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Heart rate and with data
  • I have been using a heart rate monitor with my recent aneros sessions.  Very interesting to look at the HR over time chart to see the peaks and their durations (orgasms) and the time between orgasms.  Very interesting to see the information as I am usually lost in pleasure or mental focus.  I would not say any were Super Os, but some were close.  I describe three sessions below.

    Helix to Progasm to Helix back to Progasm. Still having after affects. So many Os. I almost crossed the threshold to even better orgasms. I could feel myself slipping towards it. So close

    1:21 hrs total time with average HR at 124

    9 Orgasms most at 150+HR two very intense ones at 170

    most at two minutes duration the two big ones lasted for four minutes each!! the two big ones were 8 min apart.

    I started a session and was already rock hard and ready to go before I inserted the Helix. The Helix went in and I felt a shot to my prostate and my whole genital area. I actually groaned and started contractions very quickly. I headed straight to the exercise ball and started full body contractions. The exercise ball allows me to do full contractions without lying on my stomach and unintentionally stimulating my cock. Wow the feelings were intense. I started a baby super o and was in heaven.

    I moved on to the Progasm and it went in easily. I was hungry for more..the feelings were intense and I actually cried out in pleasure as it hit home. I was oozing and having intense contractions. The next 40 mins had me at 140 to 160 bpm for HR with intense contractions and one of the best near super Os yet.

    I tried to focus on my mental state, but I really did not even have to. I could tell that there was more to achieve and had a glimpse of the next level. It is unbelievable how powerful the feelings were with the Progasm.

    Reviewing the workout HR log I had one O at the ten minute point, one at 17 min followed by one at 20 min, next at 32 min and one at 50 min. Wow that is 5 anal orgasms.

    Another great session.  Above average details below:
    Peak one:  5 min duration, peak 145HR
    Peak two: 10 min break then 8min duration peak at 160HR
    Peak three/four: three min then 8min duration peat at 150HR
    Peak five: 11min break than 7min duration peak at 183HR

    Record setting anal orgasm duration, up to 8min, with five orgasms.
    Overall 1.5hrs avg HR 121 600 calories

  • This data is amazing. We seriously need to get this sort of data and compile it.

    I'm tired of reading online that the world record for orgasms in an hour by a man is 16. I want more than anything for male multiple orgasms to be scientifically recognized!!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    those are very high heart rates.   

    so high that i have trouble believing them.

    8 min at 183 would be the equivalent of sprinting full out for eight minutes.  or, it would be like being at the max in a stress test, where typically you are gasping for breath so intensely you can't handle it.

    that said, i think this is an awesome idea!!

    i wonder if you can somehow cross-validate your heart rate monitor to check its accuracy.


  • Hi @Hellyes,

    I am curious as to what sort of heart rate monitor you're using to record your heart rate data.

    Your record gives me the impression of a scientific study of heart rate in your Aneros sessions :)

  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I don't feel like my heart rate goes up much at all when Anerosing. I focus so intently on relaxing and staying calm. I'll pay attention to it a bit more the next time I use it to see how high it goes.
  • Darwin - Those heart rate numbers are correct! I should clarify that those are peak numbers and it literally looks like a peak.  Climbs from 100bpm to a max of 160 or 180 and then drops over the timed duration.  The average for that duration is lower.  So not 183 for 8min solid. Maybe 130 on average for the duration.
    I do tons of cardio as a mountain biker. I also do insanity/plyometrics and jogging.  I know my heart and Aneros sessions are very intense for me.  During the aneros session I will average 110bpm over two hours with 80 to 90 as my base while between orgasms. 

    My max while killing it in a mountain bike race is 190 with race average of 175 to 180 bpm over one to two hours.  I tend to run a bit high compared to others.  

    BigGlansDC - I have always used Polar heart rate straps and monitor.  Currently using Polar loop and bluetooth HR monitor during sessons.

    Here is data from my session tonight.  One of the best ever!!
    1 hr in to get results was at 80 bpm for the first hour

    -8min duration 160HR peak 1:14 (1hr 14min) time into the session
    -HR leveled at 100bpm 10bpm higher than previous hour
    -13 min break 9min duration 160HR peak 1:35 time
    -1 min break than 4min duration 150HR peak this one and previous were really combined
    -2 min break than 6min 183hr peak
    -2 min break than 5 min 160hr peak
    -3 min break than quick 2min 160hr peak

    Six total anal orgasms including a 13min duration one and another very intense one which lasted 6 min. Spent 34min total in orgasms over 2hr and 10 min duration

    Two through six were all linked and that total duration 34min of bliss

  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    Amazing session. Setup:  I did intense workouts on Sunday and Monday then a 1hr mtb ride before the session.   I had a traditional wet orgasm the night before so I was not sure how the session would go.  I felt that I was ready and that it would likely be a good one.  I love how you can anticipate the session and know when you are ready or not.  There seems to be a pattern unfolding with my Aneros arousal and need for satisfaction.  I will have every other day sessions for a week or two and then it seems like I slow down for a couple of weeks.

    I was ready to go and ended up surprising my self with a very nice 1.5hr session.  I started with Helix using only shea butter.  The shea butter has worked so well lately.  Truly great stuff.  I felt open and relaxed and quickly had a great response.  After some pleasurable p waves and orgasm, I moved to the Progasm which resulted in several great orgasms.  Finished off with Eupho.  

    I was wearing my heart rate monitor and will provide the data below.

    I noticed some distinct differences in feeling and orgasms between the three models.  The Helix immediately hit the right spots and I could feel it moving nicely all around my prostate.  Very targeted and intense, but still mobile.  I was grinding my hips and had an erection more times than not as I approached my first orgasm 11 min into the session.  I noticed more oozing than normal.  I felt charged up and ready for the Progasm and it inserted easily with another coating of shea butter.  The Prograsm was no different this timeā€¦it hit the spot and started to really hammer me.  There is much more intensity and pressure and of course, a nice full feeling.  The orgasms tend to quickly build and are really powerful. I track about 5 nice orgasms before I switch to the Eupho.  

    The Eupho is the seductive mistress of the trio.  It is agile and mobile, especially after the Progasm.  I could feel it dancing and almost licking or flicking my prostate.  It is subtle compared to the Helix and Progasm and I had to really focus on the sensation.  I thought I might be done, but I pushed out the negative thought and conjured up a fantasy and really focused on the feelings.  I was trying to couple the fantasy and the feelings while not forcing the contractions.  I also integrated some nipple and thigh rubbing. The Eupho provided a slow and almost painfully sweet build up which lead to a nice long orgasm.  I show that my heart rate peaked and held for six minutes compared to the three minute long orgasms with Helix and Progasm.  

    Session length: 1hr 26min
    -11 min in for 3 min
    -22 min in for 3 min
    -30 min in for 3 min
    -37 min in for 4 min
    -49 min in for 3 min
    -55 min in for 3 min
    -66 min in for 6 min
    Heart rate peaks were anywhere from 145 to 160 bpm

    That is 7 Os for a total orgasm duration of 25min!
  • robertf57robertf57
    Posts: 4
    How old are you?  As you know, your theoretical maximum heart rate depends on your age.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    Great subject.

    While using the monitor device, have you ever had orgasmic feelings not coupled with high heart rate?
    Also, is it usually heart rate rising then orgasm rising or the contrary or both in perfect sync?

    Someday the most advanced users here should definitely have sessions in an MRI.
  • VonTrappVonTrapp
    Posts: 11
    Super nerdy but any way to export into excel so we can see some graphs?
  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    @robertf57 Age = 40  I tend to run fast with HR.  See my comments earlier in the chain on my cardio

    @canacan Yes there is not always and increase in HR with orgasmic feelings.  The powerful orgasms almost involve lots of contractions, heavy breathing and HR increase

  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    @VonTrapp working on uploading a pic
  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
  • VonTrappVonTrapp
    Posts: 11
    Nice! Thanks for loading that.