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Newbie along for the ride
  • Where to start? Let me start by saying I'm a straight male and no stranger to anal play. I just happened to stumble across Aneros after reading posts about prostrate massages and the pleasure they bring. I visited the site, started reading post, and checking out the massagers. My first thoughts were "does it really work?" After reading many positive posts I decided, I'm in. My next step was to decide which one, so many choices but after days of research I decided on the "VICE". What sold me was flex ability, comfort, size, and vibrator " like an added bonus"

    I ordered and my new toy arrived on the 13th of Jan. and oh was I excited, nervous, and giddy knowing I was in for the ride of my life. I should say the first time out was more like taking a car for a test ride. Cleaned up the backseat, lubed the chaise and slid into my new vice. Tried the vibrator and the many settings, I settled for option two "ramp up". Next thing I know 30 minutes later I'm pounding the junk and the ride was over. Alright good test drive, can't wait until my next run.

    Read some posts where the vice can be used while doing other tasks and building on sensations. Jan15th slid into the driver seat and wore my new vice around the house did some outdoor work. Doing the contractions as suggested. I was getting wonderful feelings and found it hard to concentrate on what I was doing. Decided to go in get myself in the mood and get playing. For me it was a big mistake to wear around the house. I couldn't get in the groove and the sensation wasn't there.
    What a disappointment! Ride was over before it even started, put the vice away and started reading more posts. I was thinking this isn't going to work it's a gimmick. Read about the "journey, relaxation, breathingI". Alright positive spin and it was on again. And yes I'm happy I decided to read a little more.

    Jan. 16th came home and decided to take another ride. I read about not using the vibrator when getting use to the massager, so I decided no vibe. Good choice!
    Got prepped adjusted the mood setting and climbed behind the driver seat once again. Was relaxed, doing contractions, breathing and focused on the sensations I was getting from my vice. I started sitting in my chair then after ten minutes I moved to the floor. Towel under me, laid on my back, put my fists under my buttocks to prevent any penile stimulation, doing all the fore mentioned routine. I realized my lower torso was voluntarily twitching. I squeezed my sphincter tighter and slowly released and when I was about twenty percent released the twitching increased and the sensations went crazy. My whole body would shake uncontrollably then subside and start all over again. I rolled onto my stomach and my pelvis started thrusting into the floor slow then hard, my sphincter clenching and releasing all its own, my buttocks clenching hard on a pelvic thrust. I continued doing this for about forty five minutes. Everything would subside, I would be catching my breath, the sphincter doing its own thing and BAM! I was off and riding again.

    I discovered when the ride starts to just let go. Relax completely, the body and the massager will do the rest. The contractions were happening all their own and again I was in bliss. I found that if I started to focus on what was happening my mind would take over and slow the ride down. Forty five minutes later I couldn't resist and I polished off with a wax job. Afterwards I had the same sensations but without the vice. NICE!!! Went to bed feeling the same way.

    Got up in the morning feeling tingly all over and spent the day at work feeling the same way. I find my self thinking about my next ride and can't wait to get back in the driver's seat once again.

    Not sure exactly what a Super O feels like but maybe I was close.
    Is it the same sensation you get with a regular ejaculation?
    Does the penis get hard like you're going to ejaculate, feel like your ejaculating but nothing comes out?
    If I don't reach the Super O and I'm finished, should I not finish with penile stimulation?

    I can't say what I'm getting is a Super O or not because I've never experienced one but if it's not then I'm in for a blissful ride when I get there.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    @crazyredgreg,  welcome!  The super O may be slightly different for everyone as its simply explained in the wiki as a "different" kind of orgasm which does not involve ejaculation.  So thats open for interpretation.  For me personally a Dry O feels like a traditional O but without ejaculation and often last much longer.  The super O for me tends to be much more pleaureable and usually kinda crazy feeling in a good way, kinda like holy hell what just happened.  For some your penis may get hard then soft and repeat throughout a session.  It may not get hard at all, we are all different.  It might also get so hard it feels like it may explode!  If you feel the need to finish off with a traditional orgasm its best to wait a while after a session so as to not confuse it with prostate stimulation as your brain "rewires" for prostate orgasms.  Hope that helps.
  • @ineverknew, thanks for reading my post and giving me your advice. It's difficult communicating openly my new experience and using an analogy like driving a car "something I love tinkering with" helps me to get past that hurdle. 

    Just as you've said we are all wired all differently and the journey is different for each individual. I hope to reach the "holy hell what just happened to me" level and your answers gave me a better understanding of what I'm looking for. Hopefully the neighbors in the condo next door don't call the police thinking I'm being burglarized when I finally hit my Super O "LOL".

    I read a very good post by "MDAD - I found my edge" which mentions in-voluntaries. I assume the in-voluntaries are the twitching and spasms I mentioned in my earlier post.

    Do I want to control and stop the twitching and body spasms to get closer to the Super O or do I let it happen naturally and let my body do its own thing?

    I welcome any and all comments. It's a journey for us all and there's no better way then to follow the advice of someone who has already been there.
  • Control only your ability to relax and continue to let go! Your body is reacting to the prostate stimulation and you will continue your journey! You appear to have already reached several milestones, (see the wiki on getting started), which are indicators of great progress. From your descriptions, you are in for a great time! Enjoy!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    yes the twitching and spasms probably are the involuntaries.  As you get more experience they will become more rhythmic and steady and longer lasting.  Its ok if in the beginning the seem to start and stop or not last as long.  Once you control your ability to relax as @Theme_Gasm says you will allow them to last longer and longer.  The tendency to clamp down can be strong especially with these new experiences and also your bodies natural reaction thinking an orgasm may be coming soon, its important to learn to constantly make sure you are relaxing as this happens.  As things get better feeling make sure you are also releasing tension in your muscles.  A popular saying from @anerico is to relax, let go and surrender.  Hope that helps.
  • @Theme_Gasm and @ineverknew, thanks for the great advice. You've helped to reinforce my positive attitude by showing me that I'm on the right path. I've taken both your advice and cruised through the wiki last night, ton of information to glean. After reading the list of milestones I feel fortunate to have come so far in a short amount of time.

    It's amazing how the two orgasms are in contrast of one another. During a session In my head I kept thinking I just want this to happen and tried forcing it. Still learning. Once I realized what I was doing, I followed your advice, give in, relax, let go and see where the ride takes you?

    @ineverknew I took your advice not to finish off with a traditional orgasm and the wiki actually states 24 hours. I feel it is making a difference.