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50/50 KY Jelly and Water
  • Has anyone had any experience with using a 50/50 mixture of KY Jelly and Water. I own a FleshLight and have found this to work perfectly for lubing the insert. I keep this in a water bottle with a pop top. It would be convienient for me if I only had to keep on setup. And mixing makes the KY last a little longer.

    I just got my MGX today and had a bit of trouble with it. I got a Syringe type baby medicine dropper but the tip wasn't long enough to get past the second sphincter and deposit much lube into my rectum. I think this might be one reason I didn't feel much this first time.

    I had a bit of time ..ahem...getting it up there. Does it get easier with time? I'm hoping its one of those things that you learn over time how to ease it in better and I'm not loosening my butthole. The first sphincter wasn't a problem at all but the second one (is that the involuntary one) seemed to be pretty much a wall for about 10 minutes.

    Anyway I'm gonna order a 2 pack fleet enemas and empty them out and use one for possibly cleaning up before hand and the other for applying lube. All the little baby rubber bulb things I found, while long enough, didn't come apart so I thought they'd be hard to clean real well.

    Anyway...I hope someone can tell me if the 50/50 would work, or if I should stick with the 100% KY Jelly for the thickness.

    FYI. To it takes about 24 hours to fully mix the 50/50 solution. You just pour equal parts of each into a water bottle and give it a good shake every once in a while and after about a day it won't get bubbles in it anymore.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Also, after I had it in for about 30 minutes I wasn't feeling much in the way of effects. I had a respectable amount of precum flow every once in a while, and my penis would get a little hard now and again.

    After 30 minutes I (and my bowels) decided that it was a good time to quite and not push it to hard the first time. I masturbated and though the actual masturbation felt better than usual with the aneros it, the actual orgasm felt diminished. I could feel my anus contracting and pushing the aneros up into my prostate but it was more of a pumping process with the orgasm being pretty much non-existent.

    Maybe I was a little out of sorts with the thing up my bum and my mind just wasn't in it.
  • RodemRodem
    Posts: 18
    I usually use a kind of water-based lubrication with some water and have
    had good results.
    How much did you put it there?
    For me, just 6-8ml is enough.

  • Originally Posted By: Rodem
    I usually use a kind of water-based lubrication with some water and have
    had good results.
    How much did you put it there?
    For me, just 6-8ml is enough.

    Well I think I was doomed from the start with my first session. I don't think I got anything past the second spincter muscle because the type of applicator I got was only about an inch long. It was only a couple of bucks so I figured I'd give it a try and it didn't work.

    I ended up ordering some Anal Spike ( by Doc Johnson, from ) that comes in a bellows type squeeze bottle with a really long tip. So I'll give the aneros another shot when that gets here in about 5 days.

    It looks like the cap is removable so I'll be able to refill it with the cheaper equate. I could just go to an adult store and get it but I feel wierd enough just buying the cheap equate stuff at Walmart. I don't even want to think about going in a adult store and buying anal lube :).

    I think I'll have better results when I start out with everything right instead of trying to do a quickie because I just got it.
  • I think I also didn't give myself enough time for my mind relax. In other words I went from relaxing my body to doing contractions while my mind was still screaming "YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING IN YOUR BUTT...WHATS GOING ON BUDDY?".

    I think it'll take a couple more sessions and some patience to get mentally acclimate to this thing.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Lubrication IS ESSENTIAL to achieve results with the Aneros, however IT DOES NOT have to be particularly elaborate. Even "prelubrication" is not strictly necessary, although it can be helpful in some instances. If you do choose to prelubricate, go to your neighborhood drugstore and obtain an infant dropper (not the the kind that are pre-packaged in the aisles, check with the druggist, they have the type with the removable bulb end for filling and easy clean up). These droppers typically hold a teaspoon of liquid (more than enough for prelubing). The dropper itself is over 3 inches long which is more than adequate to pass through the anal opening and into the rectum. To fill, use, KY liquid, ID Glide, WET, Astroglide etc. These are all thinner glycerin based lubricants that work well for this initial application. Lubricate your anus with a small amount of KY Jelly. Then coat the Aneros itself liberally with KY JELLY. The jelly is slicker and more slippery than the liquid types of lubricant. If you do this, you should have NO problem inserting the Aneros.

    Just a note with respect to diluting KY Jelly. A 50/50 dilution simply DOES NOT WORK! Adding this much water diminishes the effectiveness of the material substantially and makes it unstable (may start to separate). Sure it still feels somewhat slippery, but it's not the same as full strength KY Jelly or even KY liquid for that matter. It's no wonder that you've had some difficulty inserting the device if you're using this mixture.

    Keep it simple. Remember, all you're trying to do is to make certain that the device has a little extra lubrication inside your rectum to compensate for the small amount of lubrication that is squeezed off of the device by your anus in the process of insertion.

    Good Luck,

    B Mayfield

  • Thanks B Mayfield,

    You hit the nail on the head. I exercised my balls (the mental ones) and went to Walmart and picked me up some KY. Insertion was easy with a slow steady pressure on the aneros...didn't hit any "walls" like last time.

    I kept it in for quite some time, but after re-reading over your post "A Key to the 'Backdoor' to Ecstasy" I feel that I shorted myself again by not spending some time getting aroused. I think I instinctually thought this was a good idea as I looked at some videos for a few minutes but I cut it short as I hadn't remembed your recommendation from my previous reading. I think you idea of rythmic breathing and viewing arousing materials is inspired.

    I believe this would allow you to enter the relaxed state quicker and easier, as I've experienced similar things when I've been meditation for some time, then get interupted, then go back to meditation. Its a much easier translation the next time. In this way I feel your method gets a lot of the "mental" work done before you even worry about the aneros.

    Focusing on your abdominal-rectal region before hand seems like it should also allow you to be more congnicent of the changes that occur when you insert the aneros.

    My success was limited by I feel I made some progress. I think I may have had some autonomic twitching, but they seemed to be more focused on my PC muscles than my my penis was jumping uncontrollably. Unfortunately these didn't lead to anything.

    After about an hour and a half (wasn't really keeping track) I decided to end my session with masterbation. As I didn't have much luck with my penile stimulation and ejactulation my first (when I used lube and vigorously stimulated my penis) I instead used a slow edging method that I sometimes use when I want a really good orgasm that just sort of slides out.

    I slowly edged my way to orgasm and I felt precum flow about twice as long as it usually does under those circumstances. What followed was a very intense orgasm about twice as long as usual with a much more large peak and release.

    I still need to work on timing my sessions as toward the end things down there again started working against me. Not to get into to much detail but I was having gas moving through my system. This actually made things start to happen down there and tighten up and I could actually feel my pulse through my anus but it didn't amount to anything.

    Have you or anyone ever heard of the PC muscles twitching like that before?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    No I haven't. The twitching I experience is never quite that pronounced. However, what you've described sounds interesting! Keep experimenting be sure to be open to new sensations.

    Good Luck,