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Is there anyway to order this thing in my situation?
  • Ok, this is my first time at this site and I think I just messed up the thread thingy......but anyway see I'm 18 and don't have a credit card and I still live at home and still at school but this thing looks like fun but how am I supposed to order it without my parents knowing and no credit card?
  • darwindarwin
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    Just go to the How To Buy page. They will take a money order, which you can buy at a bank. It is mailed in a small plain looking box. Or give the customer support people a call. Maybe they can help you.

    If you do get it, you might want to post your experiences. I for one have been wondering what it would have been like to use this if I was younger.

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    I'm also in the same situation and was thinking about getting a P.O. Box to send it to, but the annual permit fee is $150, so that seems out of the question. There wouldn't be a problem in paying for it, but I would be afraid of my parents opening it. Even if they didn't open it, it would be hard to explain why I would be recieving a package. Although I would like to know, what does it say on the outside of the box, if anything,? Because I am eager to buy this, and if that turns out to be the only way I can get it, I might have to think of some type of excuse for the package.
  • That fee sounds a little steep for a po box. are you sure you were asking for the price on the smallest box? YOu dont have to rent a package sized box, the smallest will suffice. Also check the yellow pages, price around for a po box at places like Mail Boxes etc or the Ups store

    Credit Card is easy enough to get. Open up a checking account at a bank, most offer a visa check card atm combo. It works just like a credit card except your actual credit limit happens to be the amount of money you have in your account.

    As far as getting packages at your parents house. You could join a cd club, or book club. They will get used to you reciving packages in the mail every month. If they are opening up those then have a fit over your privacy.

    Another option is to browse through your local adult toy store and see if they have it. If not, inquire about it. You never know, they just might start stocking it if enough people ask about it.

    Hope this helps, its the best I could come up with.