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Wow! What a session!
  • Thought i'd share my most recent success. I still don't even know what to classify it as. I'm hesitant to say it was a Dry-O because there wasn't a lot of prostate involvement, although I definitely felt it being hit the most i've ever felt it before. Plus I was leaking more so than I have in any previous session. 

    Started out as a typical session with the progasm, but this time I tried incorporating some mild voluntary contractions. Pretty soon something happened that'd never happened before. My butt started to clamp down on the device harder than i've ever felt before, and yet I was totally relaxed at the same time. I could feel the device jumping and moving against my prostate, as well as these long drawn out wave-like contractions that seemed to go on forever. I felt it in my entire body, but my butt felt like it was completely numb or rather one giant pleasure centre. What a feeling. 

    I've experienced lots of small climaxes up until this point. My only conclusion is that they were either all Mini-O's (whereas i'd previously thought them to be anal-O's) and this was a true Anal-O, or this was merely the most intense Anal-O i've ever experienced. Whatever it was, it was the closest I've come to a true full bodied super-O. Progress feels great. Literally. 

  • A quick update - since that particular session i've been making incredible progress. Every session is better than the last. Every time I feel myself inching closer to a full on Super-O. Finally started to notice very strong prostate sensations. The process is growing exponentially. 
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    @musicmaker86, good to hear!!  Keep us updated.