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Very Interesting ... new sensations
  • I had a really nice session yesterday with Maximus for about two hours, some really GREAT feelings. At one point I got it going just right , could feel the spot swell and could almost visualized the spot. I thought I was gonna get something big going for a little bit.

    So I finally decided to stop. I was putting things away and stumbled on an old toy I had forgotten about is was a slender glass time toy with a kind of a penis head on it. I was lubed, so I laid down and slipped it in. When it got to my Prostate, the feeling was INCEDIBLE! I laid there for about 45 minutes very slowly moving it in and out slightly and around. The movement was very slight, but the feeling was AWESOME. My muscled would grasp it and try to pull it back and then it would press and rub on my Prostate. I had precum flowing and at times the feelings went all the way to the head of my penis. I was kind of in a trance.

    Anybody had anything like that before? I have felt like the Aneros makes the Prostate very awake and wanting stimulation .
  • @bigGlansDC it was some no name toy that we got one time as a "Free Bonus" that I threw in the back of our toy drawer. Doesn't even have a label or name.
  • Glad I saved it! :bz
  • Wish I new how to delete this topic.
  • I think I was misunderstood, it was the hard ridge on the top that stimulated the Prostate in a way that it hadn't been stimmed before. Thats all .... 
  • @xtimedt69 - Was your toy a dildo? And if not, at this point in your journey, would one bring about feelings similar?
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
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    Haha.. well.. bigglansdc, I think I can relate to xtimedt69s reaction. Superstraight guys don`t really want to relate a toy do a d*ck in any way. That`s just not why we`re here.

    Anywho.. we live in a world of free speech - even though we get a bit freaked out sometimes by some of the comments. It`s usually not how they`re written, just how a comment might twist the subject toward a different persons own mental framework.
  • Nothing!
  • @HopefulMMOer It was some small free thing, I thing it might have been some sort of cheap G-Spot massager, I had thrown it in a drawer and forgot it.It is possible that some similar shaped thing might work the same.

    @Alex_xxx It really wasn't anything @BigGlansDC said or did that caused my comment it was something else, I don['t want to go into. I have no problem with BigGlans. 

    I really appreciate both of you and that you think enough of me to want to help me out.

    As for the idea of a penis shaped object, there have been several straight guys on the forum who have reported that they have experienced empathetic pleasure when they have been able to project a fantasy where they become the woman and feel what that is like. 

    But in my case, the little device was was a more direct way to stimulate the sweet spot and the ridges on the head of the thing felt good.  
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Wups.. Guess it was just me then:)
    Sorry about that guys, it wasnt meant to be condencending or rude. Just my personal interpretation :)
  • @Alex-xxx let's just call it passionate! 
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
  • Nothing
  • @bigGlanssDC nope. @Alex_xxx I appreciate your help brother.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
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