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Lotta Bullshit Advice Here Recently
  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    Lately I've been reading some crazy stuff here from guys who seem impatient, are cutting corners, and seem very ill-informed about the whole SuperO process.

    IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE ANEROS WIKI AND CAREFULLY GRASPED THE BASICS you are at risk of buying into some of the less than stellar advice being handed out here.

    And dont take my word for anything either. I've had incredible success. I stuck to the "basics". But if I say something that doesnt "square with" the Wiki, well, then you need more info.

    I'm just pretty frustrated with the crap. Rant over.
  • BigGlansDC
    Posts: 629
    The Aneros Learning Center Instructions are also very helpful for good Aneros advice.
  • gregor
    Posts: 11
    I'm curious, AneRico, what suggestions in particular do you think are bogus? Obviously anything having to do with manual manipulation of the device is a piss-poor suggestion, but usually that sort of thing gets shouted down immediately.  
  • BigGlansDC
    Posts: 629
    Hi @AneRico,

    I appreciate your concern about "lotta bullshit advice" being presented on our forum on how to achieve a Super-O.

    Could you please give us some examples of this poor advice?
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 161
    @Anerico, I too would like to hear about this ill advice that you claim is being circulated. This post is kinda pointless without that vital bit.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 161
    Ah, ok everyone I believe @Anerico is referring to my advice to the new member that got stuck in this thread.:

    Yes the techniques by which I gain my success are very unusual, however i did admit that fact when i gave the advice out, as well i "did" find success from them. Sexual tantra has worked wonders for people across the globe as it has also worked for me, i know it sounds new-agey but it worked for me.

    As well most people globally suffer from pelvic floor related problems due to sitting most of the day, whether it be at school or work and the massage that i provided in the link is supposed to alleviate that.

    I admit that my "twilight" technique is an acquired skill as well as the orgasmic circulation trick, however I was just shooting at him the methods that worked for me in the vague attempt that he'd find success where I found it. That is the beauty of a forum, you can get the unusual advice from oddball people like me while getting more varied and/or normal advice from others, the more the merrier.

    If someone that was just like me came along and every member was
    repeating the same thing off
    the wiki, then that person would not find
    success. Varied experiences are key imo because everyone is different..

    Believe it or not the usual breathing techniques do absolutely squat for me in any area of my life (besides for sleeping) and I’ve never understood how it works for people. As well I could never for the life of me figure out how to whistle despite countless attempts by many people to try and teach me, but one day i tried whistling with inward inhalation instead of the normal outer exhalation and guess what? wa-la! how many people do you know whistle while "inhaling" ;)) .

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,254

    I had to chuckle a bit over your little rant. I've been a member of this Forum for more than 6 1/2 years now and have read nearly every thread that has been posted in that time as well as many of the threads which were written in the years prior to my joining. There have been many strange and unusual techniques proposed by individual users over those years. I have tried many of those techniques and some of them were scary enough that I wouldn't ever try them. Many techniques did not prove particularly helpful for ME but did seem to help others so I am reluctant to label them as "bullshit".

    I think it is important to understand that men come to this site with differing agendas, some strictly for the health aspects, some to have enhanced traditional orgasms, some are just curious, others are looking for the elusive Super-O, etc. Most arrive with preconceived notions about how they are going to achieve their goals, many arrive with erroneous notions as well.

    FYI, High Island Health LLC is the parent company & manufacturer of the Aneros ® brand of prostate massagers. When they got such positive feedback from the use of these massagers as pleasure generating devices the Aneros lineup was born. They made a very wise decision to create a user forum for men to share their ideas and techniques for usage. Over a few years time some trends for effective techniques emerged. 'B Mayfield' (arguably our most articulate veteran) spent considerable time and energy consolidating this information/experience in his postings which eventually became the basis for the Aneros WIKI. The Aneros WIKI owes its existence to the wisdom of the HIH ownership, 'B Mayfield's insightful articulation and 'darwin's adventurous experimentation. It is a unique resource for men who wish to have the Super-O experience, however, it is not an all inclusive information omnibus.

    In order to make the WIKI as factual, accurate and practical as possible references to esoteric sexual training techniques were minimized. The thinking behind this was to ensure readers did not see the WIKI as some new-age "mumbo-jumbo", cult teaching or rigid rule book of practice. There is a great deal of ineffable knowledge associated with the sensual/sexual aspects of Aneros use. There are also numerous paradoxes users encounter during their learning journey. There are suggested techniques which seem polar opposites of each other yet have proven to be successful for different groups of men. I was fortunate to be invited to be a contributor to the WIKI and would like to see some of these other aspects incorporated but recognize this can create more chaos than understanding.

    I share your frustration with those men who are too impatient and ill-informed, that's why I attempt to get every new member my introductory conversation so they can more easily find their way. I am pleased you understand the Aneros WIKI is about providing the "BASICS" of the Aneros experience. It is the launching pad for the ride of a lifetime but it is not the totality of the learning. This Forum provides a unique opportunity for men to share their experience, knowledge and intuition. I want to provide usable information to those men who have embarked upon the Aneros journey for whatever reason because I think it will enrich their lives in ways they can not yet imagine. I've learned enough to realize that even "bullshit" can have some value as a soil conditioner and fertilizer. If we are going to grow a good crop of orgasms perhaps we can put up with a little "bullshit" in the fields of our imagination.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • My path on the journey is sure as hell different, stemming from having learned super-T's almost 50 years ago, being led to MMO by ED and lack of fluids to ejaculate, and having a couple of work separations from my wife that gave me a reason and opportunity to rewire my sensuality to allow nipple orgasms and even ejaculate by jacking off a finger. I only recognized my gift at the end of November, looked up MMO on the web and found the Aneros site.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 849
    I think part of @AneRico,'s point is that we should, as a group, be careful what information we are giving to newbies. I know when I started 2 years ago I was overwhelmed with information and techniques. When starting out it might be more important to encourage the basics, then if thats not working after some time then lay on the other methods members have found that work for them.  Obviously there is no right or wrong way to do this as many have found alternative ways to the Super O, but in the beginning I agree with encouraging the tried and true methods set forth by the pioneers in this field who @rumel listed.    Or am I wrong?  Just my two cents.
  • BigGlansDC
    Posts: 629
    I have been on my Aneros journey for eighteen plus months now. When I began using Helix Syn for the first time in early June 2012, I was very excited. Yet, it took several weeks to begin experiencing pleasure from Aneros. I didn't really begin to develop any facility with my Aneros tools until early 2013. My journey has been gradual since then. I haven't experienced any Super-O's yet, but for a long time, all I desire is pleasure and fun in all my sessions. In large measure, I have been successful.

    From the beginning I have found the Aneros Wiki and the Learning Center Instructions very helpful.

    Early on in my Aneros journey, I recognized that my journey is an inner journey and that every man's journey is unique. Hence I have been cautious in giving Aneros advice as "divine" truth.

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 161
    @ineverknew I agree 1000% You are right. For now I will always give the basic advice from the wiki along with an offer to private message the more advanced/unusual techniques if those don't work out. That way newbies don't feel lost in a maze of techniques and ideals, very good insight on your part. ;))
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,603
    Outstanding @Trei !!

    I think it important to recognize and remember that each man's sessions and each man's journey are highly individualized.  Particularly once he is well rewired and when he is more than a few months into his journey

    I, for one am very hesitant to provide, from my own memory, specific step-by-step suggestions to any man because I have internalized most of what I think and what I do during a session.

    To draw an analogy from road racing, I can no longer recount in detail how used to co-ordinate my hands, feet and neck muscles during a downshift in a turn.... I just did.  I picked the line and told my brain to follow it... but to not spin out.   After that my responses were expressions of my prior experiences.   My autonomic system did most of the work, just as it now does during an Aneros session.

    It's no different for a place kicker, baseball pitcher, or a football quarterback.  Each puts the ball in the air to the right place but never thinks of how individual muscles are moved.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 161
    Great way of putting it. You're so good at it that it comes automatically for you, therefore you can't explain it, and that's where referral back to the wiki would come in handy when informing others,  i see.

    It's amazing what the body can do, so many processes go into kicking a football yet it's done so easily by pros. I enjoy watching the slow motion tennis clips where they point out the little things that go into an initial swing.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353
    I agree with the general consensus about the type of information to communicate and the difficulty in giving step by step instructions for something that is very much based on personal openness, intuition, senses, and trial. I think the forum members do a pretty good job.

    However, I also have learned so much from the members here on topics that at first seemed to me to be really "Out There". I am expanding my acceptance and understanding, learning that some of those "Out There" topics are a lot more mainstream than I first knew. This is one of the reasons I keep coming back to the forum. Last night on chat, @Artform led us in a little exercise on energy that may have seemed to some to be on the edge, but generated enough interest for me to begin studying.

    @Trei - I would like to commend you on being so gracious in your acceptance of comments. You are a good example of what keeps this forum growing and collectively learning.

    This is a very special place.

  • newguy8
    Posts: 102
  • AneRico
    Posts: 212

    Please accept that sometimes I'm just a cranky old motherfuccker who has the occasional outburst when I get frustrated.

    Hell, I'd kill my original post but the subsequent discussion has been valuable.

    I have nothing further to add. Feel free to continue to post here, though.
  • BigGlansDC
    Posts: 629
    Hi @AneRico,

    It is good for one to have a reality check from time to time, especially those of us on the Aneros journey.

    Thank you for providing us that reality check, @AneRico.

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 161
    @Xileh Thanks! I realize that there is a "reason" behind everything, therefore I analyse before I bite.

    @AneRico No Anerico, you've bought a serious hindrance to the forefront that could have caused a deconstruction of the forums order (& credibility), though it may have not been delivered in the best of ways.

    It is important that we keep this order so that the forums continue to be a solid and reliable place for information to all, and the development of new users. I really commend @rumel for pm'ing new users a primer on aneros use but i think many, like me, ignore the mailbox at first and just focus on the chat/forum.

    I think there perhaps should be be a hidden/out of site subsection for us mystics though.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 569

    It is good for one to have a reality check from time to time...
    You got a reality check? My last one bounced!