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Pleasure intensity scale?
  • feelnmywayfeelnmyway
    Posts: 21
    Hi all! Newbie here.

    I am a 44jr old guy that have been on the Aneros journey for the past 2 months.

    Can I just say....WHAT A RIDE!!! I have never experienced anything as exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, frustrating and as rewarding as the Aneros journey.

    I must admit that I love every second of it!

    The thing I love the most is that there is no recipe for the Super-O. Everybody is different, which forces us on a journey of self discovery. The value of that journey is priceless!

    I will post a blog with my experiences, but for now I am going to risk being presumptuous and suggest the following:
    I was wondering if a pleasure intensity scale would assist us newbies in the journey.

    For me the biggest confusion rests in how the intensity of the feelings I am experiencing relates to others on the forum.

    We all have one common frame of reference.....the intensity of the pleasure generated by a penile/clitorial orgasm. I know there can be variations there, but it does provide a general point of reference?

    If this is agreeable, may I humbly propose a scale from 1 to 10 and above with 10 being the level of pleasure experienced by a avarage penile orgasm?

    That way, I can post and say that I experienced a dry-O at a level 5 which immediately will let everybody know that it was intense but not as intense as a penile orgasm.

    Any thoughts?
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Interesting but it is impossible to quantify such a variable thing such as orgasmic intensity. There are literally an infinite amount of factors to take into account imo.

    I'm sorry to disagree with you as i have been with a lot of people lately, please if you see an error in my opinion let me know it I’m open to discussion and will admit if I’m wrong.
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Agree with @Trei. There is also the time aspect. If a 10 lasts for half an hour is it still a 10..?
    I admit I did this when I started out, with 10 being my target. I stopped scoring when I reached 20..! Just enjoy what it gives.
  • feelnmywayfeelnmyway
    Posts: 21
    @Trei No problem with disagreeing. I gather from what I have read in other posts that there are a myriad of new experiences to be had. So your view is noted and appreciated. All it does is motivate me more.

    @Bunk Also noted, thanks. I tell you what.. if I reach the point where I can get pleasure at a similar intensity as a penile orgasm for half an hour I wouldn't care about any pleasure scale due to the fact that I would probably not have the mental capability to form any coherent thoughts at that stage! What a goal to look forward to.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @feelnmyway Hehe I bet, some say they get out of body like experiences from that kind of intensity or a change of perspective of time or even emotional anomalies and/or hallucinations. It's interesting.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I like this idea, though it may be detrimental when doing so possibly. I personally, even in my best sessions have not had an 'orgasm' as intense as a penile orgasm, which after reading one guy response here proves I've a long way to go yet!

    Ok if you decide to go ahead with the scale, my best session resulted in a 6 compared to a penile-o being a 10.

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I could have a dry orgasm that is only half as intense as a wet orgasm (typically), but I'll get them multiples of times over a 1 and a half hour period.  Which is the more pleasurable?

    It's a nice idea feelnmyway - but pleasure is what one perceives as getting out of it.  To some it may be the intensity of the goal that is important, whereas to others it will be the journey.  There is no easy way of making sure we are comparing like with like.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 733
    This is a great subject... and a totally wrong approach in my opinion.

    First things first, the most obvious misconception: there is no such thing as a reference pleasure intensity for a penile/clitorial orgasm to base a scale on. Not 2 orgasms of the same person are the same, and if I range mine they go extremely wide apart (as it does for most people I am certain) from barely any pleasure to being barely able to walk after it.

    So the construction of the scale itself is doomed from start.

    Now the subject is still very interesting and extremely helpfull for the journey. How do we compare pleasure and what is pleasure anyway?

    Of course we can't compare pleasure with each other... That would be the stupidest nonsense ever. In this the idea of @feelnmyway that such a scale has to be self referenced is the obvious sensible one.

    Where it starts getting wrong is with constant reference points. For comparison I can give an example of a scale that would make sense (even though I don't see much use to it). 5 stars scale is a usual good one for things based on personnal judgment.
    3 stars would be "yeah, the usual, seen better, but still good"
    2 stars, "below average, a bit disapointing"
    1 star, "sorry excuse of a pleasurable sensation... You can recognise it was supposed to be one... But what a joke"
    4 stars, "good, better than the usual"
    5 stars, "oh my god never experienced a thing like that before"
    0 star, "did something even happen?"

    Of course you see this is a constantly changing scale. But you should realise there is nothing else actually. This is how the brain works. Pleasure is not in your body. It's in the brain. Pleasure is judgemental. I should write something in more details about it... I did in the chat room some day. Will see if I kept a trace of it. Don't hold your breath.

    Now where else were @feelnmyway 's intuitions right. Oh yes, fixed reference point. Of course penile orgasm is a fixed reference point... It just is not one on a scale... Well to be honest it may be one on a jugemental scale of comparing experiences with different activities, a scale that would go from "my favorite" to "I'd rather be kicked in knee than do it"... but not everybody will function like that, so I count it out. No, the fixed reference point is in the brain area where the sensation is treated. Penile/clitorial and Prostate/Gspot sensations and orgasms or not stronger or weaker they are totally different. Measuring how far away from each other they are can't be made on a scale but has to be done nonetheless. The very usual mistake being to look for an orgasm that feels like the only orgasms we know and hence not registering at all the sensations leading to the new one, or sometimes not even registering the new one as an orgasm. So yeah, how different that will be from the traditional is not a bad question and the answer is "very".

    But then why do I think this subject of a scale is interesting? It seems i just keep discarding it with every comment.

    Well, pleasure intensity is what everybody wants to increase... and with good reason. But to do that there are many things you should realise. One of them being that pleasure is not based on sensations it is based on... judgement. So increasing the sensations might not be the key at all... Could even be a trap. And the other thing to realise is pleasure intensity is heavily dependant on... Training. Also, pleasure ability from one activity doesn't automatically transfer to another.

    I think there is a lot more to say. So I hope the subject keeps going...

    But please, enough with the confusing nonsense of scales comparing things that don't compare.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Brilliant post! @Cannacan I too think a scale may work but only in a personal sense. I find your rankings spot on with my own and what you said about pleasure being based on judgement not sensations is just golden. I have never thought of it that way but it makes "so" much sense.

    If one is excited/has a positive outlook on life the smallest little thing can set them off and change their world and vice versa if they are down/have a negative outlook they can hit the lottery and not even crack a smile as they won't recognise the miracle and therefore not be able to connect with what happened, they'll be blind to it.

    Pleasure operates along the same vein I believe.
  • feelnmywayfeelnmyway
    Posts: 21
    Thanks guys for your input. One trend I recognize is that the further you progress in your Aneros journey, the more the concept of pleasure changes, grows and matures.

    @inhope I'm with you man. I can immediately relate to where you are at and I must say that I am more or less in the same spot. I have experienced a one or two sharp spikes of pleasure which I will rate at a 8. This indicates that there is more in store so I am ready and willing.

    @Cannacan Thanks for an excellent post. I just want to recognize you in saying that your posts and chat sessions have been a great help to me. Especially your revelation about the plateau being a false pleasure. Since I took that advice on board my approach changed a lot.

    I am aware of the dangers of trying to label experiences as it was a major cause of frustration for me initially. I was continually trying to measure my progress based on what others where experiencing. I see many people on the forum asking if what they experienced was a Super-O or not.

    I would not be surprised if there are people that already experienced a Super-O but just do not recognize it. It might also be possible that there are people who believe they have experienced a Super-O where in fact they have not, based on the pleasure experienced by others. Not that it is important. What is important is what each individual believes, since this is an intensely personal journey.

    Sorry if I ramble a bit, I am just documenting my thought process ( never said my thoughts are coherent :-))

    I had a session last night which must certainly qualifies as a complete dud session. I mean my prostate was as responsive as a angry housewife with a headache. no matter how much I relaxed or coaxed. It registered a resounding 0.5 on my scale.

    I think the main thing I take out of this is that the best way forward is to remove any preconceived ideas of pleasure and just go with the flow and let pleasure take care itself.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Good post and great solution ;)
    Flip the common pain scale.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 733

    It might also be possible that there are people who believe they have experienced a Super-O where in fact they have not, based on the pleasure experienced by others.

    Well, based on the official definition, this is not possible. And nothing can be based on the pleasure experienced by others. This just makes no sense at all.

    Apart from that I find your comment sensible. Just maybe you should give up when sessions are not good... No use forcing the headache girl.

    And thank you for the nice comment, i am glad i could help.
  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    I agree that it is difficult to quantify and rate pleasure. I would say that there is a probability associated with achieving a maximum threshold number and that the threshold can be changed over time.

    My experience is that wet orgasm masturbation is typically less pleasurable than sex with another and that prostate orgasms fall into the middle with it maximum higher than sex with another.  Now that is for me at this point in time.  Therefore, there is another skill based factor of increasing the theoretical maximum for each of the three methods (solo T, partnered, solo prostate) and for increasing the probability of occurrence(rewire and mental acuity)  Solo T is hard to increase with abstinence and edging working the best for me.  Partnered seems to involve the full spectrum of possibilities and variance due to scenario, mood, willingness to experiment and explore, positions and methods.  Prostate pleasure requires significant work on both probability and raising the threshold over time.  That is the mystery.  

    The key difference seems to be your mental state and ability to accept and harness pleasure.  That is what takes prostate orgasms to 11.  It is also what makes partnered sex capable of being the highest threshold...that plus the shared energy and connectedness with another.  Prostate pleasure can be done solo which provides an element of control to that which we often have little control of.

    So if we stick with pleasure = (probability X threshold) ranged at 1-10 just to articulate where I am now:

    Solo T - 1-5
    partnered sex 3-8
    Prostate solo 2-11 :)