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First Morning Session w/o Porn - It's Better!
  • Ok guys, I'm convinced! I don't need porn any longer to have a great session! In fact, after this morning, now I know they are better! The distraction of porn is not needed, and my focus on my sensations was much nicer! Give it a try guys!
  • mackmack
    Posts: 33
    I have found that porn has not helped in my journey in any way.I am sure this might be different in other people and there journey.It seems that when I decided to have a session things start to buzz,and after prep.and lube then insertion things take off .I must say it was not like this in the beginning..I am just saying what happens for me at my age.
  • @Mack --- I agree! My prostate being so alive and attuned to being stimulated seems to enable my sessions to really take off sooner, as in just a few minutes, to also being much more intense, because I'm relaxing and meditating deeper on what I'm feeling! Sweet agony!

  • Thats great brother. As you see more and more is happening since your letting go and just let your prostate speak. Your becoming rewired.
  • Early on in my sessions, I have found pornography to be a big distraction, so I do not use it at all in sessions. Likewise I eschewed alcoholic beverages in my sessions, because alcohol dulls Aneros sensations.

    However, I find a large cup of coffee to help me along in sessions.

    We also have to remember that our brains fuel our sessions. ;)
  • I have found both pornography and music to be unwanted distractions. I'll have to try caffeine on a weekend when I can aneros during the day