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What were your biggest/favorite "milestones"?
  • When I ask this question I am referring to the moments have made you feel like you are finally making it somewhere, and not just looking at the wiki "checklist". 

    I remember the first day I put my Progasm in and laid there feeling very uncomfortable, and actually questioning why I was putting something in my ass. I guess I just got so deep in thought. I remember being confused about what I was doing, being very jealous (upset) about how powerful the female orgasm seemed, and felt like I was taking the search for ultimate orgasm a bit too far. Then I must have passed out. I woke up, and my whole body was buzzing and tingling, and it felt like my cock was leaking something hot. It wasn't a sexual feeling, but, I was convinced that something could come of this little big toy. 

    My next memorable moment was after a few months of absolutely no sexual feeling during sessions (unless you look at it in a denial sort of way, lol). I laid in bed on a nice spring night. For some reason I was in the guest bedroom while my girlfriend was sleeping in our room. Her and I hadn't had sex in a few days, and I had one of those moments where I just really wanted to jerk off. But before I started even touching my dick, I inserted my Progasm and relaxed. For the first time, I was turned on in a new way. I felt the arousal come from behind my balls. Once I concentrated on the dull almost invisible feeling, it grew. I felt the P-tab tighten on my perineum, and on my prostate (which I hadn't felt yet, it just felt like the head of the Progasm was touching my rectal wall. What it felt like, was as if a girl had there fingers in me, and her thumb on my perineum and was squeezing them together. I got hard instantly, and my dick was painfully hard (in a good way). Unfortunatly it pumped only a few times before it went soft. But just from that experience, I had to have more. 

    I have had numerous "less" sessions, that have resulted in some pretty amazing feelings. The most notable, was a recent non-session/session that resulted in a feeling that hovered around my asshole, and buttcheeks. It was a very concentrated, pleasant funny bone-ish feeling. I really wish it would have stuck around and built up a built up on itself, but oh well. I would like to experience an anal orgasm as well as prostate. I'm a straight male, but the thought of my asshole contracting in a pleasure filled spasm, like a pussy, really turns me on. 

    I have yet to actually feel my prostate in action, and I have been at this for 4 years. I have had many great feelings, and sessions that made my body tighten, and tingle, but I have yet to have: pleasure waves, insertion pleasure, a Super-T that feels more than just a regular orgasm with something in my ass, or a dry orgasm. I have on the other hand, had: a hands few hands free wet orgasms without anything inserted, as well as with; a "less" session, that felt like my balls were being rubbed, and a session where my nipples felt like hot wax had been poured on them, and that was surprising! 

    Also I did have a session with a my progasm where I manually thrust it in and out, and that was pretty interesting, because it felt like my body took over my arm and kept making me go faster, and faster, until my body tightened up, and I was super hard. I noticed I was in an odd daze, and my asscheeks were starting to tingle, but once I noticed these feeling, it pulled me out of my daze, and all feelings were lost. 

    Well I just felt like sharing those little stories with all of you, and would love to hear your stories, feedback, thoughts, and questions!          
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    The most recent one for me was having a constant lingering pleasure sensation in my lower abdomen, the day after an amazing session. It was like a new spot had woken up. It's really hard to describe. Like across between that "poll climbing" feeling and a warm dizziness. It was in an area right at the top of where the Helix Syn was sitting, almost past its reach. I'd never felt so connected to that feeling before, and it was extremely switched on. Almost like if the energy that causes an erection was being redirected to this spot and it was experiencing its own arousal.

    I've tried to search the forum for references to it, and I think it's what people are calling the butterflies in the stomach feeling? It was definitely eye-opening.
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • hakuna1hakuna1
    Posts: 24
    That´s funny, because my best experience so far happend yesterday!

    That´s the discussion i opened concerning this event - the first time I had wet, though multiple, very long lasting orgasms with the intensity of a strong penile orgasm. 
    I´m still kind of euphoric *g*

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Waking up to multiple anal-O's during a dreaming -less session, they where very intense.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    I'm coming up on my first year with Aneros and I have loved every new thing that ha sbeen happening. But my milestone and favorite thing that has happen to me was my first full body orgasm. It was just a regular night with me and my helix syn and I was on my side and i felt the energy move up my legs but I just thought it would stay around in my groin area. But it got transfered all over from my head to my toes to my heart and it felt amazing.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 800
    What were your biggest/favorite "milestones"?

    OMFG...The realization that my body was capable of such incredible sensations...and...that it was repeatable...over and over again!

    Even my worst session is still, IMHO, an amazing experience...I feel so blessed to have gained the knowledge of how to experience such feelings...and to have the support of a such a great bunch in the discussions and chat!

    Truly one of the most liberating and mind expanding things to ever happen to me!

  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    For me it was when the first involuntary contractions started during an A-less session. From that point on I knew something good was happening.
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Trei said:

    Waking up to multiple anal-O's during a dreaming -less session, they where very intense.

    Oh yes... And this one too..!

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 905
    I have four major milestones in the nineteen months of my Aneros journey which transformed my Aneros experience onto higher levels:

    (1) Purchasing and using Progasm Jr and Eupho Syn in my sessions late last Spring 2013. Both these models enabled to me Aneros more effortlessly and with greater pleasure.

    (2) Purchasing and using the Full Peridise Set and Tempo last Thanksgiving. Both models introduced me to the Aneros autof**k like never before. Tempo especially since then stars in all my sessions.

    (3) Learning a couple months ago to Aneros lying on my right side with my right leg straight down and my left leg hooked near my chest. This is a position recommended by the Aneros Instructions for Use at our web site. Also this position is my preferred sleep position as well which can serve me well at night sessions. This position which is very much a passive position enables me to experience easily the intensity and sweetness of my Aneros models like never before.

    (4) Finally a couple months ago dreaming about an Aneros session and waking up to waves of pleasure coursing through my body. Could I have experienced my very first Super-O in a dream???

  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    My most significant milestones have been:

    -Getting past the initial stage of discomfort, insensitivity, and expectation and beginning to view each session as valuable and worth doing in its own right.
    -Feeling relaxing spasms in my anus when not in session.
    -Making consistent and noticeable contact with prostate, which allowed me on occasion to hit the sweet spot. Sessions became generally pleasurable.
    -Realization that my stress and tension were unwinding gradually.
    -Hit first P-wave. Felt this amazing pleasure take over my whole body. Made me feel excited, even frantic.

    I stayed at this stage for months, albeit with no more P-waves. It was a good stage because all the while my stress was fading, my pelvic region was becoming more relaxed, and I was developing breathing skills and control over my anus, sphincter, and pelvic muscles. I would occasionally feel a hit of pleasure beyond my level, but it was transient and usually a one time deal, like my P-wave. I hit a wall with the amount of pleasure I could reach, but only as my body reached a satisfactory level or relaxation.

    At this point I started to try and get around that wall. I realized that this wall was due to my refusal to let go of the traditional orgasm and having an erection. It grounded me. It made me back off of pleasure that occurred without an erection. I knew I was supposed to ignore my penis, but I allowed myself to get bored once my penis was no longer part of the pleasure.

    -I began to decentralize my focus of pleasure. Ignoring my rock hard erection, even allowing it to go completely soft while still focusing on prostate. No longer grounded to the penis as the end form of pleasure, I was able to continue the session to the next stage, unchained by the traditional paradigm. Keying in on this pleasure also brought about, or necessitated another milestone.
    -Mental change. In order to access the pleasure not attached to the traditional orgasm fully, I realized I had to view pleasure differently. I had to change my mental imagery and open up to the pleasure instead of hammer it in.
    -I began to feel tingling in my anus and scrotum during arousal, even without an Aneros in. I also began to feel a hazy warmth, and came near to bringing on more p-waves. This mile stone took place the last two or three times I used.

    I have now been off of aneros for almost 3 weeks. I am anxiously waiting on a shipment of lube and supplements to restart. I have even been successful in bringing on pleasure without my aneros(or penis), and am looking forward to the next milestone I can edit on to this post.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389

    1. My first session. I bought the Helix to help with BPH. I had not found this website yet so had no idea about the pleasure aspects. My first therapeutic session scared the hell out of me. I guess I'm one of those that gets lucky and gets results right away. Perhaps since I wasn't expecting anything, it happened. It was a scary, wild ride.

    2. I found this forum and figured out what was going on. This is one of the most learned and accepting groups of people I have conversed with.

    3. Multiples.

    4. The energy started to flow. I love the the energy that flows all of the time.

    5. Discovering different kinds of Super O's. It always seems to be changing.