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Only allow moderators to create polls
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    I’m of the opinion that polls should only be created by moderators and/or support staff. A user poll quickly becomes irrelevant as new or updated posts come in, pushing it farther down the list. That is, unless someone also replies to the poll. One way around that I suppose, is to also update the Last Post date when a user responds to the poll. I don't think that's being done now but I could be wrong.

    By only allowing moderators to create polls, that should serve to limit the number of polls that are created and moderators should be able to make the polls sticky. So as not to add even more sticky posts, perhaps HIH can put polls into their own area similar to the Blogs or Bee-Line. That way, they can be reviewed and responded to over the long haul.

    The poll feature is powerful and neat. A few well chosen polls will probably serve the forum better than a whole slew of them.

    Just my two cents.

    Please note that I didn’t make this into a poll! :D

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    I agree with you completly, as I've responded to some of the previous polls, there needs to be some restraint here, the polls, if they are formulated properly, can become a statistically meaningful information base, and a source for all users to see how their experiences compare to others. I think it would really be nice if users could easily suggest polling topics, and Aneros support to formulate the poll questions in a manner consistent with obtaining logical, accurate data. I believe frivolous polling subjects will ultimately diminish the potential value of worthwile polls and become ponderous to the ongoing active discussions on the Forum. A new category titled "The Polls", right below "The Blogs", might just be the right way to go. :roll:
  • A frivolous poll is no worse than a frivolous post.
    If you don't like it, ignore it and it will be burried off the main page in a day.
    Don't take it so serious and remember were talking about sticking things up your butt. It is kind of a funny topic.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hitachi Magic,
    You are right about any web page that has it main focal point of discussion about "sticking things up your butt" is a bit humorous, I'm sure some comedians would have a real field day with the issues being discussed here, and I am certainly not opposed to laughing about it myself, none the less, this Forum is intended for dissemination of information regarding the use of the Aneros products. I am just advocating that subject matter stay focused in this area. I am well aware that there may be many tangential interests/issues that are related to the Aneros usage and as such are legitimate topics of discussion. Let's just not trivialize them.
  • MarkMMarkM
    Posts: 34
    I agree with Onthepath and Rumel on this. While it's great to be light-hearted about what we're doing here, this forum has always had a unique sensibility to it. Despite one or two occasions, everyone maintains a civil, respectful tone here and seem to be genuinely concerned with providing information to one another. With the advent of this new polling feature, we all have the opportunity to compile some real data about issues that face Aneros users. If properly structured, this data could serve as a continuing resource for forum members today and in the future.

    For instance, think of how many times you've heard new users ask the question which is the best Aneros to start with. Polling information on that topic could nail it down. Consider that as this question has been asked repeatedly in the forum, many members may not bother to respond to an individual thread anymore. Thanks to BF Mayfield that particular polling has begun.

    For this reason, I think that the creation of polls must be viewed differently from that of an ordinary thread. A frivolous poll can not only misinform people on one topic, but undermine the whole concept and validity of other important polls.

    Again, if polls are to serve as a valuable resource in this forum, I think that they need to be carefully considered. For this reason I think that moderator created polls are the best way to go. Naturally users should be able to make suggestions on areas that they are interested in. I know that other forums may allow all users to create polls, but then again I believe that this forum is pleasantly different than most. I think having a moderator create the polls would help preserve that distinction.

  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    I too would like to see a section devoted only to polls as it would help newbies like myself. However I would certainly prefer the polls be moderated or made with support staff to avoid frivolous & possibly misinformed information.