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New user - using the aneros while having intercourse- experiences and suggestions please.
  • Have had an aneros for a short time and have enjoyed the experiences so far. Am looking for suggestions regarding using the device while having intercourse with my gal.
  • Couple of suggestions but first, a couple questions:
    1. Does she know you enjoy anal and prostate stimulation? Have you ever shared this with her?
    2. Does she know you use an Aneros?
    3 How sexually adverterous is she? Guys are usually more sexually adventerous and novelty-seeking than ladies...not alway but usually.

    I wouldn't just introduce the Aneros without first introducing the concenpt of anal/prosate stimulation.

    This can be done in a very non-trreatening way by saying something like: "Hey, I've got a fun idea...let's each separately make a list of the top 10 sexual things we like and/or new things we'd like to try with one another or have tried on us by the other and then come together and share our items one by one. As we share, each person can classify each item in one of three ways:
    1. Ya, would LOVE to try that whenever you want
    2. Very open to that, but only if I initiate
    3. That's kind of a new idea for me. Not ready to try right now but open to keep talking about it."

    Pour a glass of wine for both of you, get two pads of paper and a couple pens and start writing. Prepare for this to be a very hot and enjoyable experience for you both.

    Of course, you'll put anal/prostate play on your list. Or, try some new toys or both. You may be pleasantly surprised to find these are also on her list and you'll also discover her degree of comfort with them by how she classifies each. If she knows you use the Aneros, you'd put "make love to you while I have the Aneros in me" on your list and away you go.

    This is a mcuh more considerate approach to just putting it in and going for it to see what happens. It's also a lot sexier for both of you. And, in my experience, that's always a very good thing.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    @aneros_user104021, I read the question differently. It depends on what models of Aneros you have. A smaller model that put a little pressure on the back of the prostate it probably the best way to go. A big model may confuse the situation with too much pressure on the prostate. If you are an older person then you can discuss Aneros from a living longer point of view, if young your partner may feel vulnerable. You don't really give enough information about you situation.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    I'll second @isvara. I like the Eupho Syn due to its saller size. Since you will be moving around a lot, the larger models might apply too much pressure. For me, the Eupho provides stimulation without dominating the event.

    As suggested, let your partner know in advance. If she is open, she my find it extra fun to explore your newly sensitized areas.

  • What works best for me with intercourse and without is the larger Peridise from the two piece beginners set. My prostate doesn't like a lot of pressure and the Peridise tickles it just right without squashing it. I've had the most sustained full body orgasms since discovering it.
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    The Peridise, the one ctusser says to use, the one to go with.  When you're on top, I've found the MGX and the Progasm can just fall out.  You get to a state of bliss with your lady and may relax and the toy will fall out on its own.  If you're on top and like to pull out and shoot all over her (like my wife likes..a LOT) then the second I hit orgasm those two toys shoot outta my ass like a rocket, but the Peridise stays in and moves, it's very very good. 

    On your back, you can use all of them, at least the ones I've mentioned.  It won't fall out, but with your legs down, it might restrict movement.  Use extra lube in this case, works for me.  Those are my tips :)
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    I would suggest a solo warm up period first. Get your prostate in the game and then go for a Super with your partner. I've done it several times and have mini O's all the time. My favorites are the peridise and now my new tempo. My favorite position is with the wife on her back and I lay on my side almost perpendicular to her with her outside leg between my legs and the closer leg over the top of me. Have fun and know it took me a lot of practice (the practice is awesome too).