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So freakin close, need a nudge
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    This is my first post. I am extremely grateful for all who have shared on the forum. I have read so much that I think I am actually getting to know a lot of you. This has been a very enlightening experience in my rewiring journey.

    I am in search of advice from all vets that have achieved the real Super O. I am 51, married and have been at this for over 3 months. While I am a very patient guy, I feel that I am so, so close to the ultimate that maybe I am missing something I could try. I have been at the point several times. Buzzing, heart pounding, muscles twitching all over my body... it's like I have the cart before the horse. I can stir up mini o's anytime. But, I have not been able to get the mini o to a big o, I also have not been able to get any consistent p waves. When I get a p wave, it is like a lighting strike. I am all ears...
  • From what you've said, you are very much where I was after three months...the p-waves will come, and the Super O could happen without warning, as it often seems to do, with me and many others! The p-waves are very much like lightning strikes, in the beginning, but I'm here to tell you, they will start becoming more consistent with time. As I type this, I had just come out of a 20 min Super O, and now I'm laying here getting wave after wave that just keeps going, with just tiny nudges, and it's heavenly! But, I've been at it since March, and my patience was hard to come by at times. But now, it just goes and goes and keeps going! So, hang on, I think it's just going to keep getting better for you!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    Trying too hard to achieve the super O may be your problem.  Relax more and just enjoy the feelings for what they are, have some patience and eventually it will happen on its own accord.  Also I think your doing very well for only using for 3 months.  Give it a bit more time.  Most people say a good 6 months to a year before things get really good, but then again everyone is different.  I guess what im saying is dont rush it.  Hope that helps.
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    @Theme_Gasm & @ineverknew
    Thanks for your thoughts and your support. Is there techniques to help set up the p waves or do they just come naturally?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 386
    ReWire said:

    Buzzing, heart pounding,
    muscles twitching all over my body... it's like I have the cart before the
    horse. I can stir up mini o's anytime. But, I have not been able to get the
    mini o to a big o, I also have not been able to get any consistent p waves.
    When I get a p wave, it is like a lighting strike.

    How do you know that you aren't having a SuperO? Search on the definition of a SuperO and see if it fits. I was where you are for a long time, thinking it might not happen. @rumel pointed out the obvious, that I had likely been having them all along. I was too caught up in descriptions from others to recognize what was occurring.

    It's worth being open too since our experiences can be very different. Good luck!

  • I feel as if the p-waves have been more a result of an awakened prostate, and rewiring, than technique! As your prostate becomes more aware and your brain becomes more aware of your prostate being stimulated, you'll likely get p-waves that slowly start to last longer and longer. I know that when I read a particular story or view an image that is particularly erotic, I can get some real strong waves. And, after an hour, or often less, of stimulation, my prostate can become so sensitive that the waves become nearly automatic with minor nudges from me. That's when things get real good! Anyway, that's how I've progressed! You may progress differently, but the stimulation of your prostate, and waking it up is your goal, for now, to get the p-waves! Enjoy!
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    Thanks for your thoughts.... but my gut says I am knocking on the door of something bigger. Your right in that it may be a piece of it, but not the whole deal. I think a lot of what happens during a session is coaxed on by me.

    I think that you have a good point that I may be trying to hard. But on the other hand I try hard not to try hard... if that makes sense. My best surprise is when I cut that extra part off the helix and went to sleep with it for the first time. Woke up a few hours later with the best mini dry o's I have had. Amazing.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the p waves. I know I have defiantly started the "Awakening" process. I can barely go a day driving my car that I don't feel a twitching from the road vibrations. Last week, I got in my car and my seat belt slid over my right nipple (had shirt on) and I got a zing. And this is coming from a guy that had absolutely no feeling from the nipples my whole life. I can now read a story like the one Aza just shared and sparks start flying down there. Also, if I listen for it, I can feel a very, very, ever so slight tremors in my abdomen. What's that mean? Maybe I
    am on rewire overload and I need to step aside for a while to let my body regroup. So, if there is more awakening to come... holly molly.
  • There IS more awakening to come! That's a given! Sensitive nipples are to be expected and appreiciated. The tremors were, and still are sometimes, a part of the experience! As far as regrouping goes, there are plenty of guys who will agree that a break every few days is a great idea! After my first Super O, I experienced a period of what could be called "retrenchment" to use a word from Twlltin, and after that period things kept getting better! Remember, it's a journey, and no two are the keep an open mind to your experiences, and follow what works, and try new things because you never know what you might find!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    @rewire, yeah trying too hard to not try hard can hurt too! lol  Either way i think you have the right approach, and things will just happen in their own good time.  Sensitive nipples will happen and I've had the same thing happen many times driving down a bumpy road  :D.  Its completely normal to have all kinds of wonderful, pleasureable feelings throughout the day  especially when driving or just sitting.  Its all part of the prostate wakening up so to say.  And like @Theme_Gasm says, there is ALOT more to come!  Good Luck
  • @rewire - Hey, I just caught your thread a few pages in and am curious how you're doing?
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Hello @rewire

    It sounds like you have done well for 3 months. Also I sympathise on trying to hard which was something i struggled with myself. So i thought i might throw some of my findings your way, hopefully you will find them helpful. 

    Libido - I want to say a few things about Sexual energy which i have in the past found to be controversial to some. However i strongly recommend you stop ejaculation if you had been doing so in the past. Once to twice a week max for good results. Every time you ejac, you lose sexual energy which could be kept inside for your next session. I also realise this is not practical for everyone. What i would suggest to those who struggle with this is

    1. Stop watching porn, there is a great thread about what is happening to you when you are watching porn.  (This is actually a great video to understand all addictions too.)

    2. For those of you with partners in need of service, Ensure you are doing your pelvic floor exercises. This is particularly important for you as your journey might be slowed due to lower libido dedicated to your aneros sessions. What is important here is that you take your time and learn to hold back from ejaculation so that you can satisfy your partner without ejaculating.   However there IS a bright side here. Once you are able to do so, you can super charge your libido using your wife almost like a battery station (That's kind of a sick way of putting it, sorry).

    There is alot more to cover on both of those 2 things most of which has been said before. There is another 2 things that are very important for your libido. Exercise and Diet, these 2 things are more important than I have seen stressed on these forums. I certainly wouldnt say they are necesary for all, But at the very least helpful to most. Eating correctly and the right ammount of exercise will leave you full of energy (this might take weeks to feel the full effects). The better shape your body is in, the more sexual energy you will have (It's also worth noting to not over do the exercise before a session).

    I think you might find that by focusing on your arousal and less on your technique, you might find the O.   Ohh one last thing too, I took 2 breaks in the 2 years ive been using aneros products. Each time i returned with much better results, The key to this is that i was becoming frustrated and upset in my results, and in turn was not entering a session fully aroused, happy, and loving.  When you are about to have a session, you should feel like you did the first time you used the aneros, Excited, Happy, Aroused (i believe your emotions are particularly important here.).

    I Wish you the best of luck, and hopefully i was helpful.

    Welcome to the forums.
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27

    Hello @HopefulMMOer
    Wow, its nice that you have checked in to see how things are. Well, I have made some more progress in part to a thread started by @mdad titled I found my edge. Here is a copy of my part on his thread:
    Thank you mdad for sharing with such description that I was able to follow you exactly. I was also able to duplicate the backing off and have the dry orgasms "run" on their own for the very first time. I visualize it like getting a top to spin on its own. My journey has been over 4 months now and any bit of progress gives me hope. I have re-read your posts several times and unless I missed it, you have not said that you have had the Super O. Is that true? If you have, I look forward to any other details that have taken you to that point. Thanks again for your generous sharing of details.
    Yesterday, I was able to duplicate this and had several dry o's go for over 100 pulses by themselves just by trying to have a more and more relaxed state. And just when you think you can not relax anymore, I try to relax another notch down. It works.... I find there is also a very very mental part of this. It takes a steady and very calm focus.

    Hope all is well with your journey as well!
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    Hello @Wired

    Thanks for the thoughts... I did make the change to conserve sexual energy soon after starting this journey as per other posts. By doing this, it has changed my whole mindset. Desires have shifted for the good. I will work on the pelvic floor exercises. I am now exercising on a regular basis and eating a lot better. I think all of this is helping both physical and mental health. I don't like most of the porn out there. A lot of the time the guy is being very abusive to women. So I have to look long and hard for somewhat softer views. Like classy women masturbating is better. Lately I tried just using my iphone ear pieces and just listened to the sounds of women being aroused has helped get things going without being a distraction.

    I do have some questions for you. The two breaks that you took... how long were they? Were they a break from Aneros use or a stop of all sex all together? I know what you mean about starting a session fully aroused and excited. This is so important... because when you not, it is just a waist of time. You may think it will help with progress, but nope!

    You have very helpful and confirming of what I have done and what I still need to do. Thank you.