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DeVice method
  • Dear All

    I've recently purchased Aneros' DeVice toy and wanted to know more about how to exactly use this little fella.  I've had experience using the Eupho, so anal muscles for movement and self satisfaction are known about.  But with this toy, it seems you need to sit on it and rock yourself back and forth.  However, I'm unsure as to exactly and officially what the deal is.

    The instructions that came with it were the same for the Eupho, so of no use what so ever as they are talking about a different toy which is supposed to be used with ne pressure on the toy, and to use your body to make it work so to speak.

    When I try to find more online, due to it's name, "DeVice", I get a million hits just on Aneros' prostate device in general.  And even this website has nothing in the product section, not even listing it as something they produce, just the more expensive self vibing Vice. Which is basically the same toy, just without the vibrator.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys might shed on this issue.

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    You use it just as you would use any other prostate massager. I recommend reading the wiki and introductory message in your box to get started if you haven't done so already.

    Since you are using a larger model (the largest), significantly developed anal muscle strength is required to maneuver it especially in contrast with the Eupho (the smallest) which demands fine muscle control instead.

    The Tempo is perfect for this but you can also use your DeVice (or no object at all) to develop those muscles using kegels or pushing the DeVice out and letting it suck itself back in or vice versa e.t.c.

  • Hi @kodama, Welcome to the Aneros Forum.

    The Aneros line of prostate massagers are devices designed to be self-propelled by your anal muscles. Yes, as my good buddy, @Trei, says, the instructional booklet in the book containing your DeVice is helpful and so is the Aneros Wiki. The Aneros web site also has a Learning Center with detailed instructions for using the Aneros.

    I hope this little bit is helpful to you.

  • Thanks for the replies.  The introductory  message in my box was the same as with my other massager.  It has no details on my actual new toy, which is different in many ways to the one I have.  I've read elsewhere that the DeVice can be sat on and rocked, but wanted to confirm on here that this is true.  

    I have used them before, I understand about the muscles needed, and have no issue or problems with the movement.  I've read, what seems, everything on this site too about their products, but again, there is nothing on their own DeVice, which I think is very odd.

    I hope someone who owns and uses this toy could come back to me with some tips.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    The method for using DeVice is the same as any other massager, im having trouble understanding you? The instructions for it are the same as any other as they are all operated in the same way. Also aneros massagers are not meant to be rocked on. The instructions apply to all of the massagers equally.
  • Does anyone happen to know why the handle/lower sections are different from the other stimulators?  This flat shape design seems like it's supposed to be used differently to me.  Why else change it?

    I bought my DeVice from LoveHoney, the biggest selling sex toy company in the world apprently, and they have this written on the product description

    "Identical to the shape of the Aneros Vice Vibrating Prostate Massager, the Aneros DeVice offers incredible hands free stimulation, allowing you to rock whilst its inserted thanks to its self-pivoting design."

    So do you think they're wrong?  
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    It says that? Ok, you got me i admit defeat I was in the wrong, sorry. I believe that the tabs could be modified for comfort but I don't really know. But I’d like to add that love honeys description could be erroneous if it didn't come directly from the creators as I’ve heard nothing of this rocking action but if it actually has a "self pivoting design" then odds are it was meant to be rocked.

    Many more will come to chime in on this discussion in due time hopefully, it's still morning time in the u.s. so people are just waking up. Unfortunately I know not enough about the DeVice to help you, as well I have a new found interest in the product due to that description : )
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    P.S.: This is the official description of the DeVice on this site by the company:

    "DeVice takes the award winning Vice from Aneros back to basics with its
    core of pure silicone. It is the first prostate massager made of solid
    silicone. "

    I didn't know it was made of pure silicone either. I wonder how that feels, but that is beside the point.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,419
    I think it is unlikely we will ever see instructions from the manufacturer advocating use of their products differently from the present 'hands free' method due to strict product liability concerns. That being said, there have been numerous posts over the years wherein users have proposed alternate methods of manipulating their massagers, even some obviously dangerous ones. I think each individual needs to use good judgment with regard to use of any device they are inserting inside their body.
    The DeVice is identical to the Vice with the exception of not having a vibrating component. I think if you look at Vice related comments you will have some idea of methods which would also apply to the DeVice. In particular you may find these comments excerpted from 'B Mayfield's - Good Vibrations - Aneros Vice Review illuminating.
    ...My initial explorations with the device were made without the vibrator. First off, the matte silicone finish of the VICE is soft, silky and sensuous to the touch; it seems to beckon you to take it in! And taking it in is easier and far more pleasant owing to this material. Upon insertion all of the subtle conformational differences in this unit are immediately apparent. I have to say that this product is the nearest thing to a custom fit that I have ever encountered. It seemed like it was made for me! The prostate engagement is focused but has gentleness to it as well, almost as if ones prostate is being firmly nudged and cradled as one contracts and releases. The response is firm and immediate though I'd say a little slower than the Progasm given that it is less rigid. The feel of the silicone is positively delicious! The give factor of the silicone also opens up several very unique possibilities as well.
    ...The WIGGLE
    Although I have generally encouraged more passive uses of Aneros products (employing contractions alone), I found that the VICE could be used more actively in several ways. One method involved lying on my back on a bed with knees bent. By simply moving my pelvis from side to side in this position I could affect the movement of the VICE inside my rectum. I would never advise this with one of the other Aneros models (too pokey and of questionable safety), but with the VICE, guys, I got to tell you, it feels marvelous! The tip of the VICE moves from one lobe of the prostate to the other providing delightful sensations all along the way. I've experienced numerous Super O's and several near hands free orgasms by this method. I would attribute this to two things, first, the softer material, and second, the [B]VICE[/B] is almost a quarter of an inch larger in thickness.
    ...The THRUST
    Thrusting produces direct and more intense stimulation and can be used in combination with the WIGGLE. Again this is something that is not comfortable (and inadvisable) with one of the more rigid units.
    TheVICE is the first Aneros model that can be used comfortably for sitting on. Putting matters of safety aside, the rigid models make this nearly impossible with their hard P and K tabs (ouch!). Sitting on the VICE is a blast, the stimulation is exquisite, and I actually found myself grinding down onto the P and K tabs. Of the latter, I was able to affect a different kind of orgasm from the stimulation to the K-spot. No need to modify the device in the least, it's ready to go right out of the box. Guys, I tell you I sat there grinding and gyrating, having orgasm after orgasm until my arms gave out! The VICE is the Holy Grail for chairgasms! HELLO!
    ...The VICE is a very versatile larger scale massager that can be appreciated on many different levels: actively, passively, wiggling, thrusting, sitting, with intercourse, out on the town...and all of these with or without one of four vibrating patterns! The vibrating patterns can be approached in any number of ways as well. The VICE feels absolutely wonderful, and frankly from the very first time I used it...I never wanted to remove it!
    I'll merely add that I think what 'B Mayfield' said above applies equally to the DeVice model (save for the vibrations aspect). The principles of Aneros use remain the same regardless of the particular prostate massager model employed.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Rumel, this is exactly what I wanted to hear!  Thank you for digging this out for me.  

    I can confirm with pretty much all of what B Mayfield says above.  It feels great.  Perfect in fit.  Lovely and soft, you can wiggle and sit on it.  Wear it for extended periods and just feels nice.  I even slept with it in the other night it's so comfortable.

    Thanks again.
  • I had a session yesterday and had a great time.  I started slow, on my back and just breathed, getting used to the feel of the DeVice.  Then, gentle anal contractions.  This felt OK, nothing special.  Then I tried the wiggling, suggested by Mr Mayfield, and this felt very nice.  And before long I was sitting and griding down on it and in the end had to stop as I was exhausted.  

    This DeVice could be a good choice toy for those who are potentially struggling with the usual style massager.  I had one for months and experienced nothing (except soreness).  Inside of 20 minutes I had a smile on my face and looking forward to my next session.