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using an ottoman
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,311

    for any of you who are looking for an excellent position, here is a suggestion.

    i have a bentwood ottoman. i put it on my bed. i lie on my back and position the ottoman so that i can rest my lower legs on it. my thighs are perpendicular to the bed, and my lower legs are parallel to it, on top of the ottoman.

    when things get intense, i draw the ottoman closer to me so that i am in a kind of fetal position, with my butt a little bit under the ottoman. the wooden crossbar of the ottoman is at the right height that it touches the back of my thighs. that stimulation adds to the intensity.

    there is an ottoman at Ikea that is approximately like mine. search for "POÄNG Footstool"

    the differences are that mine is bentwood, so it is probably easier to slide on the bed, which is handy in adjusting the angle of the fetal position. and the crossbar on mine is lower so it hits my thighs. you could fix this by making a make-shift lower crossbar.

    if you can find a bentwood one, go for that.

    more good things about the ottoman:

    you can straighten your legs while over the ottoman, which gives you a very good "tensed" position to start large muscle involuntaries.

    basically you can gradate your position anywhere from full fetal to full straight, while having the support of the ottoman and avoiding the aneros handle bumping into anything.

    you can also drape yourself over it for an excellent kneeling position. it supports your chest and stimulates it (including your nipples). you can hold on to to the ottoman like a lover or imagine that you're tied to it, for a kinky twist.

    i have written in the past about a similar position, which is lying on your back, with butt against a bed, and lower legs on top of the bed. the advantage of the ottoman is that it doesn't require you to have the right kind of bedframe. also, you are lying on your bed rather than the floor, and, you can use it for the kneeling position.

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello Darwin,

    I use a ottoman also, and it helps me have some really terrific orgasms. Giving the whole middle part of my body the freedom of movement and with the ottoman capable of moving, this allows for some excellent additional room for stimulation. When things are getting rather heated up, I usually need to get totally on the bed and ride the waves of pleasure. I also use the ottoman laying the opposite way. Here again one can move the ottoman back and forth for a wild ride. Nood