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  • Last night I was too sore from the weekend fun with aneros to ride my selection of great toys so I decided to just jerk off instead. I have noticed that my masturbation sessions has gotten so more intense since I have been working with Aneros. The build up is different and it feels stronger. Also when I reach down and rub my perineum while i jerk off it feels so amazing as if my aneros toys is stimulatng me and I just start contracting like its something in me. As I rubbed my perineum and grabbed my balls and jerked my dick i had a full body and a wet orgasm all at the same time. Toes curled and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. So my question is have you guys jerking off sessions gotten better since joining Aneros or since aneros do you still have the need or want to jerk off any more?
  • I am not happy unless it is a super T, just a normal wank does not satisfy me at all any more.
    Ejaculations feel different without the aneros in now too.
    I get the orgam and then a second or two latter the ejaculation.
    Mind you I think I have waves of the orgasm for minutes afterwards which is better than before aneros.
  • Oh yea, my masterbation has changed completely. If I keep focused on relaxing and slowing down near the point of ejaculation I can sometimes achieve dry O's. Sometimes I may even be flaccid and get these full body O's
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    super T all the way!!  Very intense compared to regular, for sure!
  • You have no idea lol
  • pcraypcray
    Posts: 12
    I've noticed that I rarely masturbate any more.   For me the Helix seems to work better if I haven't ejaculated in a day or so, plus a "quickie" just doesn't seem to cut it anymore.  
  • Don't like to masturbate, but some of my recent aneros sessions with the helix syn have been so intense that I found myself on my stomach ( usually on my back) and humping the pillow to what was an incredible penile dry O. I could get to like that! What was so amazing was that it seemed to finish with a bang yet there was little ejaculate (or maybe even none) AND NO REFRACTORY LETDOWN. I was able to resume my aneros session
  • AkiraAkira
    Posts: 33
    I don't really have that while masterbating.

    But while having sex, that's a total different thing!
    Damn... My orgasms are way stronger. Eyes rolling back, full body shakes.
    I have the feeling that I even orgasm longer than my girl does.
    It's just crazy!!'
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    @Akira:  As a continuation of my last post here on 2/28 and in response to you, I heartily concur with your take on  the positive effects of Aneros use during intercourse.  Last night, I had put the Helix in about an hour before my wife and I "got together" and, not only was I able to bring her to orgasm easily (we are both 63, she's been menopausal for over 13 years and is S/P mastectomy, chemo and radiation, and I have mild ED issues), but my orgasm was intense, really superb.  I had found that the sensation of the device during intercourse requires some getting used to, but I am as satisfied with intercourse with the Helix as I am during my "solo" sessions on "off nights".  She, BTW, is aware of my using the device, but I do not inform her whether it is in (just like I do not tell her if I am using "medicinal ED assistance". And another BTW: I have not often used both meds and the Helix.  I actually do not prefer the experience.  All the best......
  • AkiraAkira
    Posts: 33
    I don't have an Aneros in tho...