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Not sure what happened; male squirting?
  • Hey folks,

    I haven't posted here in a while since in large part I've had great success and stopped needing advice; that is until today. I've done something that I'm unsure about. Now I know the mantra of this forum is usually slow, light in order to tease the prostate when using devices, but alas I was experimenting, worse still it was a non-aneros device manual toy. I'll leave out the branding, but It was a wand glass prostate massager. I had been using the toy for several hours. I was so horny and "loose" at that point that I was drilling my ass with vigor usually reserved for a shake weight. 

    Suddenly I felt this outward pressure, seemingly trying to push the toy out. The first time this happened I stopped, but on the second go I decided I would work through it and keep going. That's when the stream came out. Much more than standard ejaculate, and very liquidy. Of course my initial reaction was that it was pee, but it appeared odorless and whats more after a minute I noticed little globular of gel like substance often seen in semen. Mind you there was absolutely so stimulation to the penis. I was able to repeat the result over and over and again, with less coming out each time (no refractory period.) It was both scary and exhilarating. I'm still shaking nearly an hour afterwards. 

    I know you might disagree with my methods, but I'm curious when you guys think happened, and whether its safe to attempt again. 
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    I never tried to get it from a vigorous massage like your experience but it happens pretty often for some guys. Check out this thread.  It's like 5 pages of posts.

    I usually get it about 45 minutes into a session but for me it is just a nice pulsing shot every few minutes for about 30 minutes to an hour with aneros inserted.  A really beautiful experience.

  • Thanks for the link. After reading a few of the posts I'm even less certain that what I experienced was squirting. Most users indicate a silky or slippery substance, much like pre-cum, but what I ejected was much different. 

    My current hypothesis is that mine was 90% pee, but from being aroused for so long there was plenty of pre-cum in the pipes as it were. This may be what lead to the release of the watery substance combined with the embedded jelly. This is not perfect as the amount of jelly seemed like more than what I would find in standard ejaculate. 

    I'm certainly going to attempt this gain after both my ass and sexual energy heal and regenerate. Assuming I can recreate the experience I'll examine the aftermath more closely and post a followup. 
  • Well I tried to replicate the effect today and was kind of successful. I didn't spend nearly as much time in foreplay. I "only" had about 2-3 super o's with my helix before I decided to give the brunt glass wand another go. I was able to recreate the "squirting" fairly quickly, but unfortunately it became clear that the liquid was in fact urine. 

    Now, I have somewhat mixed feeling about this. Yes its pee, it smelled like it, felt like it, looked like it. However, the experience was fantastic! It's not as pleasurable as a super o, but it self induced, whereas I always feel using the aneros is something happening TO me not by me. And don't get me wrong, it still is much more enjoyable than a standard penile orgasm. Frankly its quite addictive. I thought I was done and decided to take a bath, but about an hour afterward I had the incredible urge to go again, which I gladly did. 

    Honestly even though its pee, its a technique I'm gladly adding to my list. Now if you excuse me, I think I'm going to go pee all over myself.  Maybe this is how peeing fetishes start.
  • CyrilDCyrilD
    Posts: 1
    Hello Donkey !
    I 'm sorry to answer you just today, i saw your post since the start and I have the same practice than you !
    Your descritption is perfect ! It's totally my feelings !

    Well I explain !
    You are right when I am very excited with the aneros or just with touching my cock, I need to touch my ass more deeply and more rouglhy !
    Well I take a dildo (master tool 3) And I start to put it in my ass slowly. Sometimes the cum start to leak here with a prostate soft massage !
    But Normally the penetration is just ok, with lot of pleasure !
    After a certain time of practice I put the dildo more faster and rouglhy in my ass. And automatically I milked my prostate. It"s very plesant and very sensuel to do that. Normally I hadn't a hard cock. And after a long moment of prostate milking, i 've got 2 options !
    1. Make me cum with a masturbation and the dildo in !
    2. Continue to fuck my ass violently with the dildo
    And if I choose the seocnd choice very quiclky I 've got like some very long cum of pee mixed with cum and precum. At each time I have a squit it's so powerful and wonderful. Well I finished my session after may be 10 minutes of stroke by the choice 1 .
    And like you after may be 30 minutes of stop, I need to restart this again !
    This time with no lubrificiation and more rouglhty !
    But Well it's a great pleasure !
    Like you I supposed !
    You can saw my prostate milking and prostate orgasm (yes because when you perform a prostate massage at on moment you can have a prostate milking orgasm) and you can sax for the video the end is always the one without the 2 !

    And an other exeperiment !
    One day I was very relax and very excited but I had not cum since a long time ! And I perform just a penentration not a milking, and after may be 5 minutes, my cock come to be very hard and harder !
    I tell me, oh I'm going to cum handsfree ! And the pleasure was powerful, it's feel so good and I cum !
    But I stop to cum very fastly because it was a squirt in my face. the squirt was not pee but very salty !
    And I think that was a squirting cum but never I tried this again !