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The Tempo Thread
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    Mine arrived today. Will be taking it for a spin tonight. Happy Valentines day to me! :-c
  • Hi @Heizen, I hope your initial experience with the Tempo is love at first sight or rather at first feel. ;)
    That was my experience, and it grows! Tempo stars in all my sessions now.


  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    I took my first ride last night and it was indeed love at first sight (feel). After about 10 minutes things started to rock and it had me bouncing off the bed just as good as my helix and vice does. I lost count of the Supers which had some nice anal orgasms mixed in. I had to stop due to exhaustion after about 1 1/2 hrs.

    Definately this model will be one of my new favorites. The side to side rocking while on my back with knees bent sent me into orbit.
  • great!  congratulations!  That's why its my favorite toy.
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    Krissive and all....I used my Tempo again for the second time and the results were similar. The involuntaries started within minutes after insertion and it was rock and roll time. This model is quickly becoming a favorite of mine too. Wow!
  • You are well on your way, @Heizen. Again congratulations! I did not have the same results that you had with Tempo when I used it for the first time soon after Thanksgiving. But Tempo helped me along greatly in what I call autof**k rhythm which now is often strong and persistent. ;)
  • Had the most amazing session w tempo... just love that little cum-stick on my ass....
  • Standing at my desk with tempo inserted. The WEIGHT of that steel ball on my upper sphincter is just awesome, and by flexing my knees I'm getting great vibrations. I've only had one orgasm before in this position... would love to develop some more... and more reliable ones. Love this toy....
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    I was going to start a new thread about my recent experiences with this little beauty but I remembered this thread.
    I don't know how the tempo works but I can't get enough of it of late. It's so small yet when it gets up to speed it feels huge and teases the prostate as it works it's way in. I think I'm liking the subtleness of it over the more aggressive pro jr ( which I also love). I'm getting consistent super Os with it and it's so much less messing around to use.
    I'd love to know the science behind how it works, but whatever, vive la tempo, je t'aime.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    I get horny when I think of Tempo as well as my other Aneros tools, such as Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm Classic!

    Tempo stars in almost all Aneros sessions really ever since when I began using it in late November 2013. It seemed that my sessions began swinging into high gear. Almost then Tempo taught me Tempo rhythm and the Aneros autof**k, both of which led me into continuous Aless outside of my sessions.

    @Bunk is also correct to say that Tempo teaches Aneros subtlety which is so sweet, yet manly. Just the very thought of Tempo is enough to throw me into Aless!

    I thank @krissive for beginning this thread.