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This is some mind blowing sh!t here..! Controlling the waves of pleasure.
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    It's mostly in the mind right..? This pleasure we derive from our prostate glands, well it appears that I'm able to convince myself that what I think I'm doing is happening for real. The other morning I was lying on my back with the Helix in and enjoying involuntary anal and PC spasms, I decided to stroke my lower stomach and then run my fingers lightly up towards my nipples and the strangest thing happened. There seemed to be a wave of tingling pleasure following my hands up my body, as if I was conducting them. So I had, what seemed at the time, the strange idea that I could put these waves back to where they came from, so I stroked various parts of my body, very lightly, in the reverse direction, as if I was sending energies back into my abdomen. I stopped and used my fingers to circle my lower stomach to hold them there until I released them again with a stroke of my fingers up to my nipples. The most amazing wave of energy rippled through my body, my hands stopped at my nipples where I began circling them. At this point I was at the stage where I usually dry-o, but I relaxed into it and the pleasure level intensified, then more and then more again until my eyes felt like they were starting to roll around. I felt as if it would not stop intensifying, but it did and I had an amazing orgasm for, well I don't know how long .
    Now I know that if you have to ask, then it wasn't, but I'm sure I was approaching the big one, At the risk of sounding silly, it felt almost spiritual. But I think I've just had a taste of what we're chasing.
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    If you so inclined, try a little pot first. I get more in tune with the energy flow and have had good success in directing it. I direct the flow from tip of my penis to my prostate, then to my anus, then up my spine. Next direct it back down again and start over. Once the loop is complete, picture it moving faster. Its mind-blowing.