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Curious: Sex with Aneros in: Can you choose orgasm type?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    Although I am far from trying this, while reading a progasm review on yesterday, a guy said that he had sex with the progasm inserted, and his gf/wife? rode him to multiple orgasms and a final ejaculation. He suggested that he controlled the orgasm type.

    Another comment on another forum from a guy said: he would be too scared to have sex with the Aneros in for fear of "cumming" (he must mean ejaculating) too quick.

    So, sex with the Aneros: Can you control orgasm vs ejaculation? Can you be sure that you are aiming for, control, and have an orgasm, while knowing that you won't ejaculate? Can you ward off ejaculating? How much control do you have? Do you experience pleasure waves and mini-Os also? Do you feel penile and prostate pleasure at the same time?

    What has your experience been?

    I'm curious. BTW, I think I will buy the progasm today. I'm really considering it.
  • Hi there MyTurn,
    I have tried have sex with the Progasm inserted and lets just say it was all over pretty quickly, much to my wife's disgust! Now, I'm no stud, I don't have full control over ejaculation and separating orgasm and ejaculation is one of my goals. I cannot see how increasing stimulus can lead to non ejaculatory multiple orgasms on its own, without further "skills" being acquired I don't think the introduction of an Aneros on its own would work, although some people are just lucky I guess. My orgasm from this little experiment was slightly more raised but at the expense of receiving the comment " why does it always have to be about you". :roll:
    Good luck with you quest MyTurn, I know where you coming from. Penile orgasms can be such a let down sometimes, I hardly know why its called a "climax" sometimes, must be because you fall asleep afterwards :roll:
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    MyTurn said:

    So, sex with the Aneros: Can you control orgasm vs ejaculation?


    Can you be sure that you are aiming for, control, and have an orgasm, while knowing that you won't ejaculate?

    99.9% of the time, yes.

    Can you ward off ejaculating?

    I simply bypass the urge entirely. It's a KSMO-thing.

    How much control do you have?


    Do you experience pleasure waves and mini-Os also?

    Of course!

    Do you feel penile and prostate pleasure at the same time?

    In overwhelming quantities, yes. But more importantly, I get to enjoy both penile and prostate orgasms simultaneously. After all, that's the whole reason for including the Aneros in the first place, isn't it?

    What has your experience been?

    Well, I've only done it a couple times. The sessions were so intense that we rarely feel the need to repeat the experience. But keep in mind we practice Tantra and various other techniques to enhance our lovemaking sessions. I've found that the Aneros sometimes acts like a kind of supercharger for those kinds of practices, and can result in overwhelming amounts of stimulation.

    Personally, I used the smallest Peridise model, I find it's the easiest size to work with for intercourse while still providing tremendous amounts of pleasure. Also, because it's so small, it puts less pressure on the prostate and therefore is less likely to make ejaculation feel imminent or necessary.

    My first session using the Aneros during intercourse lasted about 90 minutes or so. We frequently switched between missionary and cowgirl positions as well as my wife giving me oral sex. Cowgirl and oral were by far the most intense, because in both cases I was able to completely relax and lay on my back while my wife stimulated me. This allowed me to fully experience the sensations as they washed over me.

    The most powerful part was her bringing me to several nearly continuous orgasms using her hands and mouth and then, while I was still in that peaking state, suddenly mounting me in cowgirl. I orgasmed so intensely for so long that I lost the ability to move or speak for several minutes and came close to passing out completely. I was so overwhelmed by the experience, it took me at least 30 minutes just to be able to stand up again, and this was all without ejaculating. My wife was in similar state as well. I was amazed at how sensitive she was to my prostatic orgasms. She seemed to feel them just as intensely as I did, which is why we haven't made it a regular activity. In many ways, it's just too physically demanding for both of us most days.

    Regarding the actual orgasmic sensations, all the Key Sound and Tantra stuff aside (that would be a very long post in itself), it feels like a "double-orgasm," penile and prostate combined. It's incredibly intense, and yes, surprisingly easy to repeat. I can only guess how many I experienced in that time. Perhaps 50. However, at no time did I ever feel close to ejaculating or any urge to do so. I had spent sufficient time carefully training my body to separate that specific sensation from all of the other orgasmic sensations associated with the Super-O, KSMO orgasms, and traditional "dry" penile/edging orgasms.

    For what it's worth, I feel that the solo sessions I spent practicing the combination of KSMO with the Maxwell Multiple Climax technique while using the Aneros provided essentially all of the same physical orgasmic pleasures as what I experienced during intercourse. The real difference for me was simply having my wife there to share it with me.

    So if you're a solo practitioner, in my opinion, it's still a path well worth pursuing. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time practicing. Personally, it took me about 2 years of continuous training before I felt prepared for that first Aneros session with my wife.

    I'm curious. BTW, I think I will buy the progasm today. I'm really considering it.

    Well, everyone has a favorite. I certainly love my Progasm. But for the purposes of intercourse, my advice is to go for the Peridise.

    Best of luck!

  • RTGooseRTGoose
    Posts: 30
    MyTurn said:

    So, sex with the Aneros: Can you control orgasm vs ejaculation? Can you be sure that you are aiming for, control, and have an orgasm, while knowing that you won't ejaculate? Can you ward off ejaculating? How much control do you have? Do you experience pleasure waves and mini-Os also? Do you feel penile and prostate pleasure at the same time?

    Great post by Pan ... again suggesting the Peridise :) ... anyway model choice aside I'll add my experiences as I'm not quite as far along as Pan.

    I find I can control things a lot better when getting oral. In fact I'm sufficiently re-wired in that regard that I have mini-Os, dry orgasms and so forth even without anything inserted. However I find it MUCH harder to control ejaculation during intercourse. For whatever reason, at that point I just lose it. However I certainly feel how that would eventually be possible.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Wow. This thread has proved to be incredible reading.

    Pan is such a lucky man. He is unique among males on this earth to have such experiences. I want that for myself too, very soon.

    DAMMIT @ Peridise. Yesterday, I was wondering whether to order the progasm or not and ended up clicking ORDER at the last minute, so its winging its way - not to say that I can't order a Peridise too. What's wrong with more tools? Getting a new ipod can wait. There's not much other purchases that I need to make at the moment anyway, so I could still get the Peridise.

    Was that the beginner set?

    Man, I could well end up a guy with 4 prostate massagers. This time last year (and since the early 2000's), I was having panic attacks from hearing anything about "anal" because I was (and I guess still am) debating/questioning/having OCD about my sexuality, and hearing anal info made me anxious and do compulsions, coz my mind told me: "if THEY like anal, *I* would with a man" = panic. I overnighted in a mental hospital once because of this. I've been on a sexual OCD forum with people who suffer similarly, but I fear I am maybe bisexual whereas they are straight with a "gay fear". Gays on that forum feared being straight and that coming out would have been a waste of time, and they'd "lose" their current lifestyle.

    Thanks for the info. I am curious about KSMO - do I have to shriek during sex to tell when I'm gonna orgasm or to get more that how it works? I can't sign up to any forum that has info about it (£, $, €, credit card needed, etc).

    Anyway, it's probably best I focus on the Aneros, Zane blue diet, and my other issues before tackling KSMO.
  • Count me in with sky walker.
    Had the progasm in tonight wife did not know, she came close when fondling me for a bit.
    Anyway she was shocked how fast I came, it wasn't good for her but felt damn good for me. I just laughed it off as an oops. She may know something was up....she did almost feel the aneros like I said. Won't bug her either way I've had it in one other time before.

    BTW left it in and interesting stuff went on for the next hour.
  • ["Vital Statistics": 63 yr old, married, with borderline ED; using the Helix Syn for 15 months with 11 months of successful, Aneros sessions] I have kept my Helix Syn in during intercourse about 3 times.  At first, it felt unusual and almost uncomfortable, but on second and third attempts, the experience was intense for me and I did not have premature ejaculation, just very intense "lead up" that seemed to go on for a long time.  My wife enjoyed the experience. She did not know I had it in place.  I don't think she will mind it.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @Armon_neat. FWIW, I found after a while the tension got too great and I was worried. That is what made me search and find Aneros. I nearly always insert a smaller Aneros for sex. Recently I have changed my approach. As I move towards climax I intentionally relax the BC/prostate. I then feel a tingling energy move up my spine and over the left side of my scalp. If I can keep the relaxation it moves over the right side as well. It is an amazing experience. The Ej feels very stressless. My back accident has stopped me for a while. I have ED so I am dependent on Viagra type medication. If you are borderline ED the relaxing may not work.
    (Statistics: 74 and going strong)
  • @isvara. Thanks for your comments.  Last night, I put the Helix in  before intercourse, and did not attempt to initiate a prostate centered session before we began.  The experience, again, was very, very good, for both of us.  I shall try to apply some of the relaxation/BC maneuvers.  I suppose that I have been too driven in my lovemaking to apply some of the useful maneuvers.  As I have said before, the Helix Syn has been a very positive influence on my lovelife and my personal sensual awareness (better late than not at all...).
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I follow along with @isvara 's approach.   Use a smaller toy for sex.   I'm 6-foot. Either Helix or Eupho does the job for continuous contact during solo sessions.

    For sex, an SGX is just right.  A very gentle contraction gives me excellent Prostate contact and a gentle shove outward dis-engages it from serious prostate contact.
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    Great thread.
    Have had an aneros just under a year.  Since my first Super O, I have wanting to incorporate aneros use with regular sex with the wife. 

    I must say, this is a journey and while I've made good progress, I don't have it dialed in to the point of being able to choose the orgasm type.

    Some of what I did early on, and still practice at, is edging with either a Peridise or my Helix Syn.  I have found that after several "hands-free" supers, and knowing the prostate is well in the game, I attempt to create a penis-induced dry O.  It's tricky, and my success rate slowly increased over the months. 

    Breathing and relaxing are important, and of course, an understanding partner are paramount.

    Where I have had the best success is to first go solo until the prostate is fully awake, after a Super O is best.  Then bring on the partner.  Slow down or stop if you feel like you might ejaculate. 

    I have had a "short fuse" most of my adult life and now more often then not, can last longer than ever, sometimes an hour or more.  There have been a few times where I had to end with a wet O just because we both were worn out.  Oh to be in my twenties again.

    What I sometimes experience when the prostate takes over is a softening of the erection.  A five or ten minute break helps rejuvenate me and off we go again.  I read somewhere that after 15 to 20 minutes it is good to go flaccid and get fresh blood in the penis.  That could be what's happening.  

  • Love these old threads coming back to life. I recently purchased an MGX Classic. Same old story, doesn't do much for my staying power, but what a little sex supercharger it is!