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Starting and finishing a session faster
  • any advice on Starting and finishing a session faster, sometimes im in the mood but dont want to spend all the time with rinsing, washing cleanup ect.  is there any advice 4 making all that faster?
  • KatiesF25 said:

    any advice on Starting and finishing a session faster, sometimes im in the mood but dont want to spend all the time with rinsing, washing cleanup ect.  is there any advice 4 making all that faster?

    It's all about what suits you and gets you in the mood! However, also know that as you progress and awaken your prostate, you may reach a point where you don't need to do anything but some light contractions without your Aneros to get prostate pleasure waves flowing! That's where I'm at currently, which enabled my sessions to avoid all the messy steps, unless I do decide to use my Aneros, which is now only about once or twice per week...just something to keep in mind as you make progress!
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Sometimes I'll just take the thing out, and put it aside, wrapped in a sock or tissue. I wash it at a later time before my next session. That way I can just bask in the afterglow of whatever I just finished. Usually when I take my Aneros out, there's a long period of tingling that I find enjoyable, and not washing my Aneros right away allows me to enjoy that a bit longer. And since I wash it between sessions, when I'm ready the next time I just grab it and go, no prep needed.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I don't enema and do no elaborate prep, just a little Vaseline and a bit of hemorrhoidal ointment and relax a bit with it in.  To finish, just slip it out and wrap in a tissue and roll over and get that wonderful night of sleep that follows a great session.
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    Thru trial and error, I have found that Unrefined Shea Butter (not raw, I made that mistake) has worked best for me. The vaseline got messy and stained clothing, the water based lubes caused my bowels to loosen and caused a mess coming out. With a smooth Aneros and the Shea Butter applied to the Aneros, I do not have any mess and lots of free movement. I don't add any additional Shea Butter up there and the Shea Butter seems to cover up any odor.  And like mentioned above by @mdad, after you are done, you can put it in a sock and wash it later.
  • @slimjm:  Just make sure that the hemorrhoid ointment doesn't have a local anesthetic in it! 
    @KatiesF25: the condom method by Darwin, recently commented upon, should make clean up of the Aneros device easier, though it requires a fair amount of preparation.
    My prep is to make sure my  bladder and rectum are emptied, put some nonparaben lotion or A&D ointment in the anal cavity, and lightly coat the Aneros device with A&D (lanolin and petroleum jelly) and then coat that with a small amount of olive oil.  I frequently also inject (with a "sawed off" 10 cc syringe whose end has been smoothed in a low flame) about 2-3 cc of lube and olive oil into the rectum, making sure it's above the sphincter.  The reason that the water based lubes "loosen" bowels is because most contain sorbitol or like compounds that draw liquid into the rectal cavity and have a laxative effect.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @KatiesF25, I find with a high fibre diet and dumping in the morning, there is usually not much if anything in the rectum at night. That means a quick local wash, inset a 2ml shot of "natural jelly", lube the Aneros and away we go. An oil based lube does not mix with any residue and the Aneros can be replaced during the night with no added internal lube. In the morning when it is finally removed it is unmarked so a quick wash in hand wash. Ever so quick!.
    Please note I do not experience super Os that may require more lube initially.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Some tips to reduce prep time:

    -- Obtain a large-mouth (750-1000 cc) glass or plastic Mayonaise, Pickle or Peanut Butter jar.  Mentally label this as your "Dirty Jar."  Also buy a box of plastic sandwich bags and a small canvas laundry bag or small backpack (for your towel and bedding cover.)  "Appropriate" or buy a saucer or salad plate to act as a bedside tray for your Aneros and other small items such as Prep-H, etc._
    -- If you desire to douche before a session, get rid of any enema gear and invest in a Shower-Shot rig or a simple shower diverter with a hand shower attachment. Buy an anal douche nozzle to swap out with the benign looking hand shower. Make sure that you buy valves and hoses that have the same thread size as U.S. handshowers.  Add-ons are a shut-off valve to speed things along once you get the temperature right and a flow control valve to throttle the flow. The total cost for this gear is far less than what you'd pay for two Aneros tools. The time savings is "significant" and you will no longer have a bulb or bag and hose to clean, dry and stow.
    -- Train yourself to douche while standing and be agile enough to keep your body mostly dry.  Use very small quantities of water and hold the fluid while you step to the toilet to expel.  
    -- Keep a couple of Aneros tools cleaned and pre-coated with Vaseline, each inside it's own Plastic Sandwich Bag.
    -- Once the toy is removed from the bag, place it on a saucer.  Turn the bag inside-out and use it as a glove to keep your fingers grease-free as you lube your canal and sphincters.  Then turn the bag outside-in and use it for any disposable stuff that's headed for the trash
    -- If you inject fluid lube, have a clean injector ready to load.  Following use, drop it into your 'Dirty Jar.'
    -- If you are a SheaButter fan, try pre-casting bullets or suppositories of your lube and keeping a dozen or so in the refrigerator.  ( @Twlltin and @Xochipelli have both posted methods for doing this.)
    -- Have your session then place the Aneros in the "Dirty Jar" along with the nozzle from the shower shot.
    -- Abbreviate your cleanup to a simple wipe.  If toilet tissue isn't doing it, use baby-wipes from the local supermarket.  (buy ones that are "flushable" and, if necessary, septic tank compatible.)
    -- Put a squirt of liquid hand-detergent into the "Dirty Jar," flood it with water and replace the screw top.  Put the jar in your canvass laundry bag or backpack.
    -- At your leisure, open the canvas bag or backpack and do your laundry.  Wash and stow your Aneros, shower-shot nozzle and clean your "Dirty Jar."
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    But check your water, I don't think we can do as @rook suggests in Australia because chlorine is added to our water. Chlorine destroys the good bacteria in the rectum. If I am incorrect let me know ASAP :(