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Am I 2 young 2 try
  • Hi guys
    I'm wondering if I am to young to try prostate massage. I am a high school senior and I am 18 years old. I have been into sex toys for a few years so I've done my research on this product and others like it.
    I guess I should give a little history, I've been reading this forum for a while and it seems the more you guys know the more the more you are able to help. Like I said earlier Im a senior in high school but my social life is pretty non existent. I don't have many friends and school has been like a legal form of hell for me. Constant taunting, teasing and bullying and being over all misunderstood has had me wanting to disappear from life completely. Luckily I was able to finish early and now I don't have to be there, just waiting to walk for graduation and then go to college. Never been good with relationships with people outside of the net. Im not saying this for sympathy just so that you guys know a little about me. I am at home basically everyday alone sometimes days at a time and there are only so many times you can masturbate before it gets old. So I started looking into more interesting things to do and I found out about prostate massage. I looked at the aneros toys but they were to pricey for me so I went on eBay and bought a 10 dollar knock off. I've been using it for a while now and it does give me the occasional chill its nothing like I've read you all experience. I have read repeatedly that it is a long process so should I continue or should I do my best to save up my money for a while and purchase an aneros toy? I don't want to buy it if Im to young to experience the mind blowing pleasures you all talk about. Is there an age limit to getting there or is the limp experience Im having due to the knock off toy? I'm open to any thing you all want to say.
  • AneRicoAneRico
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    Deleted by author
  • @AneRico I want to first thank you for even responding to me because I wasn't sure anyone else would even care. I am very aware of my need to enhance my social skills with the opposite sex or with anyone to be honest. I am working on it. My biggest reason for coming here is that I am bored with my current way of "self pleasure". I start college in August and hopefully it will be a whole new chapter in my life. But until then I live in a small town and I know I will never get anywhere with these people. I just want a fun way to spend my time until then. If you know of any others who could help me discover if age is a deterrent for using the aneros I would be very thankful. And again thanks for taking time out of your busy day just to talk to me.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
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    @Wonderboy95 I have been where you are! It really sux. Dont skip collage even if that goes to shit socially.
    Just put up with it and finish it. Then get a good job.
    Life will sort its self out along the way then, and force yourself to go out and meet people.
    I met my wife through Rotary when I was in my late 20s, She is no super model but then neither am I, We could not be apart from each other for long at all.
    All though Aneros may work for you and wont hurt as such, you need to be getting out there not hiding away even though every fibre in your body is telling you different! Hang in there it is a long lonely road but right when you least expect it someone or something will change your life for the better. I am 41 now but the reality of your situation is still fresh in my mind. I was just like you.

    P.S. dont know if you are allowed or if you are a pet person but a pet may get you through the dark times. You know of which I speak. The pet needs YOU no one else will do. It gives you a reason to get up and to keep kicking! Mine was just a simple budgie. A pet can save your life! Even a Budgie!
  • Glad I'm not alone in the feeling that life can be a little rough sometimes @braveneworld I am not really hiding from the world just want to be by myself for a while. Just until college starts up. I really appreciate all the kind words I'm getting but nobody has answered my question yet. I sort of feel like you guys are trying to help my social life a lot more than my sexual exploration lols. I do appreciate it and I will take your advice but I would also like to know the answers to my original questions. Thanx fellas
  • mdadmdad
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    I don't know what the Aneros knock-off looks like, so it's hard to say how good yours is. I do know that I wish I had found Aneros earlier in life. It's been fun playing with it so far (I'm 43). I see no reason not to explore yourself with one at your age. Obviously, if you're hiding from the world just to use an Aneros, that's not going to be good for you. But it doesn't sound like that and I think you should explore yourself sexually all you want!

    And no, I don't think you are too young to experience anything that's been written about on these forums. But as you've probably noticed, patience and determination are important, and many 18 year olds lack those skills for sure. Hopefully you will fair better long term.

    If you can't make progress soon, I think saving up for the real thing is definitely worth it!
  • Yo thanks @mdad I was hoping that I would be able to join in with the rest of the guys on this forum on this process to obtain the different pleasures of the aneros. I hope you all understand that I'm not using it as a way to hide from the world but just an excape from all the hellish realities of the world. I don't know how long it will take to save up for one but at least I have SOMETHING to look forward to. The knock off I am currently using it appears to me to similar to the pics I have seen of the aneros.
  • @Wonderboy95...I am of the feeling that @AneRico is correct! I, and I suspect several others of us as well, would hope that you give your social life a boost first! There is no substitute for friends...even an Aneros!

    As far as being too young, no I don't believe you are too young should you decide to start!

    It does take patience and practice, but it's worth it!

    Welcome to the Aneros journey and I look forward to hearing about your progress when you are able to purchase one.

    Good luck with college as well! As a college dean, I know all too well what your life will be like for a while...balancing school with personal life! Take care buddy!
  • @Theme_Gasm thank you for your comments. I see how important it is to all of you that I get social life that is thriving and I do get the hint. I will try a little harder to see if I can venture outside of my home and meet me people. I will try to do more and welcome the challenges you all are giving me. I didn't expect to get life lessons on this forum but I guess I need them lol. If I promise to venture out more will you assist me in my journey. I want to know is there anything I can do to better prepare myself to get into use with my current knock off and possibly (hopefully) future aneros
  • XilehXileh
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    @Wonderboy95 - So many of us have had experiences similar to yours. Give yourself time, we all grow into ourselves at different rates. You've received some good suggestions so I think you may have picked up that the men here care a lot.

    The discussion of when should a young man should start using an Aneros has come up in the past. Although the benefits are real, there are concerns that its use could interfere with developing the skills required to have healthy relationships. Aneros use can be very time consuming and is generally solitary (not always...). To develop relationship skills, you need to spend time with people. College will present many opportunities.

    As @ThemeGasm has mentioned, entering college can be challenging. If it gets overwhelming, you are not alone. There are people to talk to, that are there just to help new students get their feet on the ground. It happens a lot. 

    If you do continue, I think everyone here would highly recommend that you purchase the real deal. The fakes will have cut corners on quality, design and materials that could cause you harm. The Aneros is the best, the safest, and also comes with this great forum!

    Good luck!

  • @Xileh Ok guys when I say this I don't want to sound rude or ungrateful for your advice but everything that you fellas are saying I've heard and do hear often. I really do appreciate everything that your saying but I don't think y'all realize how hard it is to go out and get a social life. It's not something that I can just do right now. Getting an aneros will in no way replace people for me but it will be a new way to look forward to waking up in the morning and want to try to keep going one more day. I know you all mean well but I'm just not going to be able to change everything about me over night. It will take work just like the aneros will. I hope you understand that I'm not being a jerk just realistic. I have been working on myself for a long time and the truth is I just need an escape. I have so many things coming at me that when I came on here I really didn't expect to have to hear this stuff again. On a lighter note I will be trying to save money to get a real aneros. Through my careful observations of the post here it looks like the stuff you guys experience with aneros would be amazing. Do they ever offer discounts or sales?
  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, as you can plainly see from the above responses the men on this forum do care about your well being. I concur with 'AneRico', 'braveneworld', 'mdad', 'Theme_Gasm' & 'Xileh' in encouraging you to get out and develop your social skills, there is no reason to wait until August to start that process. It costs you nothing to get out, circulate and simply talk with people, these are the first steps in engaging and interacting with boys, girls, men and women. There is no reason you can't develop social skills and begin an Aneros journey as well.

    I have read repeatedly that it is a long process so should I continue or should I do my best to save up my money for a while and purchase an aneros toy?

    Awakening your prostate is not necessarily a long process, some men are fortunate to have immediate success with their devices while others do take a long time to achieve that same level of success. The time period for each man is really indeterminate and the process is more mental than physical. I don't know what your 'knock-off' models looks like but I would encourage you to get the genuine article when you can. In the meantime please read the introductory conversation I sent you to get you started here. There are numerous links to further information provided in that message.

    I don't want to buy it if Im to young to experience the mind blowing pleasures you all talk about. Is there an age limit to getting there or is the limp experience Im having due to the knock off toy?

    IMHO, you are not too young to start experiencing the power and joy your body is capable of achieving. However, there is a chance that an obsessive approach to this practice can stifle and hinder your learning, understanding and interaction with other people. This would be true with a genuine Aneros or a 'knock-off' model. At your age, with your energy and enthusiasm for life finding a balance for your varied interests can be difficult. The lure of pleasure possible through prostate massage can be intoxicating and addictive. It takes a certain level of maturity to deal with such feelings and skillfully incorporate them into one's daily life harmoniously. If you feel you have that level of maturity then there is no reason you can't begin your Aneros journey now.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • @WonderBoy95 - You have a whole team of willing supporters on this forum...and I'm only one of them! As you've read already, relaxation and patience are two of the most important things to practice! Since I can't speak to the features of the massager you purchased, I can only suggest that it may behave in a similar fashion and you should practice similar behavior to obtain success! However, for us to really speak with confidence, we would have to be users of your device, otherwise we are only assuming it's designed. "like" an Aneros, and we may be giving you useless advice! Can you see our dilemma?
  • Another note, I don't think any of us would expect you to change anything overnight, and these are recommendations from those of us who truly care! Ultimately, the entire process is in your hands, and you will go at a pace that makes sense to you! We all wish you only the best and we will support you whichever path you choose! Hang in there buddy!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392

     Do they ever offer discounts or sales?

    Yes, but not frequently.  You might also check Amazon for good prices if you are served by them.  Watch the shipping rates very carefully.

  • mdadmdad
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    Wonderboy, it sounds like you've had it pretty rough in high school. Keep your head up high. It gets better.

    You don't get to choose the people sitting next to you in high school. But once you are out, you have much more control over who you associate with. My advice is to surround yourself with people that make you feel good about who you are, like the same things you like, and the rest will take care of itself.
  • Wonderboy95,
    Welcome! As you've already experienced, this community is more like a brotherly fraternity. There's a lot of us here that are dads of teen sons and hearing you talk about your loneliness kind of activates this fatherly compassion in some of us.

    So, I'm not going to add anything to the social life aspect except that I think lots of us can related to times of isolation and lonliness. I don't think you're too young to use an Aneros so long as you don't allow it to isolate you more.

    At your age, I would use it to train my body to not race to ejaculation, to seperate orgasm and ejaculation and make it almost like a workout session to train your body to bring lots of extended pleasure to your future spouse. I don't think it will hamper your sexual development because frankly, guys have been sticking stuff up their rear ends as part of mastubation for thousands of years.

    So, have at it. Explore your body. Have fun. And, also, get a gym membership and join a meet up around a subject that you're passiionate about. I'm sure you're a really cool dude. The world just needs some time to discover that!
  • Ok I've been sitting here for almost 30 minutes trying to come up with the words that can rap up everything I'm feeling right now! You guys will never ever know how much these extremely kind words have meant to me. I have never gotten so many words of encouragement from people I don't know. I thought when I posted I would get 1 or 2 responses saying yes or no your old enough to use it. Maybe a how to but that was it. What's really wild is that I was hoping the aneros could make me feel what very few people have ever made me feel.... good. I have heard people say that the universe knows what you need well this seems true to me tonight. I don't want to even say the places my mind has gone lately and I don't know how but you all have managed to do for me in a day what I haven't been able to do for myself in a few months. I actually am happy tonight.
    On another note I know that I have to find a way to get this great toy. Anything that makes such a great group of guys come together the way the aneros has it must have super powers lol. Seriously though I feel like I can be honest with you all. Financially it may be difficult for me to be able to get the aneros anytime soon but you guys have me so motivated to get it. I will definitly find a way. Some of you have asked what my knock off is like. It is basically just like an aneros MGX classic it's just black instead of white. But I'm not sure if they match in size or texture.
    Here is a link to what I use
    Once again thank you guys I will continue to use the knock off and try to use your aneros advice on it until I get my hands on one.
  • isvaraisvara
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    @Wonderboy95, that looks just like an MGX or SGX depending on length. I have seen some copies around. Many of us shorten the tail a bit so we can lie on our backs. Without a side by side comparison I think it should be good to use. It may take a bit of time before it all connects. Be patient.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
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    A very convincing knock off, I can not tell the difference but then I dont have that model.
    Sorry if it seemed like a bit of a lecture with our answers. It was ment with good intentions.
    To sum it up Yep go for it, it cant hurt but it is addictive and could keep you from a good social life if you have a troubled social life. My suggestion is if you do use aneros keep it to yourself at all costs! The young can be so crule if they get a hint that you are doing something different.
    Most important. Lube. Lube is your friend never skimp on the lube dude ;)

    The problem with us older blokes is we have been in your shoes and want to save you  from the pain! But no matter how we try to say it , it just comes out like a lecture. Thats not what we want, we want you to be happy! We know things wont change over night, it takes years. Thats the benefit of hindsight talking.
    Keep on keeping on and try to have fun along the way.
    I guess the forum is a good place to ask "dad" the difficult questions that you are too afraid to ask your dad directly if you are fortunate to have one. No one here is going to give you the answer like "umm go ask your mother" now are we.  Its kind of cool really.  I could of done with it when I was your age!
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    @wonderboy95, I've seen some very good recommendations from my fellow aneros users for you.  We do care and hope you succeed!  Sounds like life has been rough.  Don't worry things WILL get better.  I'm not sure if high school was so terrible because of bullying?   I've recently had a situation where my 7yr old was being bullied in school.  My son says its not like that but he's young and naive, he simply cant see it just because he doesnt have the experience we adults have.  I got the school involved and thankfully they have taken the situation seriously and taken steps to ensure this doesnt go on.  Unfortunately once a bully reaches high school there isnt much a school system can do unless they catch him red handed.  College will be much different.  People are in college because they want to be there and thankfully most bullies are too dumb to go to higher education LOL.  

    I also wanted to suggest maybe getting involved with a local church.  You didnt say if you were religeous or not?  There is no other better support group like people of your local church.  They can help with many situations and will always have your best interests at heart, similar to the fine folks here.  Plus as a bonus you could meet some fine looking ladies there 

    Keep in touch and let us know how things are going!
  • hi Wonderboy. how long have you been using your device? what do you do in your sessions? I can't say what is going on until you give more information. it's more about how you approach your sessions than the device.

    That being said, I agree that anerosing can be compulsive at first. and I know what it's like to not have friends and be bullied. I was very shy and didn't make friends quickly. I was alone the first years of a new high school and the the first years of college. I think many of us have had doubts about ourselves and it's painful to hear someone else talk about that. What to do abiut it is another question.

    I figured out how to make friends but not how to have sex until I was 32 yo. there were a lot of factors going on and each of us is different. Do you have any access to counselling to sort these factors out? College away from home may be your ticket to meeting new people your age and socializing but it may not be. I clammed up for the first 2 years of college, socializing but not making friends. I now have friends from college that I still keep in touch with and value. Getting some counselling this year before college may be helpful.

    As for prostate massage, I assume you've read all the wikis in your spare time. it may take a while for anyone's body to learn how to access the new pleasure from the prostate. If you join in chat here, you may get some practice socializing with guys of all ages including yous and getting more customized advice. it helped me to develope my confidence talking about sex and I'm 66 yo LOL.
  • Hey guys let me once again say I am overwhelmed by the level of support I have gotten from y'all. I didn't expect it at all. @rumel @Theme_Gasm @Xileh @mdad @newguy8762 I really needed your kind words and I will try to incorporate your thoughts both in my social life and my voyage into prostate massage.
    I lay on my back when I use the knock off too @isvara I wonder though if I'm doing it right because it doesn't really do much for me yet.
    Yes I think for a knock off it's ok but I'm sure it's not like the real thing @braveneworld What type of lube do you think is good? And your right most people my age wouldn't understand so I won't be sharing. And it doesn't sound like your lecturing I can tell you all care. And no my dad is not around so some added advice from guys couldn't hurt.
    In high school bullying was a big problem for me. There was a group of people that lived to see me suffer. Even now I can't get on Facebook or Twitter without them going out of there way to hurt me @ineverknew The good thing was that I was able to finish school early but now I'm just at home everyday and that gets a little boring but it's better then how things use to be. When it comes to the church thing I've been a few times and it wasn't bad so that's a possibility. Funny I never expected to talk about church on this site lol but I'm sure anything can help right now. I have been hoping that the aneros would be something to distract me from a little of the stuff going on.
    @euphemistic Thanks for all your questions I will try to answer them all. I've been doing it since I got it in September. I try to use it once or twice a week but stopped most of the holidays. I've been doing the do nothing technique because it seems to get me buzzing quickly the others didn't really give me any feeling. Thanx for the encouragement. As bad as things are it's nice to know that eventually they will change. I just try and take things day by day. Today has been better than yesterday and maybe tomorrow will be better than today. Just try to keep a float until things pass.
  • mdadmdad
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    In high school bullying was a big problem for me. There was a group of people that lived to see me suffer. Even now I can't get on Facebook or Twitter without them going out of there way to hurt me @ineverknew

    You realize that you are probably the one that is going to end up with the best marriage of all those losers? They are going to all have meaningless relationships, and be single or divorced at 35. And you'll probably find a soul mate that cares about you and spends the rest of her life with you. This isn't theory, BTW. Us older guys have SEEN it. The douchebags in high school get what's coming to them, guys and girls alike. Just try not to laugh at them when they are still working at 7-11 and you come in with your wife and order them around, cause that's just not cool.

    When you are young, your frame of reference for your entire life is about the size of your high school. If your classes suck, your life sucks. If your high school sucks, your life sucks. If a girl rejects you, your life sucks. That's it. Once you are out of high school and long passed that nonsense, do you realize that YOU have control over your life, and none of those losers do. The world is wide open to you, full of experiences that you can't imagine. Just think of where you might be 5 years from today; will you be backpacking through Europe? Hiking through the Amazon? Sitting on a beach with a girlfriend that looks hot in a bikini? You just don't know, and it's all worth finding out. Life's a journey, and the beginning part of it can be hard to take some times.

    I wasn't bullied hard as a kid. And I certainly didn't have to deal with bullying on social networking sites (seriously, stay off of them for a while, and for goodness sakes, set your privacy settings and de-friend ANYONE that isn't top of the line). So I won't pretend to know what the bullying has done to you. But finishing school early shows initiative and problem solving. So nice job there.

    If I could give my 18-year-old self one piece of advice from current-old-me (43, BTW), it would be to stop caring what everyone else thinks about my life, and just live it the way I want to live it. Throw away the baggage, and associate with only those that support you. Do what you want to do in life, and have fun, and screw anyone else that tries to be a downer.

    And remember, there are tons of people like you out there. They might not be quite as "at home" as you are, but they are shy inside, hate high school, feel lonely, and just want a friend. I hope you can find some of them.
  • Typing this on an iPhone so I'll keep it short.
    1. Please know you matter, you're live and others care. Sorry your dad isn't around for whatever reason. Some guys are total d bags when it comes to their families. That's his problem not yours. Hopefully there's a man that's taken his place...a grandpa, uncle, some one you can look up to and that can help gill the void

    Even if there isn't, you mom surely loves you and there are many others. Most importantly, God loves you and I hope you know that. We care about you here but we can't fill the place of real live humans you can meet with face to face. I'll be praying God brings a good friend your way.

    2. Bullies are actually weaklings who, like a vampire, feed off the fear they create. It's their problem not yours. For whatever they made fun of you, it doesn't make you less of a man or person.

    3. I'd also encourage getting involved in a church youth group. Just be aware Christians aren't perfect so take them on that basis. But, any place that walks the walk will love you and accept you as you are. Find those kind of folks. It doesn't mean they won't challenge you to be your best but churches are to function like hospitals, fixing broken people, which we all are to some degree. More latet
  • darwindarwin
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    I feel for you.  Sounds like you've had a tough time.  My impulse, like others, is for you to try to find your way to an adult (counselor) or group (church, etc) that can give you some support and help you find your way to belonging.  I am saddened by you staying home alone.

    There is an equal possibility that exploring aneros use will help you or will be a setback for you.  It might give you new confidence or it might lead you to sexual addiction.  Or you might have no luck with it; hard to say.

    The picture you sent is of an Aneros SGX.  I don't think it is a knock-off.   It is just an old model primarily made for smaller men.  It is not bad for $4.  


  • @darwin when you say it's made for smaller men what do you mean smaller like in height? (Im 6'1) weight? (I'm around 180) or is it something else all together like penis size ?(I'm about 9 inches). Am I still able to properly use the toy properly or is something to big or to small for my use? I don't want to injure myself.
    And I'm not concerned about becoming addicted to it because even if its the best thing in the world after college I won't have that much time to devote to it, not to mention privacy.
  • @mdad I must admit it would be a sweet revenge to see them one working at the 7-11. But I would really prefer to never see them again. Some things in life are just meant to be forgotten and that's how I want them to be. I feel like I am bring this forum down and that was never my intent. I wanted to go to a place and forget the endless crap in life, some place where I could just focus on me feeling good. I have read the post here and everyone is always so thrilled with these quest to find orgasms that are other worldly and that's what I want to. You all seem to be able to look beyond the troubles of the world and find something that brings you nothing but absolute joy. I am hoping for this as well. I don't think for one moment that the aneros will solve my problems in life but it will be a nice piece of peace on earth in the middle of chaos. I live in a small town so for now there's really no escaping the idiots around me but the aneros will be my own little hide away lol. I will do my best to remind myself of your words and apply them to the areas of life I can.
  • Yea there are a few guys in my family that I sort of look up to so I have people I look up to a little. And I am aware that there is a higher power at work in things but I just feel like he's to busy for my problems. I use to pray and stuff but nothing changed so it sort of felt pointless. Like throwing a pebble to knock down a stone wall. I mean I still believe and stuff I just don't trust nobody but myself right now. Maybe that will change. I wouldn't mind getting involved with a church or organization but I don't know any in my area. But because you cared enough to bring it up I promise I will look into it. Thanks @newguy8762
  • XilehXileh
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    @Wonderboy95 - I hold great hope for you! You have accepted an overwhelming amount of love and good intentions very gracefully. That is not always easy.

    Unknowingly, you stumbled onto one of the most unusual places on the Internet. We know that men do not openly talk about things that men need the most support with. In this place, we do. There are very few barriers. There is a real effort to accept, support, not judge, and care. For those that hang around long enough, I think we have all had our beliefs tested by each other, yet we open our minds, we grow, and the spirit of this community strengthens. Your story touched a lot of men that have been in your shoes. 

    I personally have a great deal of respect for the men I have met here. They are some of the most educated and experienced people I have ever met. Association with them has changed my life through the learned acceptance of who they are, not who I think they should be. I wish there were more opportunities for men to gather and share like this.

    I would like to re-enforce @bravenewworld's comment about keeping prostate massage to yourself outside of this forum. Aneros use is not mainstream yet. Discussion of it with the wrong group or person could lead to a social disaster for you.

  • @Xileh - I second your comments! Well done! We are a unique bunch! We get to be the men we want to be, and show each other that it's ok to care for each other! Getting a little emotional here!
  • isvaraisvara
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    @Wonderboy95, Quoting: "I am at home basically everyday alone sometimes days at a time and there are only so many times you can masturbate before it gets old."
    Right, back to basics. You are on the taller side, but many Aneros users have found great success with the smaller Aneros. You are fortunate to have been able to pick up a genuine Aneros SGX. This is a very good and a good starting point. It may take a bit of time before your prostate will recognize the SGX. This is normal for most of us. If you plan to have long sessions or use overnight then many find an oil based lubricant the best as it does not dry out. A pure oil may weep a bit so can stain the sheets, lie on a towel if necessary. Some mix a clear oil such as sweet almond oil with bees wax, there will be other suggestions in the forum. Some find Vaseline good and can be bought any where - good lube for the bike!
    The big step I suggest is that you make a conscious shift from filling in time when you are alone to an adventurous project. It will require learning the ability to relax, lower the expectations, sort of a spiritual meditative journey to find strength in you inner core self. Use the Aneros as an opportunity for personal growth, not as a compensation.
    Regarding the suggestions to check out the churches. This might be good for fellowship but not all congregations are the same. Some will dumb you down. Some will get into your head and turn you around. Most churches will freak out at prostate massage or anything sexual that could be fun that is not bound in vows, and some even disapprove of that. The great freedom to live life offered by Jesus is not often apparent in churches. Now I expect many will disagree and that is okay, but I want to point out you have begun a very personal journey. Guard that carefully and privately. "To your own self be true"
  • Yo I have to say that you are so right @Xileh I never expected to be bombarded with so much support from people. I guess some things happen for a reason. I have been excited about things for the first time in a while and it's mostly because of the guys here. And @Theme_Gasm I to have felt emotions from the way you all have taken time from your schedules to talk to me and encourage me because I truthfully didn't think anyone would really care. Wow your comments @isvara are so helpful. I went on eBay back to the specific seller that I bought my toy from and read on some of the comments that it was no quite as big or has the exact shape of a real aneros but I figure that it will work or at least get me warmed up until I can get the real thing. Talking to you guys make see that I HAVE TO HAVE IT. It doesn't matter what I do lie, cheat, steal I'll get it lol. I will also be taking your advice tonight on lube I have several of the products you have mentioned and will be mixing a few to see which feels better. I am going to take this as an adventure or better yet a class in life. It's like I get to start college early and I have lots of professors. Now I just have get the text books.
  • Wonderboy95,
    It's funny because when I wrote earlier, I was going say I could relate to your situation in that I had kind of a crummy early childhood because my mom rejected me due to the fact I was a whoops baby and made her postpone her college career. She resented me for that for a long time and I felt it in the way she treated me versus my brother and how mean she was to me at times. We have a great relationship now but growing up it was very hard. On top of this, I wasn't the world's greatest athlete like a lot of other boys and although I tried, I just never did great on sports teams as a kid. I was never really shy but I did have my fair share of rejection. In my sophomore year of high school, we moved from a big city to a very small town and an couple of older kids bullied me. I remember how that felt and it was terrible. I got through it alright (I ended up breaking one of the bullies noses in a fight, even through I'm a non-violent person) and ended up being one of the most popular kids in my junior and senior years. I've probably been more successful in life and career than most of my peers. At high school reunions, I can tell you without any bragging I'm in the best shape out of all them, I have all the hair on my head, I look like I'm 10-15 years younger and like you, God blessed me in ways he hasn't blessed other guys. If your nine-inches...dude, welcome to a very select club. You have the big swinging dick in the room! So, all those guys who pushed you around with the micro-penises can just pound sand. That ought to bring a smile to your face every time you think about what you've gone through. You are a bigger more ways than one...than they will ever be. 

    So, keep us apprised of your progress and know that there's someone...maybe more than one...out here praying for you. I'm glad you have some close male relatives in your life. Hang with them as much as you can and let all their great manly qualities shape the kind of man you want to be. Men need other men and there's nothing sexual or gay implied by this. 

    Also know that as a man, if you have one to three very close friends in your life, you're doing great. A lot of men are solitary, go-it-alone creatures. This isn't good. But, you don't need a lot of friends either. A couple is all it takes and once you find each other, which usually happens in your college years and 20's, you'll be friends for life. I have three men who would die for me and me for them. We've shared pretty much everything of each other's lives, prayed for each other, cried together, laughed together, talked about's rare. But, hang in there. There are some great friends out there waiting for you. 

    If you ever want to Skype sometime because you just need someone to chat with, PM me and I'll send you my Skpye name. 
  • No, @Wonderboy95, you are NOT too young.  If you are old enough to masturbate and/or engage in sex and sexplay, your prostate is old enough to learn and enjoy.

    The other comments from the group are sincere and germane, but interpersonal growth is an independent issue every boy and man has to work on.  I think erotic enjoyment and skill(s) will ultimately be a great asset in your life.

    Keep it "up."

     - rip
  • @Wonderboy95
    I have been reading this section of the forum for a few days now and I wasn't going to say anything because I am fairly new to this community but I feel that I have to reach out to you. When I was a young kid I lived in a really rough area for a while. I had both of my parents but they were young when they had me so times were tough in the beginning. In my elementary school we had metal detectors because of the students frequently bringing weapons to school. My parents believe in strong education skills so I was in a lot of after school programs and at school I was in a lot of GT (gifted and talented) class and in my school being smart was not looked at as positively at all. I remember being bullied and having to fight all the time. It was rough and I felt alone. The contradiction between home and school was amazing, at home my parents (who were still relatively young) were writing thesis for masters programs while I was at school fighting because I talked educated or as the jack asses I went to school with would say I "talked white". I can truly relate to the stuff you are talking about and like you said about moving to college a move to a better area made all the difference for me. Now there were still some people that I didn't get along with and it will always be like that. There were times when I felt isolated at times but for the most part things were good. College was even better. Now you have stated a couple of times that you have low social skills but I don't believe that for a minute. You have thoughtfully and quite skillfully articulated both your situation and your appreciation to every single response you've been given, quite maturely to might I add. I believe you have all the social skills you need you may be just a little afraid to get out there and use them.
    Unlike most of the guys here I got my aneros when I was a teen as well. I identify so well with being bored at an early age with basic jerking off. Growing up in this time period means that porn and other sexual articles have been readily available to you since you were young and you have probably seen more of it in your 18 years than most of the guys here. I remember knowing so many free pornsites when I was in my early teens that by the time I was truly ready for it traditional sex was already boring. I understand everything you've said and remember being young and horny and needing an outlet for it. If I had it financially I would send you an aneros. Just to show there are people out here who do care about you. I believe aneros will be just what you need to expand on your sexual exploits as long as you remember it's good to enjoy alone time but time with others is just as important.
    You said that even your social networks had been attacked by others which makes me think you just don't have any safe outlets to others. I was hoping some of the guys would here would allow you to talk to them on a more personal note and I see some have. I to want to extend an invitation to talk to me one on one if you would like. I have Skype as well if you want it but if you would prefer to just email each other I can do that as well. I know at 18 I would probably feel funny about Skypeing with older guys lol I'll be 24 in a few months and I still fill a little uneasy about it. Just keep your head up and continue exploring yourself both sexually and socially. I'll be praying for you bruh.
  • @domscraigslist - Well stated! Nice offer of help from someone closer to his age!
  • @newguy8762 Yo thanks for the comments you made. I see that you took a bad situation and made it a lot better for yourself and I will try and do the same. I don't think it will be easy though but I will try. There are days that I want to curl up and disappear I know that I have to keep going but in honesty I sometimes don't want to. It's good to see that some people get past the bs and go on to greater things. What you said about "the big swinging dick in the room" is hilarious. I've never considered mine to be big the guys I see on porn are huge. I thought 9 was about average. I've measured it a dozen times hoping that I'll keep growing lol. But all of your comments are helpful. This whole forum has been great for me I so badly want to be a part of the same brotherhood of you fellas. The aneros must have a magical power because you fellas are some of the nicest most understanding people I have ever seen. I want to say thanks again and I will inbox you and get your email.
  • @RipTheJacker thanx for answering my main question and I hope your right. I hope that when I start exploring with a aneros it opens me up to all new things even beyond sexuality!!!
  • Hey buddy,
    Look forward to hearing from you and chatting if you want. I prayed for you on the way to work this morning and will continue to do so when you come to mind. You should not despair. Things will get better. Just hang in there and please, get involved with some other people that share your interests. What hobbies do you have? What do you like to do in your leisure time? Do you work out? I know that for me, working out and building my body really had an impact on my confidence and self-esteem. Working out also releases endorphins in your brain...the feel good chemicals. In some studies, it's been proven as effective as anti-depresssants.

    I also think it's important to realize that when you live under stress for a prolonged period of time...and if you've been bullied for a while you've been living under stress...that this can take a toll on your mental state and even your physical health. Exercise can help counteract this. Meditation...and Aneros use can be like that...can also help. So does prayer. Have you ever talked to a counselor? Sometimes it really helps just to have another person to talk to.

    Ah, dude, a nine-inch dick is way above average. The average erect penis is five to seven inches. You have two inches on the top end of average. See, God blessed you in a way that He didn't bless other guys. You'll make some lady very happy some day (assuming you're into girls).

    Porn guys make their penis look bigger by trimming their pubic hair or removing it. The Body Groomer had a very funny "adds an optical inch" ad a while back to encourage guys to trim their pubes. It's an optical illusion. Some of them may be 10 or even 12-inches but that's very rare. You're in a porn star league my friend.

    Also, you're already accepted here as part of the Aneros fraternity. I think it's great that other guys can discuss very intimate sexual things with other guys in a non-porn or x-rated site way, if you know what I mean. Men need to share with other men and you've found a very accepting, open minded, kind and intelligent group of guys here from all kinds of different backgrounds and walks of life.

    And, at the end of the day Wonderboy95, all you need to do to make it in life is really just keep showing up and never giving up.

    Look forward to connecting with you soon.
  • @domscraigslist Man hearing your story felt like someone telling mine. Your right in school being well educated is not popular. It's all about the clothes you wear and the people you hang out with. I don't come from family with a lot of money so there were a lot of things I had to go with out the kids around me noticed and that's what started the bullying. The lack of having things has pushed me to do better in school so that one day I will have all that I need. Thank you for your statements about my social skills ha that comment means so much to me. I don't know if I believe it but it means a lot that some would say that about me. It's so true when you said I've seen a lot. I have been watching porn since I was 9. I had an uncle who was only a few years older than me who introduced me to websites that I shouldn't have been seeing. Once the flood gates were open there was no stopping. I now find porn and masturbation boring. I can go months and not even think about watching it. I do jerk off 2 or 3 times a day though. So "being young and horny" describes me to a "T" and it's cool my finances aren't great either but I appreciate the thought. Yea I hope aneros does take me to a whole new place and I believe it will.
    You said you got your aneros as a teen how old were you and how long did it take before you had the type of results the guys in this forum? And yes I would enjoy talking on a more personal basis. I'm sort of glad you said the stuff about Skype with older guys I did feel that way but I didn't want to hurt any feelings or seem like a jerk. But email works great for me.
  • @Wonderboy95
    I was 19 when I got it. I didn't use enough at first because I got it right before I started college. So no I haven't gotten the super O yet but after asking the guys here a lot of questions I've made more process in a week then the last 6 months. So I believe that soon enough I will get there but I'm going to just let it happen when my body is ready! You can hmu anytime bruh.
  • ReWireReWire
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    I get you... your smart, your highly intelligent, an excellent writer, your incredibly insightful and your in the process of defining where you want to take your life. There has been many words of wisdom shared here. Many stories of overcoming personal challenges. But I think most of all, we can see and feel that you will turn out just fine. But remember the words of caution that were initially expressed so you can catch yourself if Aneros starts conflicting with your goals to be successful. Wishing you all the best... keep looking forward. One of my favorite quotes: "Tough times never last, tough people do" is also the title of a book by Dr. Robert Schuller. See if you can get your hands on one to read before you start college.
  • @ReWire, thank you for mentioning Dr. Robert Schuller's book. He is the pastor who built the Crystal Cathedral out near Los Angeles, but now is suffering from terminal esophageal cancer.

    You are poised to make a big adventure in leaving home soon for college. I wish you the best because that was the same adventure I experienced a forty-five years ago. I found going to college so freeing, actually a liberation.

  • rookrook
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    Hello @Wonderboy95 and welcome to the world of Aneros!

    I agree with the keen and insightful thoughts expressed by @Anerico, Theme, Rumel and the balance of contributions to this thread.  My only reservation in encouraging you to, {jump into this pool" with urgency is the Aneros practice can become solitary.

    I wish you all the best as you move into this journey and share in @rumel 's thoughts that you will expand your social sphere.  I believe that your new "inner smile" will shine outwardly to others and may enhance your social skills.

  • As I have said before and will continue to say, thank you all for your extremely kind words. I hope it doesn't sound corny but I am printing out this post for the specific purpose of saving these words. I am sure that life will come around and at some point soon and again kick me in the crotch. When that happens when I feel forgotten or left out, picked on or kicked off I will look at these words from men pouring hope back into me. I never expected any real response so I am more than overwhelmed. To be 100 percent honest I just wanted to hear stories about wild super O's. I wanted to get excited enough about the aneros to build up the nerve to do something that I didn't have any business doing to get the money to buy it. I didn't feel like I had anything to lose. You all will truly never know what you've done for a guy nobody pays attention to.
    @Domscraigslist Thank you for all the time you've spent talking to me and giving me a view of aneros from someone around my age
    @ReWire Wow those are truly ridiculously nice words almost hard to hear. I hope your right I do hope I'll be fine, I think things will work out. You shouldn't be to concerned about the amount of my social life will be impacted, I can tell by the way you all are that aneros will help me to reach out not turn in. It may take some time but it will happen, hopefully. I will be looking into that book at the library. I have it written down in my to do list, thanx.
    @BigGlansDC Thankyou I hope college will be liberating. I hope it challenges and changes me for the best.
    @rook If for any reason when I obtain a aneros it causes any conflict with my life negatively I will be certain to reach out to this forum. I'm sure I won't get to off track. I'm so looking forward to "smiling" lol.
  • slimjmslimjm
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    At the risk of "piling on" given the number of comments already offered here from guys who like me could be more of a father's age to you, let me also suggest developing those social interaction skills and relationships--that as others have suggested will come even easier as you enter college--because masturbation, as fun and healthy an outlet it is for a young single guy, isn't the answer to boredom.  And when you try to add porn to make otherwise boring masturbation more stimulating and exciting, you start down a path over time of needing stronger and stronger stimuli to get your arousal, and even your erections, up and going.  Many a young man who went this route came to being married and in late 20's or early 30's couldn't get aroused enough with his wife to provide her the sexual enjoyment she needed also.

    And to answer your questions about the fun and "how to" of Aneros use, there's an abundance of information here, but for most of us, the issue we enjoy the most is the dry or "super" orgasms that come from prostate stimulation where the orgasm itself is uncoupled so to speak from the ejaculatory function such that the orgasm lasts for a prolonged period of time (I've had some that were sustained for over 30 minutes) and leaves you with no drained, emptied feeling, so that, for us married guys, you still enjoy regular sex with your wife when she's in the mood just as much, if not more, due to the orgasmic control benefits you derive from Aneros use.  But learning this is a long process, at least weeks for some guys and more like months for the rest of us like me.  But once learned, it's a huge benefit to your sexual and urinary health and expands your sexual sensitivity and performance.

    I hope you have great success in college, but I wouldn't wait until then to begin developing those social interaction skills and confidence.  As newguy8762 has suggested, join a gym and develop the confidence that comes with being physically fit and also choose a church to try attending that can help meet your spiritual needs and provide good friends your age you could enjoy getting to know.  I wish you the best at beginning this exciting stage of your life.
  • airbagairbag
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    Wonderboy, the tricky thing about prostate massage with Aneros is that it doesn't feel like much at first, and you can't see which spot you're bumping. Experiment with positions, lube WELL, find one where you feel *something* during contractions. It won't be pleasant, just strange, but if you keep touching it it will start becoming pleasurable after a few minutes.
  • If I needed proof (and I don't) that the members of this forum are special, caring, and knowledgeable when it comes to life and its tough parts, this discussion thread is it.  I am glad that I was able to become a part of this community.  May we all go from "strength to strength".
  • IhidoIhido
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    Hi there. I'm not going to address the social side of things, but just so you know I am also an 18 year old trying aneros. I've had some progress but no O's yet, but I'm inclined to say no it's not too young. I would recommend getting a real aneros though because there just seems to be something very precise about this stuff. I'm here for support should you need it, especially if you want someone your age.
  • Thank you for your words of caution @slimjim I understand that anything you turn to as a release or an escape from boredom has the potential to become an addiction or at least a possible hindrance. I will try to consider that. I have taken your other suggestions to mind and want to thank you for using the time to write on this post. Thanks

    I will certainly be trying your suggestions @airbag I have as of late begun to feel so slight tingles and will try to continue to concentrate on those areas of stimulation. I greatly appreciate your the advice.

    Your right @Armon-neat the support here has been phenomenal.

    @Ihido I am so glad that there is someone else my age here. I am also glad to know that it will work for me. I would enjoy talking to you about your process, thanks man.