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Is bigger better?
  • AlexxxAlexxx
    Posts: 4
    I'm a user of the original Aneros model, from when there was only one to choose from.

    Must say, so far my asshole is in heaven.

    Although... I wouldn't mind an even "fuller" feeling in my rectum and wouldn't mind it a bit deeper as well, so I've been thinking of moving up to a larger model.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have zero worries about penetration, but my hesitations would be that with the present model I am able to get a veeeery nice hands-free "self buttfuck" and I'm not sure if a bigger one will slide in and out as much. Just looking at the design it seems that on the bigger ones the narrow little neck would cause the sphincter to "lock it in place" and not provide as much of the sweet in/out motion. Also, must say that my anus certainly does love the little ridges around the neck of the original model, and I don't think those are present on the big boys. A boy has to keep his butthole happy..haaa!


    Pete in Alabama
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Pete,
    If your looking for a fuller sensation, you should choose the new Progasm. It's a terrific new model and, despite its size, is quite mobile. The Progasm will give your asshole and prostate the intense stimulation you seem to be looking for. Good luck and post your experiences on the sticky once you give the Progasm a try.
  • AlexxxAlexxx
    Posts: 4
    Hey Charlie thanks.

    I think I will give the Progasm a try. I sure like the idea of the extra fullness and must admit the shape looks sooo inviting that I suspect I might not leave the house for a few days after it arrives.

    I just wanted to make sure it was still mobile. Fullness is good but I didn't want to trade the ability to really "work it." Perhaps I am unique but while I love the deep stimulation of my prostate I find the stimulation of my anus almost as intense... didn't want to give that up.

    Thanks for the confirmation,

    Pete in Alabama
  • 22fires22fires
    Posts: 27
    Yes bigger is better. I just used the progasm. After years of but plugs, and dildoes this is a mind blowing product. It felt awesome having something finally feel good inside of me. I never had a cock before, but I think is is pretty close to the real thing. If I had time I would use it all day long. That's how good it felt.