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Is an 18 year old man enough for this stuff
  • Hey,
    I'm 18, a virgin, limited anal experience, but I would love to try the aneros. Delving into a toy such as this one does make me nervous though. Will this be for me? Is it completely messed up for a straight 18 year old to be into the aneros? What do you all think...

    If I do decide to purchase an aneros, which one should I try? I want something that will give me good results... making me lean towards the Helix. Or should I start with the simpler MGX?

    I am excited to hear what this forum thinks. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • TonyTony
    Posts: 12
    I recommend you start with the MGX which is where I started. Then later once you have become used to, and have achieved some level of success/satisfaction with it, you can move on.

    There is nothing wrong with a straight male experimenting with all areas of pleasure. There are plenty of straight guys here who use the product, with their female partner's full support. So go ahead and give it a go. All the best.
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    I also agree that the MGX would be a great start. I purchased two at the same time, knowing that they had different tabs, and such. The Helix and Euphos are the other two that are great winners.

    The straight guys who don't understand the prostate and how we can get so much pleasure from stimulation, are the one's with no "balls". It's so great that couples can get so much more out of this openess. It's been an awesome journey and just keeps on getting better. Peace, Nood
  • Thanks for the advice. I wish everyone would be so open to exploring their body in this way. As you both have stated, I think I will start with the MGX.

    I do have another question though... How important is it to have a completely empty rectum before using the aneros? It may sound silly, but the idea of using an enema does not appeal to me, (while inserting a whole toy doesn't bother me). Do you think I should purchase an enema device for more comfortable and successful use of the aneros?

    How about a lube applicator, how important is it to be fully lubricated? I currenlty use ID Glide Lube. Would just coating the aneros itself with ID Glide before insertion provide sufficient lubrication?

    Thanks again! I hope to begin my journey of exploration with the aneros once I get all the facts.

  • NullNull
    Posts: 6

    I would have to agree with both Tony and Nood about trying the MXG first. The Helix is a bit larger and more aggressive, some where between the size of ones thumb and big toe. In all honesty, a healthy bowel movment is larger than any model of the Aneros.

    Regarding enemas and empty rectums. I suppose it all depends on ones personal preferences. From what I understand, it's not completly necessasary, but it sure makes cleanup alot more plesant. You're not really using that much water, about a cup or so. For me at least, the ease fo an easy cleanup outweighs the mild nucense of a quick rinse. Again, it all come down to what makes you the most comfortable.

    Moving on to the question about lube. I have tried a session without internal lubrication and did not enjoy it in the least. It felt very uncomfortable, there is no natural lubrication inside the rectum and nearly all the lube applied to the Aneros was stripped off during insertion. It only takes three or four CC's of lube, about a tablespoon.

    I have not tried using ID glide myself, it just seems a bit to thin and I hate having to clean up a mess LOL. I've been using KY jelly and it seems to work well for me.

    Read through the fourms and make sure to check out B's Keys to the backdoor, he has a wealth of information posted.

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

    Take care,
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    I just started with the Aneros myself, it's about 3 weeks now, and just to add to what Null just mentioned I found a lot of information available in the "stickies" above. In particular check out B's BEST OF BEELINE. If you go about half way through he has information on enemas AND lubrication, one after the other, lots of detail too.


  • Indy18Indy18
    Posts: 4
    thanks for all the tips. I should be ordering my MGX soon. Let me know if you have any more tips or comments for an 18 year old.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I wish I had discovered this when I was 18! Have fun Indy.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    An clean and empty rectum is extremely important aspect of Aneros use. It must be able to move around freely to stimulate the prostate properly. You dont have to use an enema to do this, just be sure to use the restroom before use.
  • I'm 20, and as long as it isn't attached to a guy, it's not gay.
  • Edit
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    I purchased this when I was 18 as well. I started with the Helix but didnt get much success so I switched out for the MGX. No great success as of yet although I must say after a good half hour of using the aneros I do have a great orgasm, alot more full than anything without it. I never have found the need for internal lubricant, and actually I found if you use a condom over the aneros it makes cleanup a breeze, simply throw it away and rinse off the aneros and youre done. Also if this helps I havent found the need for an enema. Still doing some experimenting and have yet to reach what people on the forums describe as a "super O" however I will have had the Aneros for two years as of this March.

    By the way, I am also a straight male and a virgin, and theres nothing gay about this, just testing out my sex life.

  • Indy18Indy18
    Posts: 4
    That's all great advice... thanks. After some final deliberation over the MGX vs Helix, I do think I will end up buying the MGX very soon. On a lonely night like this, the aneros will be a great thing to have.
  • TinyMexTinyMex
    Posts: 10
    I may also repeat that I would have been glad when I had got the Aneros when I was 18.

    About the enema: this is really not such a terrible thing. If the water is a little bit colder than your body temperature, it forces blood circulation and can make you more aroused.
    When I was a child (my doctor was fond of natural healing), I got a lot of enemas when I was ill, and - as far as I remember - I became always a full erection. So it was a nice therapie...

    BTW, how everybody here is keen to pronounce not being gay - not a little bit! - this makes me really laughing....
    Who is asking for that ? Who cares ?
  • shutleshutle
    Posts: 4
    When I was 18 (I'm now 23) I tried penetrating my anus with my thumb and without lubricant. i was curious but verry affraid and felt anal penetration was a tabu. If you feel uncertain about anal penetrtation don't try it. ONly try it if you have a healthy feeling about it.
    What it did for me was damaging, in part because there is a level of pain involved in penetrating ones anus...logically! I wasnt prepared for that and I felt my nervous system colapse, all in all if your not mentally prepared wait!
    Since trying that I've had a reduced level of orgasmic feeling when I have ejaculations. I dont know if I had abnormally high level ejaculations before penetrating myself or if right now I have abnormally low levels of orgasmic feeling but one thing is sure; my orgasmic feeling upon ejaculation has decreased. If anybody can relate to this please do so. IM hoping that it was my unease with anal penetration that caused the reaction and that my great orgasms will return and that other men will not go through the same experience I had when they attemp annal penetration for the first time on their own!
  • Edit
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    On the topic of anal penetration reducing your orgasms, I must jump in and say that the first few times I tried the Aneros I felt some sort of guilt.

    As a teen, I was on medications that were new and supposed to help with ADD & Dyslexia. These drugs now state that they should not be used on young adults still in puberty. As I was put on them at the beginning of puberty a lot of damage was done to my natural sex drive.

    My current girlfriend, who has been my only girlfriend only, used to think that I was unable to get an erection because of something she did wrong. This made me feel terrible, because I love her more than anything. I explained to her about the medications and I think she understood, not much at first though. I told her we would fight the disorder together and fix me.

    Things did get better as time went on, (we're 4 years into it currently BTW), but I still felt guilt over this being a problem sometimes.

    After doing a lot of research on the subject I found out that I was right and not the only person in his younger 20's who hard a difficult time getting and maintaining an erection, several due to the same medications.

    I started reading about the prostate and how it has so much to do with the male sex drive, I honestly never even knew where it was before then. So I started experimenting with stimulating it. Of course, with make-shift devices I would find around the house, or that weren't meant for this. I was always careful and caused no damage but I got nothing but quite the dirty feeling from trying.

    A few years ago I finally bought a vibrating bullet from another sex site. When I first used it, I had horrible feelings like I was doing something wrong. The first time I turned it on inside of me, I was anxious as all hell to begin with, but it made me jump through the roof. It felt quite good for a couple minutes. However, with vibrating, the over-stimulating problem kicks in and it subsided. But I discovered that I might have found hope because it was extremely pleasurable the first little bit.

    A couple months later I found the Aneros, after reviewing all the other write ups on prostate stimulator's, I ordered the SGX (I wanted the smallest possible model lol). I tried it for some time and, well it was alright, but had a rough time getting going as I had no idea what i was doing. Every newbie experiences this, so I kept going.

    One night I was kind of tired so didn't want to put any effort into it. I lubed up and inserted the SGX anyway I figured I would just sleep with it in. The second I laid down in my side to watch TV and fall asleep my heart started pounding like a jack-hammer. This went on for quite some time and I felt butterflies all over in my mid section. This was exactly what I needed, I had some very kindle hope in this device.

    I own every Aneros model, including the prograsm. Even though I haven't had the Super-O yes (Though I have been close enough to not care) my sex life with my girlfriend has increased so much that she now no longer believes something is wrong with her that I do not like or whatever.

    On the topic of the Super-O, you do not need to have one to enjoy the Aneros, if you come even a smidgen close to it than before, it will blow your mind. It is not sexual at all, it is more of an awaking into such an over-all euphoric feeling that it will help you in more areas than just sex. Increased energy, improved urine stream, over-all healthier feelings are all some of the things I myself have experienced since starting regular use.

    So if you get into this and have problems at first, just relax. Don't even try for anything related to sex, look more for a meditation state, I have had far better luck with this than anything.

    Oh, on more thing, once you have a few times of getting close to a super O, your sex will be much better. My girlfriend doesn't know I use the Aneros, but I will use it the night before she comes over and have no masturbation. When we do have sex with these conditions in place, we are both completely exhausted and purely euphoric. All our problems seem to melt away.

    Sorry for such a long post, but I just wanted you and anyone else with those same bad feelings regarding Anal Penetration to know that more people than you know have had them. It is just something bread into us by society these days that it is either just bad, or something homosexual men do. I know that using a prostate massager doesn't make you gay. Wanting to share your life with another man whom you love, or just enjoying sex with men instead of women, makes you a homosexual. Everyone has their own lives and I completely respect it. I just hope someday this world will learn to accept people for who they are, not how they choose to live their lives.

    Best of luck to you all and I hope you enjoy yourselves.