it fund to keep discovering!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi ohmy06,

    I have found this forum to be invaluable to this journey. Without it, I would have thrown my MGX within the first couple of months. What a tragedy that would have been for me!

    Thanks for sharing that bit about what you tried with the Progasm. I have really been working this method and believe I am only scratching the surface of what is there. I had a very abbreviated session the other night and I was using the Maximus. The head of that thing was certainly identifiable in there. Onward and upward!

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Is it also true that trying to stop your pee while in mid-flow isolates the proper muscles that are needed?

    And (blanking on his name, I think it was a guy) said that taking a wank-break made it easier to achieve a Super-O... so.

    Also, those that HAVE achieved a Super-O, what is the wank estimate per week? Old school, lube on the johnson, basic wanking. Just out of curiosity, mind.

  • testertester
    Posts: 1

    I can also flex the muscles around my prostate

    HOW ?
  • AneRiderAneRider
    Posts: 8
    OK, my time is limited. Thanks very much for all of your posts.

    First, I must be the luckiest man alive. I just had my first "Super O" (you don't know it until you know it). Actually, I just had my first twenty or so SO's, SITTING AT WORK in my chair, getting (under)paid $60K to program while having phenominal, multi-minute orgasms.


    Aneros put some pressure on my prostate and the muscles around it. All new feelings. I accidentally learned to contract a couple of muscles around my prostate (felt really good). I learned to lean forward in my chair, putting some pressure on my prostate. I idly, almost unconsciously started squeezing my prostate on a Monday, and by Friday, I was having orgasms most of the day (no joke).

    To the fellow who wrote, simply, "HOW?". That's easy (but frustrating) to answer. Sir, how do you move your fingers? You squeeze your prostate the same way: You just do it, that's all. Of course that's not terribly helpful, and I'm sorry I can't give you a more useful answer. In my case, I bought an Aneros and tried following some of the advice on this Forum. One time, I noticed a strange, new, not especially pleasurable twitching that seemed to be at the base of my penis (inside, by the tip of the Aneros). I didn't think much of it.

    Then, a few days later, I was sitting in my office chair, and I noticed that if I tightend up my crotch (no better way to explain it), the twitching came back. Again, it wasn't terribly pleasurable, but it wasn't bad either. Felt a little like someone else grabbing or poking me, because I wasn't doing the alternating part of the twitch, just squeezing a little bit.

    Shorthand (got a plane to catch): I kept playing with the feeling, and now, a month later, I can go to work, sit, and have friggin' orgasms most of the day (concentrating very hard to avoid getting erections, at which I fail often).

    More later. I figured out the "altered vision" thing, and you guys are going to freak when I offer my explanation for that, and for the existence of and causes for the Super O itself. Amazing, primal stuff. Thank goodness for the Aneros!
  • AneRiderAneRider
    Posts: 8
    OK, so I got a little tired of; 1) wondering if *I* was having "Super Orgasms." I mean, after all... how do you tell someone what an orgasm _is_?, and; 2) all of the B.S.-sounding posts about "golly, after about seven or so... I'm not really sure... I had a WHOLE BUNCH of orgasms."

    Yah right... my personal "BS"-meter was in the red zone.

    Then I had an "SO."

    Then I had another.

    Then I had about... golly, after about seven or so... and you know some of the rest.

    Short and sweet (so I can go back to watching "Wifey dot com" and having orgasms):

    1) This isn't BS... it's the most remarkable, better-than-heroin, immensely pleasurable thing that's ever happened to me.

    2) I had one incredible day filled with SO's... AT WORK sitting in my chair, no Aneros product (sorry guys, but that's the fact) in my anus.

    3) I went seven days without an SO, feeling nothing but pain and strain in my "prostate squeezer" muscles. I was scared and sad that perhaps it was a one-time experience.

    4) July 3, as soon as I sat down at work in the morning, I knew I was in for a treat. My crotch felt super nice on the first little squeeze... kind of like when my favorite Taiwanese hooker sucked me... (but that's another story)... and I decided to open "Notepad" and actually report, precisely, how many orgasms I had in a day, thanks to Anoeros*.

    I have learned a few more things I'd like to share:

    First, all of the effects we're dealing with ARE the way they ARE because they helped our ancestors' genes reproduce. Pure and simple, it's true. (If you're a creationist Bible-pounder, you may as well quit reading now... HEY! What in heck are you doing reading this in the first place, Mr Bakker?! F-Off!) Anyhow, the effects that I, for one, am enjoying are wonderful and profound... better than any drug. OK, I'm starting to feel pretty good just this minute... I'm going to add to this later... here's a quick insight for you guys:

    Many users have reported strange visual effects during an "SO". I have had them. Well, here's one man's observation. I experience very distorted vision during my (Thank GOD for them) Super O's. I got to thinking... "Why does this happen?"

    Simple. This aspect of Super O's (at least mine) submits comfortably to at least one plausible explanation: The immensely powerful visual drive helped our ancestors reproduce. When I'm coming for a couple of orgasmic wonderful eye-watering minutes, my vision gets very distorted. It kind of "posterizes" the model I'm looking at, and the posterized blocks kind of flash.

    It turns out that the last trigger I need to initiate a Super-O is a picture of a beautiful woman with large breasts. That's it: I flip up the picture, get a very strong erection, and come like Niagara Falls (metaphorically... no ejaculate soils my slacks) for a couple of minutes.

    During that time, I'm staring at a picture of the "GoDaddy dot com" girl, I'm in ecstacy, and my vision is going bonkers.

    How would our vision going bonkers during an orgasm have helped our ancestors reproduce to create our genes? I have a theory... and it's fairly obvious. First, why are men visually stimulated? I mean seriously... what pioture ever gave you a lay, or a blowjob, or even a hand job? None! Why should men give a darn about looking at pictures of naked girls? That is totally simple to explain in evolutionary terms: Because through most of history, if you were a male, "hit and run" worked to replicate your genes. Not so women... they had to grow breasts and nurture their young in order to continue their line. But males could just hump and jump, and their genes _might_ live on. So being visually stimulated was effective, because it was reliable and fast.

    OK: Why visual distortion during SO? Because the flashing changes in vision, if you're looking at a woman or a woman's photo, make it look like you're poking a hundred different women ALL AT THE SAME TIME! No joke... what could be more stimulating to a male who's visually simulated in the first place?! So that's how it works out for me. I squeeze my prostate muscles for a while, then it starts feeling awesome good, then I have many eye-watering Super-O's while looking at pictures of large-breasted women. Wonderful stuff.


    OK, here's my actual report. I have my SO's at work mostly (tough job, eh?) So I Tuesday opened Notepad and kept track. Here's what happened between 05:05 (yep, I'm hyper) and 16:30:

    only big: 15 orgasms
    SO: 1
    big: 2
    oddly strong - almost painful: 1
    Big: 4
    Bigger: 3
    erection painful...
    small 2
    bathroom break
    big: 1
    small: 1
    SO: 2
    Big: 1
    small: 1
    Big: 3
    SO: 4
    Big: 5
    small: 1
    big: 3
    long break, walk
    SO: 5
    definite notes about visual
    big: 3
    SO: 8
    small: 1
    middling: 2
    small: 1
    SO: 1

    So there you have it... I actually kept track. That's twenty-one Super O's and dozens of lesser ones in the course of a long day at work. I am really lucky, and I know it. It is a heck of a challenge not to scream... but maybe it helps because I've got to keep a lid on the noise in my cubicle.


    AneRider... (Actually not, I don't even use mine any more).

    *Aneros, after a few sessions, made a muscle twitch spasmodically in my crotch. I soon learned that I could just kind of squeeze my crotch muscles, and sometimes it felt incredibly good... like getting blown... maybe even better. And that's what led me (after a couple of months) to Super O's.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312

    hey, can you cross post this to my first super-o thread for posterity?

  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Hi Anerider, I think your theory explains why Aneros wasn't introduced to humanity until the the end of the 20th century when the production of food and shelter is not so much of an issue. In earlier times I think Darwin's theory, applied, would have weeded us out as we squirmed in euphoria! grateful
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    I just recently noticed this thread and read through it with interest. (How, I've been missing it up until now...I dunno, as it seems to have been around a while). No question Anerider's "Ear Wiggling" metaphor is an interesting way of describing the technique of "training" or gaining voluntary control over muscle contraction.

    In addition, I certainly agree with him about the role of the Aneros in developing one's Super O chops. Namely, that there comes a point, (sooner for some), where one no longer requires the Aneros to generate a Super O. In the past, I referred to it as going a cappella.

    However, I'm a bit confused by some of the information provided here, particularly with respect to the Veil of Aphrodite. In so far as I know, the Cavernous Nerves are the web of nerves that are responsible for arousal and the pleasures of orgasm. The Veil of Aphrodite is a tissue like membrane that covers the neural bundle, that is believed by some to effect it's conductivity in some sense (much like a neural sheath). So while pressure is indeed transferred through this membrane, it is the underlying nerves that are responsible for the sensations that we're after.

    In terms of the muscles that are involved in the ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory responses, presumably he is referring to the levator ani group. The levator ani and a portion of it sometimes referred to as the levator prostate are responsible for suspending the prostate in the pelvis and producing the contractions that propels semen through the urethra (the prostate itself contains smooth muscle fibers that propels fluid outward also).

    It appears that these muscles also play a role in producing sensation from the prostate, which is of particular importance in generating the Super O. While I think that the concept of visualizing the tip of the Aneros being squeezed by ones muscles is very useful (and would recommend this also), in as much as it can facilitate a different kind of muscle contraction, (perhaps the contraction of more specific muscles, i.e. as in the levator prostate), I doubt that one is actually physically squeezing around the tip. When one executes a strong anal contraction several muscle groups are engaged simultaneously, all of which have the effect of pulling the Aneros inward and with the abutment tab contacting the perineum the tip of the Aneros pivots forward to the anterior rectal wall. The prostate lies on the other side of this wall. In so far as I know there are no muscles of the pelvic group that would enable one to massage downwardly on the tip of the Aneros.

    A specific contraction of the levator prostate or some other smaller muscle group, would also explain how sensations are generated without the Aneros. Such muscles in essence would stimulate the cavernous nerves of the prostate directly. But such contractions would also likely generate force upwards (levator = up) rather than downwards towards the rectum as would be called for in massaging the tip.

    That said, I still believe this concept of visualizing the tip is a terrific way of focusing energy. As I've said before, very often one can transcend normal voluntary capabilities in this way.

    Regarding the evolutionary basis of the Super O, this is an interesting concept as presented, but it seems reversed to me. Survival would almost certainly select against the development of the Super O as the dominant sexual response in males. Why? Because linking an orgasm with ejaculation follows a biological imperative, that of procreation. Make the experience of ejaculation/procreation immensely pleasurable and males are, as was said, "hitting and running" and "humping and jumping" for eternity! Although it is undoubtedly true that men are powerfully motivated by visual stimuli , it is in the way that they have been pre-wired... to find child bearing attributes in women appealing, ...large breasts for example. I'm not saying that most guys look at a buxom woman and say..."gee, I'm sure she'd be great at nursing my progeny...!" But, we're conveniently programmed for these kinds of cues nonetheless.

    As some of you may recall from the Slightest Touch pdf that I wrote, and previous postings here in the forum, I've alluded to the Super O having it's origins in the female sexual response.

    As most of you know, all of us, males and females today, began life as females. At around seven weeks, an embryo with a Y chromosome starts to produce testosterone. The presence of this hormone brings about the changes that will produce a male child. No testerone,.. the embryo develops into a female child. Along the way in male development the tissues that will develop into certain organs and genitalia are changed. Ovaries into testes, clitoris and vagina into a penis, paraurethral glands into a prostate. These are said to be homologous structures. Since nipples develop around 6 weeks, they are for all intent and purpose vestigial reminders of our prior existence as females.

    Humans are neurologically pre-wired as well, with most females having orgasm alone and most men having orgasm in combination with ejaculation. But it doesn't end there, because, like nipples, the female, non-ejaculatory sensory/ neurological pathways also remains in males in a vestigial form...the pathway that allows for orgasm without ejaculation. Ironically, just like ejaculation in females, it largely exists in the population as a dormant response.

    Now I'm not saying that the Super O is simply a male version of a female orgasm, but I strongly believe that it has it's basis there. It's interesting that women experience the sensation of orgasm more globally and that many are capable of multiple orgasms as well. Again, this is only part of the picture, as the higher intensity, all encompassing nature of certain Super O's seems distinct from the average female orgasm. But then again, some females are also capable of higher order orgasms too. I've known women who were experienced in Tantra who reported orgasms that seemed identical to the ones that I've known.

    Just a thought...

    BF Mayfield
  • AneRiderAneRider
    Posts: 8
    Hey there B Mayfield,

    "Survival would almost certainly select against the development of the Super O as the dominant sexual response in males."

    Clearly. I wasn't saying that at all. I was suggesting the possibility of an ancient, medula-oblongata-level side effect of a male ancestor (millions of pre-human generations... during the refinement of the medula) bursting into another male's harem, and getting the opportunity to seed many females (even at the risk of his own life), as a partial reason for our pronounced male visual drive.

    Second to the hypothesis is why the visual effect with the huge stimulation which _quite_ _coincidentally_ occurs in some of us having a protracted SO. So figure a male reptile humping dozens of females, getting tired... what could urge the little bugger on? A visual effect even *more* powerful than a new female every few minutes... i.e. all of them at once. I know it's a reach, but seriously, how many times have you hallucinated while having an ordinary ejaculatory orgasm? An extreme effect calls for a creative explanation, because it's all outside our experience (and as someone else suggested, probably outside human experience at all until recently). Heck, just a thought anyway.

    As to the Veil, you are clearly a vastly better-educated anatomist than I. (I'm not in the medical profession... took my best guess at the Veil.) I do plan to pull out a copy of Grey's, and try to figure out which muscles are providing me such a phenomenal "a-capella" experience. I can now independently control several different ones... what a lucky SOB I am!

    BTW - Great SO experience: Feels exactly like an ejaculatory contraction, including the feeling that the penis itself is in contraction.... but for a solid couple of minutes at a time. Gentle prostate squeezes keep it growing and going. Golly, it feels so good I'm afraid I'll sprain something!

    Sure makes the day at work go faster.

    BTW, following my guess about an evolutionary basis for the visual distortions, I wrote a program today which randomly flashes pictures of several beautiful models at between 100ms and 500ms per cycle, until you let your finger off of a key... (any key, like a deadman switch for use at work). It's, er, interesting... kind of like the visual distortions. Will report more (and share the executable if anyone wants to try it) after a little refinement and testing.

    With best regards,

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    AneRider said:

    Hey there B Mayfield,

    BTW, following my guess about an evolutionary basis for the visual distortions, I wrote a program today which randomly flashes pictures of several beautiful models at between 100ms and 500ms per cycle, until you let your finger off of a key... (any key, like a deadman switch for use at work). It's, er, interesting... kind of like the visual distortions. Will report more (and share the executable if anyone wants to try it) after a little refinement and testing.

    With best regards,


    Do you have a version for a MAC, lol! Sounds interesting! What kind of shots do you use? Have tried this with more graphic images as well? At that speed aren't the images pretty much subliminal? Do you find that this builds arousal?

    I'm always exploring different ways of generating arousal. Keep us posted on this!


    BF Mayfield
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    Hi AneRider!

    I too am always interested in both audio and video sources of stimulation!

    I would be interested in testing such a program with my own image collection! I am PC based tho...

    Later, Hlaser
  • AneRiderAneRider
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    Thanks for the comebacks on that. I'll try to give y'all a link (privately) to my experimental executable(s). Yes, Mr. Mayfield, I'm thinking that subliminal is part of it. Girlie pictures are freely available at: surf the picture of the IndyCar racer, then go from there to the GoDaddy girls.


  • AneRiderAneRider
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    In my office chair today, after a couple of hours of very gentle prostate contractions (hardly paying attention, really), and then after what must have been four or five ten-minute-plus SO's, and a walk, and a late lunch... the "orgasm tingly wave" turned into something truly delightful: Sharp, "prickly feeling" waves of tingles radiating through my flaccid penis, every time I squeezed my prostate.

    [note for those who jump in to the middle of this thread... I have never had an SO with the WONDERFUL Aneros installed. I had some goofy rapid spasms around my prostate, and I learned to squeeze it wilfully. I equate it to raising one eyebrow... some can and some can't]

    Oops.. gotta' go. Later.