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Telling your friends
  • View Poll Results: Telling friends about Aneros Voters: 34

    You may not vote on this poll

    I haven't told anyone 10 29.41%

    I won't tell anyone 5 14.71%

    I would like to tell others, but I am reluctant to... 13 38.24%

    I have told others without mentioning my use 2 5.88%

    I have told others about my experience 15 44.12%

  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 220
    There may have been a similar thread around when I first joined in October of 2012, but perhaps it's time for a new one abo I'm talking about mentioning Aneros use in general: I mean telling someone besides your life partner (there have been several discussions about this.  
    This includes asking them "Have you heard about this device?" without admitting to your own use,  or telling your "best buddy":  "You know, I have been using this and it's great/not so great,etc".   
    Personally, I have not told anyone  (besides my wife) about it.  I think I would like to share the discovery, but I guess I am a bit wary of freaking them out.  Though I have several good friends, I have never discussed intimate issues at all with any friends.  
    On the other hand, I have recommended the device to some patients with mild prostatic symptoms, but in a very casual, offhand way.  (I have wrtten before about my interventional radiology practice that includes treating BPH in a new, and we think novel way, so the subject can come up in the course of the preliminary discussions.

    I am going to create a poll (if I can figure out how) to see where my brothers in Aneros stand.

    The choices in the poll will be:

    1. I haven't told anyone
    2. I won't tell anyone
    3. I would like to tell friends, etc, but I am reluctant to...
    4. I have told others about the Aneros experience
    5. I have been telling others freely.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 479
    I have told a select few by now, male and female. With more or less detail depending on the level of comfort. Ranging from "something tantra-like" to the full picture.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I'd echo what Canacan said.
  • I've told my doctor and a few close friends plus I have left my progasm out before just to start  a conversation
  • J2_0J2_0
    Posts: 23
    I have only told women. I felt they would be more interested and less judgmental. So far this has been true on both counts.
  • I've told a few men who I'm dating. they've all been interested more or less, or already have a aneros. I want to join a men's massage exchange meetup group and wear the device to my massages :)