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Aneros Afterglow vs. Sexual Afterglow
  • AneRico
    Posts: 218
    Seems like the common understanding is that the 'afterglow' of an Aneros session leaves you wanting more…and soon.

    I'm wondering, however, if one can create in one's self the sense of afterglow from an Aneros session where you feel more like having been laid and are now sexually satisfied and content.  Also, assume no ejaculation, SuperT, etc.  Just pure prostate pleasure.

    Anyone have experience with this?  Advice?  Specific techniques?

    And please, please, please leave out ejaculation, drugs, and stimulation from a partner in your replies.

    As an added note, I think this is going to be very difficult to achieve without the touching and emotional interaction with an attentive partner.  I think that's a large part of what results in satisfaction/afterglow.  So I realize the disadvantage of trying to get even close to this solo with Aneros.

  • slimjm
    Posts: 497
    Obviously, the afterglow like following sex with your wife where you feel that satisfied, content, released, one-ness with her is one of those God given emotional feelings that can't be easily duplicated in any other manner.  But, having said that, the "afterglow" after a wonderful session filled with intense prostate orgasms that gradually ebb away into a dreamy "calm seas" state can feel mighty relaxing and satisfying during those in between times when she's not interested in sex.  The beauty of it is that there's no refractory and whenever she does interested, you've got all the desire and joy in having traditional ejaculatory sex as ever.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 218
    I'm beginning to find that I can maintain an 'afterglow' if I pay closer attention to my feelings during a session, and then maintain a mindful respect/appreciation for them after the session.

    It's still a work in progress, but I'm getting results.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 372
    Since the afterglow following ejaculation (sorry) is a hormonal product in part, I don't see how one could have that same thing after a aneros session. That being said, the closest I've come is when sharing sexual energy with someone and not ejaculating. Maybe it's the closeness in the latter case that is so satisfying, even if virtual and energetic. The afterglow in the former case is so sweet, but only if shared. Otherwise it's just the little death. I get all kinds of pleasure following a aneros session but as you've noted, it can be temporary if something irritates me. I doubt the exact same experience can happen without the hormones but maybe there's a way to prolong the euphoria following a good session. IMO that would be a mental training thing. Maybe something like mindfulness of oneself in the present moment. Taking the bird's eye view rather than the worms view. Colin Wilson has done a lot of thinking about this and that's where I'm getting it. It can happen when confronted by one's death and then gets a reprieve. Everything seems new like on a holiday. He has exercises for this but I haven't succeeded in actuating them, only occasionally by "accident". This is more about peak experience than afterglow. Taking in everything without any filters, directly, raw. Just free associating from your question. Come to think about it, isn't a super orgasm or even a dry full body orgasm, a classic Maslow peak experience?