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Been with Aneros for over 10 years, still no super O
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    I got my first Aneros when it first came out, when only 2 models existed, the MGX and SGX.  I got the longer one (been so long I can't remember).  A few years later I got the Progasm, then the Peridise 2-set.  Love it all!  Love the feeling, love the toys thrusting into me on their own, the prostate milk oozing out for dozens of minutes on end, the wild uncontrollable involuntary contractions...all of it.  But, after sometimes waiting patiently for almost 2 hours, I get nothing.  Like a bit of a flutter and a "was that IT?" questioned feeling, but nothing that is like what I know I can get, what you guys all get. 

    That big, life changing one.

    I'm doing it right, but wrong.  After much time waiting for it to happen, I feel like I need to manually put myself over the edge and I use a g-spot dildo and go at it like no tomorrow.  A strong, intense "I need to pee and cum at the same time" feeling emerges, and its there, and I'm literally in tears begging my body to release whatever it is that is happening, and then it subsides, I can't pummel my ass anymore, I go back to Aneros, it jumps like mad, repeat.  This is NOT what I should be doing, I know.  But I'm desperate at this point, I just want to feel it so bad. 

    I've tried every conceivable position, everything.  I've tried weed and sober.  I've meditated.  I've watched porn.  I've listened to porn and not watched. I lie on hard surface; or soft.  I sit up.  I've done it all.  I've even tried the Slightest Touch but that stimulates me in other ways.  I do not touch my cock, and in times when I do, it's hard to get hard because my prostate is wanting the not-hard cock orgasm.

    Is there anything else I can do?  Something else to think about?  Try longer time periods?  I absolutely LOVE anal play, I love it so much.  I welcome it, it is not uncomfortable and I have had the very hardest O's of my life with the Aneros in (but manually stroking and cumming).  I'd love a fuck machine to just do me for hours on end, it sounds like heaven.  So, how do I translate this feeling into a hands free Aneros driven super O??

    Thanks from a vet of the toys and products, but not of the super O
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    this thread has alot of good suggestions.
  • @techpump - What kinds of feelings do you currently get while not using your Aneros? How often do you use your Aneros...once or twice per week or more?

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Trei said:

    I have read that due to society’s style of
    sitting constantly and holding things in until the appropriate time that
    many people have knotted up anal & pelvic musculature (in extreme
    cases the muscles themselves develop toxicity) and that aneros use along
    with the male dear exercise (holding contractions) can actually be
    harmful for the individual. In-fact many people contract their anal
    muscles unconsciously even as they are walking about and also contract
    them in stressful situations.

    I have observed this phonemina for
    myself and thus used a muscle pressing technique to un-knot my muscles,
    the sensations and tingling was instant as the muscles decompressed,
    relaxed, and allowed fresh blood to flow through them.

    (I used the head of my progasm and fingers to accomplish this but I believe that a therawand would be excellent!)

    think that this is a very over-looked issue and is one of the main
    culprits to aneros failure. Muscle messages, pressing, and stretching
    should imo be a precursor to any anal play as it can enhance the
    experience tremendously and is healthier for the body over-all as was
    the case with me.

    I recommend these links for learning more:

    use the instructions provided on the therawand link before every
    session though i use my fingers and progasm head instead of the wand and
    let me tell you the feeling of pressing on those muscles and releasing
    is absolutely tremendous! >:D< But! i beleive that a therawand
    would greatly increase the effectiveness of the stretching as well as
    the ease of the message as its very difficult with just my

    @};- Trei`

  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    Theme, you mean feelings I get when I'm not aroused or when playing with myself?  When I'm not doing anything, I usually don't feel much of anything, some guys talk about involuntary things happening during the day at weird times, I'm usually not getting those.  When I'm playing without an aneros, its intense, I play for a long time, edging a lot, and my orgasms are incredibly powerful and the orgasmic pulse lasts and lasts, almost a minute or longer sometimes.  Sometimes I'm cumming for so long I want it to end because it's too intense!  Lots of cum, lots.  Lots of precum too. 

    I don't have any problems with my bowels, or my prostate (got it checked by a doc 2 years ago, I was 35).  When I touch my prostate with my fingers inside, its amazing, my cock jumps soft or hard, and it makes me feel like I want to cum.  Once I jerked off every hour on the hour until almost orgasm and after 12 times, I inserted the aneros instead of doing anything else.  I almost got a super O that time, but I gave up because I was too horny and finished myself with it in...mmmmmm damn it was a huge one!

    My wife is out of town, I'm going to try again tonight.  I'll try to be disciplined and see if it happens if I chill.  Thanks for the input!
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    Oh, I forgot to answer on how much I use it:

    Not once a week, but sometimes it's 2-3 times a week, depending on how much sex I'm getting with my wife (we do it ALL THE TIME).  Sometimes I wear it when we're together, the Peridise is best it doesn't fall out, but the MGX falls out if I'm on top when I cum, gravity takes over.  If I'm lying down, she'll ride me till I'm done, holy shit that thing goes and goes and goes, and she keeps going and going, it knocks me right out ;)
  • It sounds like you you are experiencing many of the advanced sensations of most Aneros users who have experienced a Super O! The extended p-waves you described are as much of a Super O to me as my first "Super O" I had in May of last year...honestly! How exquisite is that to have such feeling for 1, 2 or 3 hours if you wanted! Pretty super if you ask me!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    techpump said:

    ...After much time waiting for it to happen, I feel like I need to manually put myself over the edge and I use a g-spot dildo and go at it like no tomorrow.
    ...This is NOT what I should be doing, I know. But I'm desperate at this point, I just want to feel it so bad.
    ... I do not touch my cock, and in times when I do, it's hard to get hard because my prostate is wanting the not-hard cock orgasm.
    ... I have had the very hardest O's of my life with the Aneros in (but manually stroking and cumming).

    techpump said:

    When I touch my prostate with my fingers inside, its amazing, my cock jumps soft or hard, and it makes me feel like I want to cum. Once I jerked off every hour on the hour until almost orgasm and after 12 times, I inserted the aneros instead of doing anything else. I almost got a super O that time, but I gave up because I was too horny and finished myself with it in...mmmmmm damn it was a huge one!

    Obviously desperation is not going to help you advance your way toward a Super-O, so why not just let go of that as a goal? Your present state of mind is inflating that goal to mythic proportions and chasing myths is rarely fruitful. Your past experiences have been training your body for Super-T's not Super-O's.
    Additionally, you have not yet made the paradigm shift in thought away from a focus on penile generated orgasms to prostate generated orgasms. You know it on a conscious level but you have not yet made that transistion on the subconscious level. Perhaps going back and re-reading 'cockadoodle’s thread Penis, NOT will help you start coaxing your subconscious into this alternate thought pattern.
    You appear to be recieving a lot of pleasure from your Aneros use even when you aren't simultaneously stimulating your penis, that is a very good sign that your body is very ready, willing and able to proceed toward orgasm. All you need to do is let go of the penile focus and the notion of "cumming"(ejaculating) being the orgasm (it isn't).
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    ok, thanks so much everyone, I'm giving in to not giving in to orgasm, and just see what happens :)  wish me luck!
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    well, I did a good session, about 1.5 hours or so, and it was really nice!  I never once touched my cock, and when I felt like I really wanted to, I didn't and it swelled slightly.  Feeling the weight of me on myself made me more aroused, and the aneros was kicking on its own practically the first 20 minutes non stop.  It would be still and calm, then slide in, and that's when I'd usually use my PC muscles to make it move in and out, then stop and let it go on its own, and then it would rest, and then it would start to go more and more on its own.  Right at about 20 minutes,  I think, it would move in and out about 10 or so times on its own, like electric shock waves riding up from my ass up through to my head, and one huge, huge super hard uncontrollable clamp down, I had no control over it and could not make it stop, it was like an 11 level clamp!  It was ever so slightly vibrating on my prostate, and it was very warm, my ass was so energized!!  Then it subsided,and I came down. No cum came out, I never got hard, it was intense as fuck, and it felt "orgasmic" but it wasn't pumping my prostate through an orgasm like i thought it would.'

    Then I got very calm, almost sleep/dream like.  The lights were very low, I started to space out and I nodded off (haha like I had just cum my brains out) and 30 minutes blew by in a second.  I can't remember if I was sleeping or not, it was very otherworldly.  Then it kinda woke me up and started going at it again.  I know an hour passed cuz I looked at my clock. 

    Then shit got very wild!  It was really on autopilot, I didn't allow myself to use my muscles to let the aneros fuck myself (I have, hate to brag, extreme control over my PC muscles, I can make them do anything at any amount of pressure I want. Those PC exercises that tell you to hold for as long as you can?  I've gone well over a minute before to the point where my anus twitches and my prostate start to pulse and its like a massage inside of me, can't explain it, it rules!).  I did what you guys said and ignored those impulses and focused on nothing.  "What happens next? who cares!" was my motto.  I had several minutes of aneros sliding and those big involuntary clamp downs, maybe 6 or so over the next 30 minutes, and then the last one was most incredible.  I lay down on my back with legs bent, feet on ground, it slides the best this way for me.  Well, my hips were bucking like crazy and making the aneros fuck me with added life. I think it was too much stimulation.  After that last one it was sensitive to the max.  I then tried the Prograsm (I hadn't wanted to use more than one toy this session).  It was very fulfilling, but the switch up got me distracted.  I needed the break anyway.  After 10 minutes of trying with the ProG, I put in the Peridise and jerked off for about 15 minutes and finally blew an enormous load!

    I think I am getting it, I would have touched myself after the 30 minute mark but I waited and waited, and the involuntaries were the best I've ever had!  It sorta felt like orgasm, the pumping feeling, big PC clamp downs, etc.  I think the aneros is not hitting my prostate exactly where I need it; that's why I like manual play so much more.  Sometimes I put my finger between the P-tab and my perineum and the aneros REALLY does what its supposed to do, and it feels the best ever.  If I could just feel that, I'd be there, been there years ago. 

    So, what's the difference between the SGX and MGX? the length descriptions don't sound like they're too different from each other.  I think I need a shorter model, what's the best?
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    I guess a 1/2" inch is a big difference between the S and MGX models, I just never thought it would make that much difference.

    Have any of you guys tried both and had close results with one but good results with the other?  I've been going for "bigger is better" but maybe shorter is better?  I might also get my wife to give me a massage with her fingers, but my anus is so strong it clamps down on her so hard sometimes she can't move her finger/hand at all!  I'd love some advice concerning the depth of the prostate and ways to get the aneros models to deal with that
  • Techpump, your story sounds almost exactly like mine except you seem to actually get some type of pleasure while using the aneros. I don't get any pleasure, hell not even involuntaries and it's maddening. I've been at this for probably 7 years now off and on. usually twice a week  for a few months on, few months off. I am actually very jealous of the sensations you ARE getting. Shaking pleasure, cumming for over a minute and it feeling TOO INTENSE, getting to the point it feels like you're going to super o or even having orgasmic contractions that are amazing but (according to you) are not a super O (It may actually be but you're expecting it to feel like a traditional O?) It may not be the super O but damn does it sound awesome. If I could only get even those feelings I'd be elated! Like you I also can hold a PC hold for over a minute And I think I have a strong set of them but apparently i either dont or i'm just not using them correctly with aneros.

    The only time I have felt something (And by something, I mean a small amount of pleasure and precum/feeling of needing to pee) is using a curved back massager that's curved alot more than a standard prostate one. It makes me think my anatomy is slightly off and pushed further in than normal.
  • Get stoned
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    Yes, weed is good :)  Sometimes I do it with and without, it is different for sure.  Weed sometimes makes me have to pee more, which isn't fun lol

    5564, do you use the aneros manually to stimulate your prostate on purpose?  What does that feel like?  When I do, it makes my cock jump with almost every touch/push.  Try to make your prostate respond to some manual stimulation and see what that feels like, and then when you do PCs with it in, you can maybe play with the PC strength and get the aneros to actually touch your prostate.  It might trigger your anal sphincter to then pucker on its own and move the aneros back inside to that point of crucial contact.

    Now, I'm not an expert (maybe?) but when I first got it, the old school instructions were to lay on your side with one leg pulled in and one leg straight.  I can't do that, my cock lays all over the ground and its very uncomfortable, so I always laid on my back.  But sometimes I kneel, and the gravity makes it fall out a little and my ass reacts by sucking it back in, but I don't get the feelings like I do when I lay down. There's a thread about sitting on a toilet with a towel under you, that might be a fun thing to try out!!

    I always flush with an enema bulb. Not only do I feel very secure and clean, but I start to stimulate my ass and get it feeling "sexy" by fingering myself with lube before and after the flush (beginning to get it lubed for the enema, afterwards to get it more slick).  The water and lube makes it extra slippery, and when I feel this myself it turns me on knowing the aneros will slide well.  Then when I put it in, I'm already "ready to go" so to say ;)  Try that, maybe that will get your ass and prostate ready for some pleasures!!??

    I guess what I'm getting is close to or maybe a super O, I don't get a real "release" or the feeling, but when the waves and all that end, it's like I just finished having major sex and I came my brains out.  It could just be from getting worn out cuz my body did that to itself, or I had sexual release in some way and my brain knows it.  I do expect it to feel like a huge O, something utterly explosive, but what I AM feeling is explosive...what a mystery this whole journey is and has been!!!! 

    Try these tips, I'm not a master of the super O like other jedi knights are on here, but I love the feeling of the aneros, my prostate loves it too, and maybe you'll get some response and unlock those feelings your prostate is waiting to share with you!  Good luck!