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Slight involuntary contractions without Aneros... This is new to me
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    OK, I was doing a spot of kegels and my prostate felt as if it was swollen, like a golf ball. So I decided to hold a half anal contraction and I felt the pulsing that I got last time I had the Helix in, but much more subtle. It also sent a tingle to my toes. I've searched the forum and wiki about this but only seem to find stuff about this happening during masturbation or such like. It's got me pretty exited that I could do this without anything inserted. Any feedback from you guys would be appreciated along the lines of is this a good step towards the goal we all have. Cheers brothers. 
  • Sounds like you had your first aneros less session. Congratulations! I get similar sensations for a while. look up anerosless in the wikis. I think it means your pathways to pleasure in your prostate and perineum area has been established. it's great, isn't it! so you can have these feelings sometimes without riding.
  • @Bunk - That's a very good thing to have happen! As @Euphemistic mentioned, those pathways have been established and you will likely continue to benefit as a result! An occasional ride is still fun, but now you have both options! Enjoy!