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Steam Room Orgasm
  • An unintended sensation has recently come from utilizing the steam room at my local gym. The heat and moisture makes the room great for relaxing muscles after an intense workout, but yesterday I got an entirely different use out of it. I sat in the steam room as usual only to find myself completely alone in the room. I decided to perform kegels and at once my prostate began fluttering. This was the first time I had experienced instant involutaries from kegels. I could feel myself contracting/clamping, and in a public steam room no less! However, I was stopped short of orgasm. A couple walked in. The contractions and pleasure did not stop, but I could not orgasm in front of two strangers. Kinda of like pissing in a urinal. Sometimes ya just can't go it till' the guy right next to you is gone.

    Anyways, I believe it was a combination of muscle exhaustion and the relaxing heat that made it so easy to focus my mind on my prostate. What do you guys think? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • @beefstroganoff - I've had some luck in the tub, as I usually take hot baths every night, moderate ones on the other nights. It was after a session that I noticed contractions, light P waves, and they naturally felt great. However most of my body was under water... I wonder if I tried doing what you did on the ledge after I let the BR get all steamy what kind of luck I'd have?
  • @HopefulMMOer

    I actually experienced the most pleasure when I leaned forward in my seat and allowed my perineum area to sit directly on the ledge of the seat. This effectively gave me some stimulation in that area as my prostate was fluttering. The perineum stimulation along with the relaxing heat is what I think almost got me to orgasm.
  • @beefstroganoff - This I will have to try!
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    @HopefulMMOer:   I'm a bit concerned after reading that  you are considering sitting on a bathtub ledge. No, really!  Bathtubs and showers are not the safest places in the world for their intended purpose, let alone attempting to get to MMO's!  Stay safe, and all the best...
  • @Armon-neat - Haha, I won't lie man, I've considered many at risk positions but rarely follow up, but always try to be safe either way! But thanks for your words though, though I have yet to do it, if I do I'll just keep my back up against the wall and straddle it that way.
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    @Hopeful, etc:  Here's an interesting position that I've "found myself in":  on my back with my butt against the wall and my legs vertical on the wall, spread eagle.  Verry interesting, but I think it's only worth trying once I've gotten to that plateau of repeating Oh's.  To each his own...
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @Armon-neat, interesting position.  I've always enjoyed laying on my back with my calf's laying on the seating area of the sofa.  Its very similar to a seating position but laying on your back.
  • @Armon-neat - Do you mean when you've plateaued and have had a few duds in a row that you tried this position?
  • dmiketdmiket
    Posts: 33
    @armon-neat I'm with you on the legs up the wall, except for me its lying on the floor with my legs up in the air against the outside corner of a doorway.
    For some reason being able to push with my legs against my stationary body has set me off several times.
    Just another way we self explore and share with others!!
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    @HopefulMMOer:It is usually when I am feeling wave after wave of intense pleasure.  I have also "found myself" doing cycling type exercises on my back and that will also be a trigger.  
    @dmiket:  Yes, that's the same, though being on the bed has got to be more comfortable.  
    I should point out that I do not do this kind of acrobatic sessions when I'm home--most of those sessions are in bed next to my wife, and for those, I keep myself quiet and emphasize the calm seas technique, which on the right nights is at least as exciting.