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Coming off Propecia (finasteride) ???
  • RastaYogaRastaYoga
    Posts: 53
    I have been on finasteride for 14 years to hold off on hair loss. It worked for well hair loss, but it lowered my libido (not good). It also desensitizied my penis somewhat so it took longer to reach orgasm  (good). It made me more passive and not as driven (not good) - about dating and kind of in general.

    I have still been able to have Super-Os on rare occasion, but I think it may have  put a damper on my full sexual expression.

    I have been off finasteride for about 15 days now and I feel my genital sensitivity coming coming back. Now I can ejaculate much more quickly than normal unless I make a strong effort to "hold back" when I masturbate.

    I also feel "better" and more confident, less cloudy. It will suck to lose hair if that happens, but I have made a decision that I would rather have a more natural hormone balance than a a hairline and less of one.

    Do any of you guys have experience being on Propecia or coming off? How did it affect your prostate size, prostate sensitivity, sexual function? How about your hairline?

    Any personal insights or experiences about Propecia are appreciated.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    I was on it to shrink prostate.  It gave me gynecomastia (enlarging and great tenderness) in my left nipple.  it was ridiculous, i had to have a mammogram.  hurt a lot.

    didn't have the sexual side effects you are describing.  i was only on it for 6 months.  no effect on my hairline, but it is naturally non-receding.

    so, basically, i don't have any useful info for you, but those were my experiences.

  • RastaYogaRastaYoga
    Posts: 53
    Just had my first Andros session off Propecia. It was short but... Wow! What a difference. My prostate feels much more alive and my involuntary contractions are a turbocharged engine compared to one that merely hums. I think the DHT it blocks plays a big role in prostate pleasure.

    Looking forward to explore more.
  • AnerosWowAnerosWow
    Posts: 2
    I got off Fin about two years ago and I did not notice much change in sexual performance but did in the rest of my day to day activities. I had been on it about eight years at the time and it was a slow decline but after being off about 60 days I felt about 20 years younger and had loads of energy. I will never take it again, I'd rather be bald than feel like that again.