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A bigger picture journey... Scares, thrills, questions, decisions... What a mess!
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Where to start ? Really !
    No idea where it ends either. And that's a big question too.

    Ok, first things first, I am no native speaker so please bear with my sometimes awkward writing and, by all means, feel free to correct me. I'll appreciate it.

    I'll also try and make most paragraphs more or less independent, hoping to make it easy and pleasant to skip any part boring (or not making much sense) to you.

    I have been messing with my feelings, thoughts and body my all life... So it's no big wonder I arrive here. At age closing my forties it's even a surprise I didn't come earlier. Well, I've had some mental blocks that certainly delayed it. And to be honest I still have second thoughts about this all. But, as this is for me part of a broader sensorial journey and broader questionings and also being these days in a very experimental state of mind, I'll go with it, keeping both an open mind and a watchful and critical spirit.

    I really can't put things in order and feel it would be detrimental to my capacity to feel and express it all. So I'll follow a free writing flow for now. I hope we can all benefit from it. Some of you might be able to trigger things in me, some might get inspiration from my crazy ride. I say crazy and am pretty convinced this is more or less madness. I hope to settle my mind on this, with time... And by the way, though I tend to get all the way into it, my goal is always to find the sane way, if there is any. Seems counter intuitive to me, but here I go.

    I often had strange fantasies, the first one of them being superpowers (yeeks! that sounds totally ridiculous... lol). At young age I used to fantasize about going through walls or being invisible, it was obvious to me this had no place in the world, but still these ideas were erotic to me. My dream girl would have powers at the very least. Then came the magical gender swapping so common in japanese fiction. Until one day I came by a device that had something for me. A strapless strapon making it supposedly possible for my wife to get real pleasure while playing my role and me hers. I here talk about the Share by Fun Factory. And this is how I got pegged which is probably the start of what got me to Aneros. This was amazing ! Not only was it a fantasy coming to life but also new sensations and great pleasure. I was hooked. Got fantastic pleasure, even had the impression it was possible to orgasm from it though I never managed to.

    Now recently I accidentally got on the subject of male multiple orgasms and on here. In less than 24hours I got myself an Helix from the closest shop. I had to try it as soon as possible. I even walked back home with the Aneros in.

    Convinced by this site (and some others) that it was possible I intensely (and intensively) started working on rewiring. I didn't have great success at first but within a few days and using my own route I eventually arrived to an anal O (or prostate O, I can't tell the difference yet). From there it became crazy. Even without the device, I have "ghost" feelings in my butt nearly all the time, which I can use to kickstart to a P wave in an instant and if I do nothing to stop them I fear the P waves would go on all day. Frustratingly (I am not a patient guy) I can't turn these into a satisfying and relaxing super-O, only very strong P Waves. Only solution I found for now is forcefully refraining and blocking the P waves all day long. This is a little frightening.

    I'll go on (or deeper) with my experiences and questionings on further writings on this thread.
  • Congratulation, Canacan. Nothing to worry about it seems to me, only something to rejoice about. Also, if you hadn't said you are not a native speaker, i would have never known from your perfect English. I look forward to hearing more of your exciting journey.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    @Canacan --- Based on your description, you're doing great and I don't detect anything unusual in your experiences! I also look forward to hearing more as you make progress! Enjoy!

  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Thanks guys.

    I guess I always was quite sensitive, but for a few days now I became overly sensitive, nearly all the time. Like I was in constant arousal. Tasting life, savouring it... But also having difficulty filtering these diverting sensations. Don't get me wrong, it is probably only a fraction of what others here get... But it is still amazing and also making me wary. How much of this would be normal and not deter from a healthy lifestyle ?

    I feel like it is only the beginning of the journey but it is so thought provoking that I can't help but question myself about the consequences of the next step I can sense coming.

    To be absolutely honest, this probably is not exactly the beginning, for I have been working many times on wiring or rewiring myself during my life. This probably is the case of everybody after all, but I have been doing it very actively and in full counciousness, one of the reasons being I both wanted it hard, thought it was possible, and had difficulty reaching my goals... So I gave it overly thinking, mental focusing and experimental dedication.

    Just naming a few of the things I remember :
    trying to immerse in foreign languages to the point of thinking and dreaming in it, relearning handwriting because my initial one was horrendous, learning to control my falling asleep ability (any time of the day and notably while suffering intense pain, nausea or quite common stress), trying to reach very high level in a racing video game (I was not gifted at all but was so crazy about it I had to do it... Was very demanding... Finally reached the desired level... Deep rewiring needed... major milestone in my life... Incidentally had to learn a lot on mental focus including what I later discovered to be self-hypnosis, which proved useful later on), reworking my winter sports skills from top to bottom to learn totally counter intuitive (but superior) ridestyle (which was the first extremely difficult rewiring because it involved fear induced reactions), this then lead me to learning a traditional Chinese martial art (which was much more subtle and demanding and not less counter intuitive), then bits and pieces of another and some yoga too... At some point I tried learning to sonar the walls in the dark with only the echo of my breath and whatever useful senses I may have (I succeeded to a low extent but still got enough success to realize this was possible... later learned that most blind-born-people have this ability pretty well developed)... And more...

    The last minor partial rewiring i tried was learning to get an erection on demand, without physical or erotic stimulation, only commanding the right muscle and chemistry. I needed to try after I learned the exact process of blood filling the penis, holding the blood inside and releasing it. The thing I didn't know, and that actually went against all my intuitions, was there is supposed to be a strong clenching of a tiny muscle involved in NOT to fill the penis during regular times, and it is actually the release of this muscle that would give the erection, not a contraction of kegels as I always thought. In short, just somehow manage to relax this specific muscle and you get an erection right away. I can't remember how but this is probably part of what got me here. And of course it helped for the new journey (well somehow new, somehow not after all).
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Re-reading what I wrote I hope I don't seem what I am not. I am no master at anything, I am not pretentious or proud in any way. I hope I don't seem too strange either.

    Only am very curious and very passionate... and easily worked on.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @Canacan,

    It was a pleasure meeting you and conversing with you in Aneros Chat earlier this morning.

    Take care,

  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747

    Hi @Canacan,

    It was a pleasure meeting you and conversing with you in Aneros Chat earlier this morning.

    Take care,


    Thank you !
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    I feel more relaxed now and less compelled to share whatever new discovery every day brings. I mostly leave the Helix in the drawer. It is a little overkill for me now and I also have two "fears" (not that I am really afraid, but cautious), namely to hurt myself from using it too much and get too addicted to ass penetration.

    I have tons of pleasure though. It feels like re-discovering... or rather discovering (plain and simple) my own body. Every nerve, every sense seems to awaken from years of excessive control. I get delicious pleasure from mostly any part of my body, sometimes by light stimulation sometimes only by mental focus, most of which pleasure often builds up and expand to full body P Waves not unusually leading to irrepressible hilarity.

    I don't know how I manage not to worry about it. Would I witness that from an external point of view I would have no doubt I am facing a lunatic. Plus the solitary aspect of it triggers the alarm "warning, socially unhealthy behavior in progress!". But still I am cool (and happy). Maybe what makes me so carefree anyway is the benefit I see on my mind. Because through this I get better at identifying what I feel, think and how I react and learn no to block my reactions or have excessive ones.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Things have finally calmed down... After 3 days of constant irrepressible P Waves, I finally can breath. I probably still get sensations, but so slight it is not too noticeable and not too invasive.
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    @Canancan.  Great stories! You should start an Aneros Blog. 

      We're are sexual explorers here.  Taken that next step and opened ourselves up to see what true sexual beings we are.  You will definitely have to learn to relax and let your mind and body enjoy the pleasure instead of clenching up, just like how you learned to get erections on command.  Happy Riding!

     - V
  • You really are quite amazing. i am curious to know your nationality, your native language. I agree with Varmint, an Aneros Blog would be perhaps a better way to communicate all you have to share.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    varmint said:

    @Canancan.  Great stories! You should start an Aneros Blog. 

      We're are sexual explorers here.  Taken that next step and opened ourselves up to see what true sexual beings we are.  You will definitely have to learn to relax and let your mind and body enjoy the pleasure instead of clenching up, just like how you learned to get erections on command.  Happy Riding!

     - V

    Seems like I more or less figured how to relax the body... but there is more work on the mind.
    I think the catch is, quite often you are not relaxed and you can't seem to be able to realize it, except if somebody tells you you are... and even with that some people don't trust the informer. lol
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747

    You really are quite amazing. i am curious to know your nationality, your native language. I agree with Varmint, an Aneros Blog would be perhaps a better way to communicate all you have to share.

    Thanks... but I don't want a blog and I think this thread is better suited for now... notably for communication... with time I hope I won't be the main participant anymore. lol
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Witnessed a few conversations on the chat that got me wondering again about my sexual orientation. Some here (straight or bi) definitely seem more into men than I am. And I think I begin to better understand it by comparing with others.

    I think, like most regular human beings I am bisexual by birth. Then comes 3 questions : who can I have pleasure with ? who am I into ? and what am I attracted to ?

    - I can have pleasure with mostly anybody (after all the pleasure is in MY body, doesn't necessarily makes a difference who the other is... or be it a simple piece of plastic)... so I'd say physically bisexual. (or is it called pansexual?)

    - I am into people I can deeply bond with. Very few actually. Mostly girls, rarely boys. Not necessarily want sex with either. Let's say romantically bisexual, largely on the into-girls-side of the spectrum.

    - I am attracted to girls Big time. Straight male arousal-wise.

    ... But could be aroused by the taboo. Though if I was to have sex with a man I'd prefer to be a girl myself. Two men together don't excite me at all. That makes me ? straight bisexual ? But if i was a girl I'd appreciate the taboo of lesbian sex... and as a man I appreciate the taboo of gay sex... where the fuck does that leave me ? lol

    Man, this thing is not simple. I was scared I could be gay. I am reassured... kind of... lol
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Will post a redacted version of long talk on the chat... Please be patient. Wall of text coming.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Canacan, I call them "bringers of pleasure". For me I noticed them early in life and that has not changed. Even though I didn't acknowledge or act on it until I was 32 yo. I'm talking about boys and men in my case as bringers of pleasure. Sounds like girls and women are your bringers but you have an open mind to men perhaps. it's not as confusing for me as I haven't seen women as bringers in a sexual sense, just in a emotional sense. Men bring me pleasure sexually and emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I've learned that I have to find my own bringers or they have to find me, no one else can tell me who they are.

    Just saw your last post about your journey. You have good insight!

  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Thanks !

    Now there also is a thing I didn't mention... love.
    Now that is a different story!

    Monogamous, secretly sentimental and mostly empathic/intimate/complicit for me.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    From the Chat today (redacted version) :

    I didn't know you could join without registering... Wouldn't have registered if I though I could do without. The two hardest thing I did on the Internet : registering on ***** forum and registering on this one... You wouldn't believe the mental barriers I had to pass... Nearly had to do it eyes closed. lol
    ... and I already had bought a strapless strapon... Which was piece of cake in compared terms of mental barrier.

    The reason was ... anonymity. I think sex should be hidden (as many other things). This is the kind of places I felt put a big label on your forehead... a label that you'd have a hard time making everybody feel mundane.

    Aneros Helix since Wednesday past week. No more strapless using because we parted (and also I didn't keep the device). I am not too anxious (though I always tend to be hasty). I am having a blast. Rather, I am a little surprised (understatement) with what is happening to me and wondering if others had same experience... And know where to go from there.

    After purchase, first 48h no success on hands-free O ... But tons of practice (like nearly non stop), sensations and tons of traditionals verging on super-T (or totally legit super T, don't know)... Then got weak to a point I thought I was dying. Well, not really, but I'd never felt this kind of weakness before, it was kind of like I had lost a lung (or I don't know what). Was in that near heart-stroke state for 12 or 20h... Then in the evening got back a lot of energy... Super boost. Probably just the time to reset after too many sessions.

    From then on, I tried to limit my practice to a max of twice a day and an average of once a day. And to add to my diet I limited my sessions with Aneros to one per day with an average of one every 2 and a half day... Did Aneros-less the rest of the time. I was pretty sure my energy drain was from Aneros and also was scared to hurt myself... Anyway I felt more free and found it easier to experiment without. Also stopped feeling the need for porn or traditional penile masturbation.

    Within 5 days I discovered some kind of switch button in my mind : while stroking the penis I could choose to direct the energy at penile-orgasm-building or at anal-orgasm-building (prostate or what I don't know)... The natural wiring being now to anal due to previous experiment (more on that if you ask). Actually, I figured the physical aspect afterward : it mostly depends on clenching or anti-clenching (I think it is what others here refer to as reversed kegels). For a moment I felt like a lunatic awaiting mental hospitalization. Got what I thought to be penile induced super Os (now know i was absolutely wrong)... Well at least one leaking O. Definitely got some super T... A few dry Os... And I think one Full Body Spasms O (almost epileptic like)... 

    ...Then something happened... I began getting ghost sensations (like, all the time!)... and these often triggered P waves... Like one (more probably 3 or 4) could catch me anywhere and anytime. There was a point where I felt like I was refraining P waves all day in fear they take me over and start making me sessioning at unwanted times (and too many times). My energy was good though.... And never needed so little sleep by the way... Felt (and still feel) wonderful. Using as little Aneros as possible definitely seemed healthier.

    This state of near constant arousal and always on the verge of riding (plus all the new experience and experiment) got me overly sensitive and aware (of my body but not only). So newly being overly sensitive I begin discovering tons of new erogenous zones and how to trigger them mentally or physically to ramp to strong P waves and the feeling of potential said-body-part-orgasm... Often associated with uncontrollable hilarity or full body spasming. This was so interesting I kept exploring all day in various situations the arousing and P waving potential of every inch of my body (both skin and internal)... To unbelievable success. i had the impression I had been locked in an overly clenched body all my life... Like in fear of sensations and was suddenly not afraid anymore and expressing my true sensitivity (there is a theory here: ... are all control freaks potential aneros-crazy?). This was fireworks!

    Part of me was concerned if not scared, part of me was just feeling great... Mostly cool... But wondering if I should be. All in all it was mind blowing. And I was starting to see (or feel) the implications of it all. For the other physical things in my life (think martial arts for example) but also for body reading others and for finally learning to let go in the mind (which never was my forte) and have better reactions to life. It was like I had new powers and still getting stronger (I know I can relax even more... At least when facing the elusive O (buildup too strong to handle ending in fiasco) and also when impatient at slow beginnings)

    Well, then, starting from yesterday evening, I'd say, I began not feeling much anymore and having extreme difficulties (if not totall impossibility) to reproduce some of the things I thought I mastered and wired the previous day... 12h ago my feet sole where orgasmic whenever I walk a specific way... Today nothing... I feel nothing it's like the nerves of my body have been muted to a minimum... I feel totally back to normal like two weeks ago... It is a little relaxing... But a little frustrating too... and disappointing, because I have Kung fu sessions coming tonight and sunday morning and I'd want to try some of the things I thought I found and that could have solved some long time problems I had faced in my training.

    But suddenly while talking this all on the chat I find the answer... For there was so much happening in a so short period of time (I mentioned only 10%) that my body and mind simply need time to digest it before I can go on.

    Well yeah obvious isn't it ? Funny how one can miss such elephants in the hallway when too much immersed in one's thoughts. lol

  • It sounds to me like a little space is needed between sessions for relaxation. The biggest key on the keyboard is the space bar.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747

    It sounds to me like a little space is needed between sessions for relaxation. The biggest key on the keyboard is the space bar.

    Sounds wise.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    A few hours after the previous post I realized not only my new sensations where lost, but not only that. My sensations were so bad I couldn't even ride a bike properly anymore.

    Instead of scaring me, it made perfectly clear all of this was normal and I had to pull back... which I did for some 24 hours. And then...
  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    Canacan, I love reading your prose and sometimes my mind registers your writing as a pair of Mexican Jumping Beans. I envision all your words on a white ceramic platter, dancing, and I love it because you bring energy to the page and it keeps me on my toes. Also, I lean heavilly on your proposed new meaning of MMO, for I too find the merging of orgasms a better term that has merit for describing what is actually happening in the engine room. Keep sewing, this thread could one day make a bedspread.

  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    @Vic Thank you, you touch me!
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Now the famous chat session (after the disastrous last session mentioned earlier and after exactly 24 hours of full abstinence, no sex, no Aneros, no p-waves, no kegels, no erotic thoughts, nothing) :

    euphemistic: hi canacan
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› are you returning to "normal" ?
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› define normal (lol)
    euphemistic: (big smile) full libido with full sensations, etc
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› well 2 weeks ago that was not normal... It has been normal only for a few days
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› but... Yes, it seems to come back
    euphemistic: the new normal
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› I am super sensitive again... Even able to command tears while watching commercials (lol)
    Canacan: But only 30% of my best so far
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› are the commercials sad?
    Canacan: Definitely can P wave in less than 5 seconds
    euphemistic: good
    euphemistic: I can't summon emotions that I'm not feeling but I can access them at any time
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› it is much more important
    euphemistic: yes
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› my tears may no be from fabricated emotions
    euphemistic: maybe from a association
    euphemistic: I get that at odd times
    Canacan: Watching one of these real TV musical show... Getting the chills from sound ... Getting the tears from expressed emotions
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› (big smile) great
    euphemistic: music reaches deep inside me sometimes
    Canacan: Can you induce shivers on demand ? ... Maybe I should try
    euphemistic: not on demand. If I'm afraid or remembering an old fear.
    Canacan: After genital zone i am discovering a new power center in the chest
    euphemistic: sometimes during my sessions I sob and shake, laugh andrage
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› interesting
    euphemistic: what's that like?
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› totally understand that... I know the laughing already... And now the sobbing potential is appearing
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› energy is emitted to all body and takes over the mind too, may start from pelvic zone and be highly sexual or from chest and be very emotional
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› I've noticed that
    Canacan: but wherever it starts it goes everywhere so I can have heat in pelvic zone by emotion in the chest
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› at this very moment I seem to be more horny for feelings than for sex (lol)
    euphemistic: does it feel really hot sometimes?
    euphemistic: from your chest
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› hot where ?
    euphemistic: I noticed that a few weeks ago
    euphemistic: hot waves radiating from my chest
    Canacan: my ass and testicules tend to turn super hot
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› not yet heat in the chest
    euphemistic: so it feels like energy coming from your chest?
    euphemistic: I didn't know what was happening
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› it's just the beginning, an intuition and an urge... We'll see what happens
    euphemistic: I thought it was some kind of orgasm in my chest
    euphemistic: but I don't know
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› it's exactly like a P wave in the chest (not super strong one but still, I recognize it)
    euphemistic: yes
    euphemistic: exactly
    euphemistic: I haven't heard anyone else describe it
    Canacan: makes me close my eyes (involuntarily) it is a sign for me
    Guest1: ‹@euphemistic› heartgasm 
    euphemistic: ‹@Guest1› (big smile)
    euphemistic: ‹@Guest1› that's one possibilitiy
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› not heart for me ... Rather chest/lung
    Canacan: i'd be scared to play with the heart... Dangerous stuff... Wouldn't want to have cardiac problems
    euphemistic: ‹@Guest1› have you been here before?
    Guest1: ‹@euphemistic› Yes
    Canacan: OMG
    euphemistic: ‹@Guest1› I was thinking something like that .
    euphemistic: I don't know much about it through
    Canacan: induced something really strong just below sternum... I am all sweaty !
    Canacan: WOW
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› what do you say of that ? You seem to be knowledgable on the subject
    Canacan: i feel super good like after an orgasm
    euphemistic: is that the solar plexus chakra?
    Canacan: keeps feeling good
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› possible... I was trying to induce the heat you described and also following the urge I described earlier
    Guest1: Swadhisthana is the solar plexus chakra just below the heart chakra
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› that may be it... Wow
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› are you still feeling it?
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› same thing was the navel zone this time ... Less strong but I am still amazed
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› it is fading very very slowly
    euphemistic: this aneros thing continually surprises me
    Canacan: man, I am a super rational and scientific guy... What is happening to me would have seemed like superstition a few days ago
    euphemistic: hi rumel
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› hey ! You are most welcome now
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› I've had to adjust my thinking too
    Canacan: I'm getting a new one !
    rumel: Hi Guys, it looks like you're discussing the chakra system, it is an interesting concept.
    euphemistic: ‹@rumel› I thought it was all bunk until recently
    rumel: From what little I've read the chakra system needs to be awakened from the root chakra upward, it is the kundalini energy of life that gets released to activate all the higher chakras.
    rumel: Aneros directly stimulates a mans root chakra igniting the process of kundalini awakening.
    cj187: Hi guys
    Canacan: i need to laugh now
    Canacan: something else building in the face
    Canacan: sweating like hell
    Canacan: ‹@cj187› hi !
    Canacan: it was worth the 24h abstinence (lol)
    cj187: You managed 24hrs?
    Canacan: ‹@cj187› (lol) amazing isn't it ?  (lol)
    cj187: I've actually not ejaculated since tues maybe 21 days won't be too hard
    rumel: ‹@Canacan› put your tongue to the roof of your mouth, create a very light suction to hold it in place, start some slow deep valley breathing and after a few minutes tell us how you feel then.
    rumel: ‹@cj187› The first week is the hardest, it gets easier in time especially if you are still using your Aneros in sessions.
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› WOOOOOOOOOW !
    Canacan: ‹@rumel›  (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)
    rumel: ‹@cj187› Your Anerosessions should get qualitatively better as you continue on.
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› amazing !!!! I did not even fully do it... Too afraid
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› super hilarity... got taken over by the most outrageous laughter... Had to lay down. Taken over
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› now the energy seems to be in my forehead
    Canacan: WOW
    rumel: ‹@Canacan› What you felt is called completing the microcosmic orbit as you circulate your internal energy up and down the chakra chain, each cycle can build the energy if you stay focused on it. It can easily become orgasmic or it can heal if you direct it to an injury, advanced practioners can use this energy to heal others (this is the "laying on of hands" spoken of in the Bible) and is the basis of Reiki healing practice.
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› is there an order ? I started in solar plexus, then navel, then solar plexus again, then face... Then forehead (but this one is still waiting for me to use it)
    Canacan: what a ride !
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› I'm glad we were here with you
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› you helped actually
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› thank you
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› (big smile)
    rumel: ‹@Canacan› It is my understanding for the most effective use of this energy that you use your mind to direct the energy flow up the spine from the root chakra to the crown chakra thence back down the front of your body touching all the chakras as it flows downward back to your root chakra to be circulated again and again.
    Vic: User <Vic> entered the chat room.
    euphemistic: hi vic
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› so you have to start with a super O ? Also didn't get the second part... How do you get down ?
    Canacan: ‹@Vic› hello
    Vic: HEY ALL!
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› I am baffled ! I didn't believe in that stuff... And here I am now (lol)
    Canacan: Feels great
    rumel: ‹@Canacan› To be honest I've only been able to do this a couple of times and I don't try to practice it very often (though I should). No you don't have to start with a Super-O though I suppose that wouldn't hurt if you did. What do you mean by "How do you get down?"
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› ok trying to figure what you wrote : I must start by the pelvic zone (isn't that the root chakra ?) then you boom the different chakras up one after the other, right ? ... Then you said you get the energy down... Does it mean you must do another series of boom on the same downward line finishing in the pelvic zone ? Or something else ?
    Vic: WOW ! I just copied what Rumel instructed canacan Yes-You-Can, to do with tongue to roof exercise and almost found myself levitating. How insane!
    Canacan: So much energy ! Feeling so good... I prefer that than Aneros session
    euphemistic: WOW
    Vic: YES .... I just did it, deviceless, with no intention of anything, nothing in my head, and POW ... up I shot to the moon and back, I had to STOP for fear of falling and not really knowing what I was in for.
    rumel: ‹@Canacan› I'm not a fan of the term "boom" here, that sounds a bit too forceful, this should be a smooth energy flow, I don't think the speed of the flow matters as much as it be smooth and continuous.
    euphemistic: ‹@Vic› have you done that before?
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› I said boom because not sure you call it an orgasm... Well it seems like one to me (though I am pretty sure it can be stronger)
    Vic: ‹@euphemistic› NEVER, not once ... never heard of it, its just that I tuned in, scrolled up the page, read what rumel wrote and dove in myself. It was so swift and powerful.
    euphemistic: amazing
    Vic: I can't wait to do this exercise mid-session, my spine chills at the mere thought of it all.
    rumel: ‹@Canacan› Think of your body somewhat like a generator, a battery, a capacitor, tied into the electrical grid of your body, each chakra can act as a transformer adding a little boost to the current on each cycle at some point you will have built up a lot of energy, how you use that energy is up to you.
    Vic: ‹@euphemistic› Have you?
    euphemistic: ‹@Vic› what? done this?
    euphemistic: yeah. that breathing exercise in my blog seems similar to this
    euphemistic: when I do it, I can accumulate energy as heat in my chest
    Vic: ‹@euphemistic› I haven't read it, but I will.
    rumel: Guys, I think you should be aware that most people don't get this whole energy/chakra concept because, first, they haven't been exposed to it, second, their belief systems may not allow for it, third, even if they have been exposed they haven't tried to awaken their kundalini energy yet. Aneros users, knowingly or not, are activiely stimulating their root chakra and awakening this kundalini energy.
    euphemistic: ‹@rumel› this is news to me
    euphemistic: I've been trying to figure out what was going on
    euphemistic: that breathing exercise was a accident
    euphemistic: but it worked
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› to be honest i still don't understand it... but I just lived it and loved it... so no choice but to get interested and "believing"
    Canacan: really this all doesn't speak to me at all.... only I recognize the description of the things i experienced... it will take time for me to make sense of the rest
    rumel: ‹@euphemistic› I think you have allowed your own inner wisdom to guide you and best of all you are listening to it!
    Canacan: lots of love to you guys
    Canacan: this is amazing
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› do you feel love?
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› yes... now yes
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› thank you... your journey ignited mine...
    Vic: ‹@rumel› Yes, personally, I have not sought out any information on this, but through my use of Aneros it has occurred to me that this is tapping into mystic energy that was otherwise foreign to me pre Aneros. And now I'm enjoying new ground.
    rumel: ‹@Canacan› I don't think you need to understand it on a conscious level to make use of the energy your body is creating. I hope you learn to use that energy wisely and lovingly.
    Canacan: ‹@rumel› the energy is there alright... wow
    euphemistic: a couple of us fell in love a little while ago after my heart opened. anerico talks about this too
    Canacan: to all, bbl ... take care guys !
  • VicVic
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    Reading through that, was like reliving the whole experience again. Since yesterday's new discovery via our resident research extraordinaire, Rumel, I have broadened my sessions ten-fold. Visualizing the individual steps, block by block up the spinal column has heightened my glorious sessions, awaking atrophied nerves that have laid dormant in a vortex of fear, nerves that have not surfaced since my teen years. Thank you again Rumel, it was most generous of you to share and clearly, I was destined to log in when I did.


  • CanacanCanacan
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    Haven't been posting much for some time. A lot happened but I could not make much sense of it or didn't feel confident to tell it here. I also ended up doing less an less sessions.

    Somehow my initial burst and quick progresses let place to some mild disapointment and a welcomed refocus on more urgent matters in daily life. All in all I got reassured what happened to me happened to many others, didn't end in constant frenzy and found it's place in a new (and not so new) slowly building harmony.

    What I find good and interesting in that journey is that it forces and helps me to resolve long time issues of patience, eagerness, lack of attention to the situations in and out of me, and of being somehow forceful... Things I would partly realize but never knew how to work on. Well, it seems like my prostate for one wouldn't take a make believe or a jest for the real listenning, letting go and following the flow.
  • CanacanCanacan
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    Had to come here to proclaim it out loud : @rumel is my hero!
    Look up this link he gave earlier on the chat: (Learning Center of the Society for Sacred Sexuality - thread: Male/Female Androgyny)
    (one of the best link i have ever been given)
    (The site as a whole is a bit repetitive to read as some informations are hammered again and again... But it makes it that you can read any subject without previous understanding and still make sense of it)

    I figured part of what they say on my own... But they add details to it and figured ways to exploit it I only ever dreamed of... I was destined to come to this site... Better late than never... Thank you @rumel, thank you thank you, thank you so much!

    Also it may explain some of my craziest sensations and intuitions (and claims)... I do indeed have the nerves, muscles and organs that explain it all it seems.
    I am so much in line with this site's ideas and goals, I might as well drop a lot of the rest... Aneros is a tool and amazing training wheels for me, but not the goal. I'll probably end up droping anal at some point.

    But for now this gives me renewed enthusiam to train in aneros journey... Onward general !
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    interesting website.  Some of the detailed illustrations explain why men have a seam on their balls.  I always wondered why that was.
  • CanacanCanacan
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    I got a few useful cues from this documentary (sorry only in french) :

    This is about Paul Ekman's work on facial expressions and how they relate with emotions.

    Huge work. Great insight.

    I am also reading Mentak Chia's Multi-Orgasmic Male... Which I find interesting, enjoyable and well written (apart from the many typos).
  • CanacanCanacan
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    I guess this will be more informative for english readers than the previous links :
  • CanacanCanacan
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    Also I read about mirror neurons :
  • CanacanCanacan
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    Reading Mentak Chia's "Multi-Orgasmic Male" got me on track anew. I think i finally understand staying energized, dealing with excessive energy and at last miniOs (i call them tinyO cause they are so subtle for now). I was suspecting it but it's confirmed now: ... I was very wrong on my orgasm chase and on what to expect.
  • CanacanCanacan
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    One of my subjects of fascination : anatomical representation or imaging of male and female genitals during coitus
  • CanacanCanacan
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    From a few days ago, documenting the first glimpse of tinyO (mini miniO) :

    [10:55:30] Canacan: This is a little awkward... I am in the impression i am on the right path now... But the sensations are so tiny it ressembles neither my intense beginings in this journey nor people's descriptions... Yet i feel this will lead somewhere... Hopefully
    [10:57:32] Canacan: The description that feels more relevant i think is falling backwards
    [10:58:52] Canacan: like it was going somewhere up and i was giving up mid way
    [11:01:00] Canacan: Sometimes produces zero effect, sometimes produces more or less intense sensations (nothing like really intense)... It doesnt feel like i am reaching for the climax anymore, but more like i was making myself available
    [11:03:20] Canacan: from the very description of it and comparison with the advices of the experts I think this should be a good direction... But the effect is so light and short lived it is hard to convince myself this is it
    [11:06:41] Canacan: in a sense i feel i could have had this before (and probably had actually) but was holding back... And in a sense it still feels like I do
    [11:08:42] Canacan: also the part i am missing is the connection with the buildup... It kind of feels like two totally separate things... Almost like if the buildup wasnt necessary... By the way not even sure i actually do a suitable buildup
    [11:12:05] Canacan: Even as limited as it is i find this moment rewarding (which is part of what convinced me this was an orgasm)... But it is so light i cant even bring myself to call it a miniO... So i call it tinyO
    [11:13:21] Canacan: its particularity though is to be full body (though having next to no intensity... Weird no?)
  • CanacanCanacan
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    Bought an Eupho Classic yesterday.
    Strange beast...
  • CanacanCanacan
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    It happened today.

    I don't know if it was Chain reaction Dry-Os or a Super O... But it was a damn breakthrough and it felt amazing!

    Eupho Alleluia and thanks!
  • rumelrumel
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    Canacan said:

    It happened today.
    I don't know if it was Chain reaction Dry-Os or a Super O... But it was a damn breakthrough and it felt amazing!

    IMHO, too many men over-think the Super-O, imagining it to be something more than it is and in so doing misread their own experience to the point of denial. Some men say "You'll know it when you experience it." but I don't think that is universally true, especially that first extraordinary event outside your normal perception of what an orgasm is or can be. When you can honestly make the statement " was a damn breakthrough and it felt amazing!", then you've met the prime condition for determining if it was a Super-O - from the Aneros WIKI : "Super-O is an ...orgasm that steps out of the normal frame of reference."

    Congratulations, on your Super-O. Super-O-Joy

    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • CanacanCanacan
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    @Rumel Thanks! :-)

    My first reaction during it happening was "holy fuck, I am having a goddamn SuperO!!!".

    But afterwards I wondered if I was wrong cause the jump in progress was so sudden and it fitted the description of chain reaction of dry Os... Well... Whatever... I just hope i can have it again soon. lol
  • CanacanCanacan
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    Rethinking my journey so far I gave beginner member @ssharkss the following advices.
    I don't mean to sound like I am an expert. Maybe this helps others. Maybe you can comment and correct me. Maybe next time i want to explain the exact same thing I will link the person here... But it will also serve later on as a reminder of what I was thinking at this point.

    So, without further ado here is the chat transcript:

    [00:05:25] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› i'll try and give you a good headstart
    [00:05:56] Canacan: you want to learn something new
    [00:06:34] Canacan: your prostate and muscle must learn something new... This will only come with repeated experience and time... So just be patient
    [00:07:23] Canacan: and your brain must learn something new... There you have to be careful... cause you can do it wrong or take very long roads
    [00:15:15] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› ok then understand this: the way you have orgasms and what you call orgasms IS NOT what we are trying to do... You will have to do nearly the contrary and the orgasm wont feel like what you think... This is why help is welcomed
    [00:16:20] Guest1: So relax is the way?
    [00:16:46] Canacan: yes
    [00:16:52] Canacan: more than relax
    [00:17:34] Canacan: i will tell you what helped me... Maybe it helps you maybe not (everybody is different) but it will give you ideas
    [00:18:46] Guest1: ok
    [00:19:29] Canacan: But before, the common mantras here are :
    "penis not", "relax, relax, relax MORE", "let go", "desire & arousal"... Keep them in mind, they are important keys (you will find great subjects discussing each of these on the forum, follow Rumel)
    [00:20:00] Guest1: Watching. Porn ok or not?
    [00:20:21] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› usually pretty bad (for me)
    [00:21:20] Canacan: for two reasons at least : forces you to keep open eyes and prevents you from relaxing your neck
    [00:22:00] Canacan: also distracts you from what is happening inside... And THIS is what you should be focusing on
    [00:22:13] Guest1: and best position?
    [00:23:13] Canacan: position is trial and error... Everyone has his favorite and best... It has to let you relax, be aroused and let the aneros move freely... Whatever does it is good enough
    [00:25:50] Canacan: like many people, I do on my back with pillow under butt (so that aneros doesnt kick the bed), knees up and no pillow (or a small one) under the head... The common suggestion is on the side (experienced users say its the best... But you don't need to adopt it now it can wait... Choose something you like)... On belly exist too... Butt up... Whatever
    [00:27:07] Guest1: And standing?
    [00:27:50] Canacan: whatever you usually do to get an orgasm you don't want to do here.... This is important... And if you want a traditional orgasm... Pull your aneros out... You dont want to mix things for your brain
    [00:28:04] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› standing doesnt permit you to relax enough
    [00:29:08] Canacan: Now, you want two things : get the right sensations and react to them the right way
    [00:30:58] Canacan: to get the sensations you dont want to be in frenzy, you want to be slow and relaxed... What you have to learn is to be mentally aroused but relaxed and pay attention to the very small sensations in your body wherever they are... And appreciate them
    [00:32:11] Canacan: contrarily to what you usually think you are feeling, there is actually always pleasure even when nothing is going on
    [00:32:38] Guest1: Mmm, getting a tingling feeling now
    [00:32:42] Canacan: this is what you try to tune in to
    [00:33:06] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› good... They are there all the time actually
    [00:33:57] Canacan: what you want is to learn to amplify them with your mind, NOT your muscles... I mean not by tension...
    [00:36:49] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› you amplify with more mental stimulation (focus on pleasure zone, fantasies, erotic thoughts, feelings of love, deeper relaxation up to near sleep state)
    [00:37:58] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› now this is where i have been wrong and you can do better: pleasure gets up, how do you react? ... You most probably will think "Oh, it's good" and involuntarily tense
    [00:39:27] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› you need to teach to your mind to react by involuntarily relaxing at that very moment... "Oh its good... I let it in"
    [00:40:46] Canacan: to do that i think one key is to not expose yourself to situations you wont be ready to handle for now
    [00:42:03] Canacan: ‹@Guest1› i mean, if pleasure gets too intense, you will never be able to force your body to relax (it is like it is scared shitless)
    [00:42:44] ssharkss: User entered the chat room.
    [00:43:05] ssharkss: Guest1 back as ssharkss
    [00:44:12] Canacan: so keep pleasure at a comfortable level... And slowly learn to be comfortable with higher and higher pleasure... Always by relaxing (kegel muscles most of all) in front of rising pleasure
    [00:44:22] Canacan: ‹@ssharkss› welcome back lol
    [00:47:07] Canacan: the department in which you want to be intense is relaxation and arousal (i personally add emotions to that, mostly love, desire, but could be sadness too)... The rest is not up to you... Depends on the aneros and the progressive adaptation of your body to this new stuff
    [00:50:24] Canacan: i have a mental image of falling backwards in pleasure... And later on in orgasm... As opposed to the usual climbing the ladder of orgasm and jump forward past the point of no return... Here everything is different... Be patient and appreciative... Things are subtle and slow... But if you pay attention and let them grow they become quite something
    [00:51:52] Canacan: Final piece of advice: ... DONT TOUCH YOUR PENIS!
    [00:58:48] Canacan: ‹@ssharkss› oops forgot to explain : the deeper relaxation reaction at sudden pleasure is actually what kicks pleasure higher (even though it is not always immediately felt... There might be a delay)... Your first miniOs might happen just like that without you seeing them come
    [01:02:05] Canacan: ‹@ssharkss› if you know meditation or self-hypnosis this will come in handy here
    [01:02:36] Canacan: ‹@ssharkss› now good ride to you
    [01:10:31] ssharkss: Mmm, feel the deepest thrust when standing up
    [01:10:42] ssharkss: not very relaxing though
    [01:12:10] Canacan: ‹@ssharkss› aim slower, more relax, less intense... You want sweet sensations, not strong sensations (not now at least... They will come later by themselves doing that)
    [01:14:16] ssharkss: I know... But it feels good
    [01:17:51] rumel: ‹@ssharkss› The basic rule of thumb is "Follow the Pleasure" if you get pleasure using while standing then go for it that way, I too often get pleasure while standing , I've even gotten dry-O's while standing though I've not gotten a Super-O while standing.
    [01:19:41] Canacan: ‹@ssharkss› i give you the infos so you get ideas... What works for you might differ from what works for me... Try to adapt
    [01:22:39] Canacan: ‹@ssharkss› but the general idea stays the same... If you are stuck, think of what I told you... The most important, I think, is your reflex reaction to pleasure... Lot of room for improvisation with the rest
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    @Canacan --- You did a wonderful job of explaining to @ssharkss! I wouldn't second guess anything you said!

  • CanacanCanacan
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    @Theme_Gasm Thank you! I am flattered.
  • CanacanCanacan
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    One aditional piece of idea, I have for quite some time but didn't write not add to the confusion:

    There seems to be one exception to the "relax" and "do nothing" mantras, it is position and movement of the spine. Generally an elongated or arched-back spine is very good. The general reaction to penile pleasure seems to include arching pelvis forward and crunching the spine, we want here the exact contrary. So sometimes it is even better (if not just as good) to tense your muscles a little so as to arch back (but it might be good to be able to do it as passively as possible, hence the interest of certain positions).
    Key points (all usually involve some muscles): arched neck, eyes rolling back, mouth opening, shoulders getting lower and slightly back, arched upper spine, arched lower spine (lower belly stretched and relaxed), ... and, maybe most importantly, pelvis arching back (even excessively... be sexy)... This last one may help stretch and relax the kegel muscles... Or you may try and relax once arched.

    I don't mean I want to do this all the time. But it might sometimes be the best reaction to pleasure (or at least a good one) and can also be used (often unconsciously) to increase pleasure or add to arousal. Notice this is contrary to the "relax more" mantra, but shouldn't stop you from applying it... I mean, I don't want to stay fixed in that state, it is a lively thing (lively spine might be a good term) and soon enough I need to let it all relax again.

    My idea is, this helps elongate the spine, which is important for full body relaxation and free flowing of tensions or energies (call it what you want). Sometimes, to do that, you add some extra tension to the spine... Well, better tense to arch back and consequently elongate the spine than tense forward or stay locked. Maybe it would be better to have the same result passively but better tensing the right muscle than the wrong. Hint: If it makes you sexy and girly, it's good. (also reminds of yoga and helps deep breathing)... If it is your typical penile masturbating position/reaction or feels macho, it's all wrong.

    --Probably goes with reaction to pleasure during intercourse: the penetrator reacts to pleasure by thrusting deeper and harder (arching pelvis forward and tensing pelvic floor muscles for stronger erection), the penetratee (does that word even exist?) does the opposite to welcome the penis deeper. (do I make you guys feel gay? ... Relax!... LOL)--

    Whatever, the ideal arching mouvement better be slow, uncountious and not using excessive tension (no use of antagonist muscle, so no vibration).

    What do you think?
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    Sounds good to me!

  • TurnrowTurnrow
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    Exquisite Directions, Canacan.

    I have printed them out and will read them several times. I really like your descriptive words and imagery. Thanks man. Congratulations to you on the Dry Os and the Super Os. What was the aneros doing when you hit that breakthru????
  • CanacanCanacan
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    This led to a discussion on the chat i want to keep and others might find interesting, developing on the all too famous "plateau effect" :
    (once again i am no expert, don't take my word for anything, i am just experimenting and ruminating hoping to make better sense with time)

    [18:09:06] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› Congrats on your super O and for documenting it so articulately
    [18:11:03] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› Please continue to document your journey so detailed and descriptively
    [18:12:02] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› thank you... I didn't document it though (was so confusing and was so relaxed i can't even remember how it happened)... But i wanted to document how i passed the all too frequent "plateau effect"... And for me at least i nailed the subject : keep pleasure low
    [18:12:41] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› How long was your session when you had that breakthru?
    [18:13:29] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› i'll try to continue... But this depends on my compulsive need to do it ... If i have too much on my mind or lose interest don't be surprised I stop
    [18:14:00] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› Looooooong
    [18:14:02] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› Keep Pleasure low.............that is a new that what you did........kinda restrained the pleasure????
    [18:14:31] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› no not restraining... "Not pushing it"
    [18:14:51] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› Thanks...........
    [18:14:53] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› i wrote it all already i think
    [18:15:21] chuckjo2000: ‹@euphemistic› cool.......VERY nice here also
    [18:15:26] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› When you say long..........over an hour? Two hours? any idea?
    [18:16:25] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› seems like youbdidnt get it (not a surprise cause i tried to keep it short so i didnt hammer the point)
    [18:17:00] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› i dont remember... Was much more than that... But you shouldnt care... This is not the point
    [18:17:32] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› do you want me to explain my problem and my solution with plateau effect ?
    [18:17:55] Canacan: (this i think is of more interest)
    [18:17:58] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› Please do and I are alot alike.....
    [18:18:21] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› maybe, maybe not
    [18:18:33] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› shoot
    [18:18:58] Canacan: i was tensing too much when pleasure got high... I knew that... It was obvious
    [18:19:56] Canacan: i was also told (and this i didnt realise) my mind was "tensing" too (and they were damn right about that)
    [18:20:19] Turnrow: I think you at least implied that in your post...........but good to see you say it explicitly.................what were you doing to "tense up?"
    [18:20:44] Canacan: then I wondered: how do i get so high if i am not doing it right?
    [18:21:55] Canacan: And how come if I try to relax then, everything almost dies back to zero?
    [18:22:19] Canacan: it is then it struck me: i was not high... I was faking it (yes, you read right!)
    [18:22:42] Canacan: i was pushing high... I was forcing high
    [18:22:50] Canacan: i was aiming too high
    [18:22:52] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› Been there.......
    [18:23:21] Turnrow: Just this morning............there is a push time in my what did you do?
    [18:24:04] Turnrow: As you said, relaxing sometimes makes things die back to what was your key?
    [18:24:54] Canacan: this was aiming too high for two reasons : 1- you need sustained high pleasure, means there is a lot of accumulated energy, so that when you relax you stay high... and 2- i was not yet able to handle such heights the right way
    [18:25:43] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› the key is understanding how wrong you are and restart from zero... Which actually is where you are when on plateau
    [18:26:02] Canacan: this is why i said "stay low"
    [18:26:17] Turnrow: and quit pushing???? Yes???
    [18:26:33] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› of course
    [18:26:39] Canacan: quit everything
    [18:27:02] Turnrow: Gotcah
    [18:27:06] Canacan: you want pleasure to get higher by relaxing... It goes step by step
    [18:27:08] Turnrow: Gotcha
    [18:30:29] Turnrow: You mean the intensity of the pleasure builds step by step when you quit everything and quiet your mind???
    [18:30:35] Canacan: step zero you arouse yourself (through methods I mentioned in post and you find in the usual subjects --insert Rumel's links-- ) and you relax... Deep relaxation... Then you FALL to step 1... Sometimes falling lets you at step zero, sometimes not... Let it be... Falling to step 1 will means energy boost... Welcome it and LET it grow (you can encourage with arousal, thoughts and relaxation but NOT push it) until that energy is enough that you feel tension
    [18:31:15] Turnrow: You mean the intensity builds step by step when you quit everything and quiet your mind.......????
    [18:31:50] Canacan: by tension i mean pleasure building (more or less suddenly)... And to do that you learn to react by relaxing and falling back on step 2
    [18:31:58] Canacan: then again to step 3 (you need to learn to relax at every new step, because it can be harder with more tension or simply feel different)
    [18:33:09] Canacan: and you will get to super O depending on your capacity to relax in higher states... Which is obviously harder... Which is why you want to practice on the lower steps... Hence "stay low"
    [18:34:04] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› i mean when you fall... You might fall on a higher step (or deeper step actually, depends on the way you see it)
    [18:34:18] Canacan: or sometimes it does nothing
    [18:34:54] Turnrow: I have felt this build up in pleasure ........I maybe stopped too soon. If we see it in steps, then we have a subconcious plan at least............
    [18:34:57] Canacan: falling is like letting yourself faint for example
    [18:35:16] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› soon the steps become miniOs
    [18:35:38] Turnrow: Have had a couple of mini Os........
    [18:36:40] Canacan: See you were trying to climb up and finally reached the plateau effect... What you want is to fall down... See how far the plateau is from super O... its the opposite direction... The impression "i was almost there" we get on the plateau is as wrong as can be... You are just raping yourself and hoping the raped person will get pleasure
    [18:38:35] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› you need to learn to react the "letting go" way to the higher and higher tension (high pleasure is tension)... You are limited by how strong sensations you can handle without tensing (and even better have it trigger the sudden relax effect)
    [18:41:14] Canacan: With this, i think you have the right mindset... And you can SLOWLY get better at this... Up to falling in superO all by surprise... See the ancients (our experts here) were right, they said it all but we didnt pay attention... And on many other subjects too (did you use candles and flowers ? I am sure not)
    [18:41:59] Turnrow: No candles and flowers for me..........thats a new one....
    [18:42:36] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› Read Rumel's links... He keep posting the jewels and the gold
    [18:43:12] Turnrow: I am a big fan of Rumel.........
    [18:43:36] Turnrow: He hit this pretty much the first that makes me vastly different from Him
    [18:44:10] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› does what i told you make sense? (If you read back, it was already in my post, but shorter... And shorter is easier to carry)
    [18:44:57] Turnrow: I am saving all this to my computer...... Yes, it makes lots of sense. And I am doing some of it. I just never thought of it in steps that build to the super O
    [18:45:18] Turnrow: ‹@Canacan› Thanks.
    [18:46:07] Canacan: ‹@Turnrow› practice on the lower steps, this is my advice whenever things dont go naturally (as they normaly should)
    [18:46:38] RayMitchell: reading the posts, sounds like excellent advice, @canacan
    [18:47:53] Canacan: ‹@RayMitchell› thanks... I hope it helps others... Or me if I get lost again (as i usually do)
    [18:52:40] Turnrow: Gotta Run..........keep posting Canacun and Thanks again
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    And a final word and joke about the flowers and candles:

    [2014-05-20 18:55:16] Canacan: Give a girl candles and rose petals she might use them to make a nice setting for a her session, olfactive stimulation and a sense of caring or even loving herself... Give a boy the candles and rose petals for his aneros session, he will try to stroke his glans with the petals and see if there texture is good for squirting and for sure will stick the candles up his ass... Long story short, the girl will get the superO the boy will get the plateau effect then masturbate and jack off in frustration then come on the forum say he had a blast
    [2014-05-20 18:56:11] Canacan: Am I right?
    [2014-05-20 18:58:01] Canacan: well ok Deva will come and say the girl will ruin it too because she will not have time enough for this, get the vibrator and jack herself off quickly then forget it all
    [2014-05-20 18:58:35] Canacan: human race is doomed to stressful and unpleasant life
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    Sorry for the reposting, but I need to keep trace of something I thought (and posted) earlier.
    This was April 2 (in this subject :
    Title: Not possible to be relaxed AND aroused at the same time?

    Canacan said:

    By the way, hi hakuna1 !
    To answer your message : no, not German. Thanks for the nice comment.

    If that might help, try to concentrate on the small pleasurable reactions, I mean almost subliminal reactions... They are ramp for a P wave to kick in. First thing is being able to notice them (which might not be easy if they don't have time to build up), second you need to learn to react to them properly (I.e. not with brutal tension). It is like a fire, sometimes you need to blow on it to make it grow, sometimes you need to let it burn naturally otherwise it'll die from the excess. In short the right reaction is the right at that time, so go slow with your reaction see if it benefits or deter to the sensation and adapt.

    Here is what I'd suggest :
    first do whatever you want that helps getting a good sensation, then try to push very slowly like you we're at the toilet and relax to ease it, then relax totally, do not authorize yourself the antagonist muscle to rebalance, jus be fully relaxed, like fully asleep, then notice sensations, if you don't notice anything you can focus your mind on one body part examining sensations then switching to whatever other body part (don't use always the same parts) until you find whatever positive reaction you can find, it may be extremely light and tiny, doesn't matter, stop searching, do nothing, relax, let your body react in whatever way as long is it is light and slow and involuntary, you might get a small build up or not at all, -if it is the small build up then by all means don't rush it, do nothing and savour whatever small amount of pleasure that is, it might get even bigger as you stay relaxed and patient -if it is no reaction at all, examine how long the sensation stays before it dies when you do nothing, hopefully you'll be surprised it lasts longer that you'd thought, let it die anyway and redo from start, the second time you'll be better and more confident at this all, also you will have more confidence in the lasting of the sensation when unsustained, so this time if the sensation doesn't build up by doing nothing for a moment, try to encourage it before it dies, one in many ways to do that make a slow but powerful inhale and slowly and progressively lengthen your spine, very slow, very little movement and not repetitive, the sensation probably builds up weither you notice it or not, now the strange part : let this sensation command a full body reaction (some help ? The idea is that this sensation wants to get bigger and wants you to react but it's voice is almost subliminal, let yourself be guided by your intuition it might trigger eyes closing, eye opening, opening mouth, a smile, increased breathing, or what else, the key is that this reaction be not forced, and not fully voluntary if at all), practicing only this for some time should make you better at it and enjoy it more.

    The two things you want to learn from this is : 1-being better at noticing the slightest pleasure sensation and 2-getting more aware of your reaction and learn to go with the flow instead of having the typical excessive muscular reaction that'll numb and kill the sensation.

    Once you find the way to create and build up on 3 or 4 P Waves in a row (sensations die in between let them, never force sustain them) there might come a time when the next P Wave will come without any stimulation at all and then you are in for the ride. Be patient to get there, and also be patient when you are there, every wave has its ramping rate, its intensity and its duration, not much you can do to it other than kill it. If you are to encourage it, do it in the least rushed, the most gentle and close to involuntary way.

    Enjoy !

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    And another repost:
    From April 22 (
    Title: Are you aroused by Porn?

    Canacan said:

    @isvara I think OP included erotic art in the definition of pornography for this poll... and if it is, I'd say rightfully so. I say this because I think the question is the one of arousal by the use of image. It doesn't really matter what image turns you on, it is the use or not of this medium of stimulation that is revealing of different mental wirings.

    For myself, and apparently i'm not alone, pornography IS arousing BUT NOT for a session. It is kind of strange. Here is how I explain it:
    My male side NEEDS a visual stimulation (a proper one but that is another subject) in order to become erect, build up and reach a penile orgasm (well, when masturbating at least). Conversely my female side NEEDS internal focusing (and hence can absolutely not watch anything) to buildup and (hopefully someday) climax.

    These are two very different ways. The porn-less is very new to me and I find it rejuvenating to explore. It is a rewiring process and I am more than happy that it diminishes my previous addiction to porn. All the more because most porn was not doing it for me and the constant hunt for really arousing material was... simply wasting my time.

    Keeping all my thoughts in one place. I hope it's okay for everybody.
    Will in time probably add the priceless links Rumel keeps posting too.
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    I think you have been providing some excellent counsel of late and I would like to add a little clarifying notation. On a couple of occasions in your discussion with @Turnrow you made statements which could be misinterpreted and I know that is not your intent. You said "... keep pleasure low" but you also attenuated those statements with "... no not restraining... "Not pushing it". I don't think one should take the "... keep pleasure low" statement literally because we don't want to suppress pleasure at all in this process. I think your point is well taken that in the traditional build up toward orgasm, pleasure and bodily tension generally increase in tandem. If this process is allowed to continue it may lead to triggering the ejaculatory reflex which, in turn, triggers the refractory period and the orgasm cycle is shut down. IMHO, it is this inner tension which also triggers the twitching, shaking and quaking effects we've all read about and seen in various videos. However, the twitching, shaking & quaking are not pleasurable in and of themselves, they are merely the by-product of the muscular tension being released during the orgasmic phase.
    I agree 100% with your statement " want pleasure to get higher by relaxing...", this does not mean one cease's with gentle muscular contractions to move your Aneros but it does mean being perceptive of the muscular tension which builds subtly throughout the body and allow that tension to be released through your 'intent'. This is not about forcing your muscles to hold still (that just adds more tension) nor is it about repressing subconscious body movements (involuntaries). It is very much about learning to Make love to yourself, where you are both the seducer and the one being seduced. It is about the paradigm shift in thinking from assertive, controlling behavior to receptive, accepting behavior within the context of your own body.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
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    @Rumel Thank you for your comments and clarification!
    It feels good to have confirmation I am not too wrong.

    I probably didn't make the meaning of my advice clear. Partly because this was a chat discussion first and the advice was aimed at a particular person.

    When I said "keep pleasure low" I didn't mean it as a statement but as a mental tip only meant for people stuck with the plateau effect syndrome. This advice is merely "if your stuck, take a step backward before you try anything else". This is a temporary set of mind to get out of a trap some of us got (more or less deeply) by ourselves. I don't mean to influence people to think this is the right way to do it. I only mean if, like I was, you are stuck with this plateau effect (of which we see clear examples on the forum) you might find it helpful for now to get down from the plateau and back to working on small pleasures. In short: back to basics and get sure the basics are right. "Stay low" as in "stay to the basics". Its a paradox meant as a kick in an all to well established behavior. I hope some people find in it a trigger to get out of a dead end.

    For general advice I'd be more cautious and rather not be so directive as different things work for different people and even differently at different times (as we all noticed). And, obviously, I only know some of what works for me until the point I am at, which is far behind the most advanced users we can read here.

    I hope I didn't confuse people with my ramblings and experiments.
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    One of the subject that helped me the most:
    Just Let Go !