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Should I get a Helix Syn? or something else?
  • So I've had my SGX for a couple years and I think I'm ready to "graduate" to an Aneros that is a bit *longer* "Insertion length" wise.

    I'm considering a Helix Syn but I was wondering if there's any other model of Aneros that is a good length and really bumps into the P-Spot exceptionally well above all other models?
  • I started with a Helix Syn a couple months ago, and then purchased a Maximus and a Progasm Jr. 
    Gotta say, the Syn is still my favorite. Its more subtle but seems to hit the spot nicely and gives me great results without fail. I'm still getting used to the other 2 models, so maybe with more use they'll be just as reliable as the helix, but for now the Helix Syn is my go-to aneros model. Good luck
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    I started with a progasm, got a helix syn, then added progasm jr. Progasm is longest, seems too long for me mostly, syn is my mainstay & p jr has more girth, less movement, stronger involuntaries, hard finish cleans easiest. Syn is most comfortable, I sleep with it in sometimes, it picks up some smell, still my favorite.
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 99