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okay question
  • EyBoiEyBoi
    Posts: 18
    What does letting go of expectations mean? Like to what degree of letting go are we getting down to? Are we gonna try to forget we even have an aneros inside or are we just letting go of the traditional orgasms characteristic pleasure? I'm having trouble putting something up my ass trying to get even the slightest redefinition of pleasure (because if I look for the pleasure I'm familiar with that's not letting go of expectations) without being at least a bit like "what can I get from this beside some pressure on this general moving region I can't fully locate" like I've felt some good feelings, but they're just generally arousing nothing seems to actually GROW or BUILD UP - any ideas?
    Also wondering if relaxing is supposed to help just bc the aneros is designed to put pressure best while at rest?
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 732
    My experinve and advance are smaller than that of AneRico but I still can second all he said.

    AneRico said:

    '..each time you sense tension you gently relax it again.

    Wow! With just a word ("gently") you have managed to say all that is wrong with most people's perception of what relaxing means and pointed everybody in the right direction.

    Gently relax, people. Not relaxing "gently" is not relaxing at all.

    (It took me years of martial arts to figure out that obvious one LOL)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,179
    @anerico, good advice!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    expectation : "1.) a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen
    2.) a feeling or belief about how successful, good, etc., someone or something will be"

    EyBoi said:

    What does letting go of expectations mean?

    In the thread "Just Let Go !", I touched upon this topic but did not provide much detail. Still, that would be a good thread to read as it is relevant to your specific question. Letting go of expectations means suspending belief that something will happen, this doesn't mean you abandon your hope or desire for something to happen. That is, after all, why you are on this path to begin with isn't it?
    EyBoi said:

    Like to what degree of letting go are we getting down to?

    100% expectation suspension! Even a 1% sense of expectations unmet may lead to lingering thoughts of frustration, failure and disappointment, all of which are counterproductive to enjoying the moments of pleasure you DO have.
    EyBoi said:

    Are we gonna try to forget we even have an aneros inside or are we just letting go of the traditional orgasms characteristic pleasure?

    You need not forget anything, being aware of your Aneros inside you has nothing to do with "expectations". Yes, you do need to let go of the idea the pleasure of these prostate centered orgasms will match traditional ejaculatory orgasms, they are qualitatively different, sometimes less intense and sometimes more intense and never exactly the same.
    EyBoi said:

    I'm having trouble putting something up my ass trying to get even the slightest redefinition of pleasure (because if I look for the pleasure I'm familiar with that's not letting go of expectations)...

    If you go outside at night and look into the sky, do you expect to see the sun or birds flying? No, you will see a different set of phenomenon, some of it expected (the moon and stars) but some also unexpected, momentary meteorites burning up in the atmosphere, the faint reflections of passing satellites and high flying aircraft. If you look for the pleasure you are familiar with you may entirely miss the pleasure actually being given to you by your body. IMHO, @AneRico's response was exactly correct here, changing your conscious mind set from initiator/controller to aware participant/observer is an important attribute of the Aneros journey. When you expect nothing then anything you receive is a welcome valuable gift from yourself to yourself.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 115
    AneRico, great job. I wish more would be shared regarding chakra energy centers. I firmly believe the aneros stimulates both the root chakra (located at the perineum right where the pressure tab is located) and the second chacra, the pubic or sacral (believed to centered in the prostate). Unfortunately, Western understanding of the body really neglects the energy components of life.

    Relaxation, kin to meditation, allows the mind and body to connect. The mind becomes aware of its internal sensations, feeling the aneros and the pressure and stimulation it provides.

    It seems to be no coincidence that the design of the aneros directly massages the two lower chakra energy centers: the perineum and prostate.

    For those who see all this as new age spiritualism, I will point out that there is a direct correlation with the location of the chakra centers and the major glandular organs of our endocrine system. Endocrinology is probably our western version of all this.

    Secreted hormones transmit body information to our brains. These secretions really account for our various emotional states. Hormonal secretions account for why we feel horny, angry, in love, connected, or expressive.

    Aneros's direct pressure on the perineum and prostate in particular provide physical stimulation and increased internal glandular secretions, prostatic and testicular. Or simply put, stimulate the first and second chakra.

    On a personal level, I have become aware of all seven chakras through the process of having a super o's. That perhaps is a different conversation.

    I encourage people to Google and do some reading regarding the chakras.

  • EyBoiEyBoi
    Posts: 18
    Thanks much, I appreciate, yet again, reliable and accessible knowledge that people are eager to give here. :) I appreciate the "observer" idea, as I had lost a sense of direction as I tried to let go of expectations. It seems awfully counter productive indeed and I'm always caught mistaking letting go of expectation with letting go of direction/hope. Supers seem to be such mysterious forces, but I suppose the only reason I never see meteors/shooting stars is because I don't ever spend much time looking up and waiting... waiting... waiting. I'll try to relax and be still once again, but am I to literally put the aneros in saying "nothing is going to happen"?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 994
    @EyBoi time to put the "log" your ant is carrying down!
    Now I am a slow starter. There have been times when I have thought that anything remarkable is not going to happen to me I seem to be making very slow progress. It is just that my prostate does not seem to respond quickly. I think most girls are just lucky - perhaps because many have such a hell of a life! So it is going to be frustating trying to match her. On the other hand when it does happen for a guy the girls are quite envious. My steps have been incremental and I hope they will come together sooner than later. So my thoughts are just "hang in there". I also think finding your girls spot and giving her great experiences is really lovely.
    Notes on my progress. It was months of daily use before my prostate even noticed the Aneros. Then a slight pulse or single micro contraction usually on the out breath. Then a few separated pulses, then recently a short string of pulses/micro contractions then a couple of slightly stronger mini contractions in a series, now back to the mini pulses/contractions - perhaps it is a rest time. This is spread over 30 months! So baby steps for me.
  • maybe you need a jump start that will help you really find your prostate and wake it up. Not sure where you live, but you can find massage therapist that do prostate massage. I know a local one to me that does prostate massage using the Aneros! Or just use your finger to manually find your prostate and wake it up. These things might help you when you do your aneros sessions...