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If Every Man Had an Aneros...
  • Having been a part of a nice conversation tonight, I just sat back and became contemplative. This journey we're all on, whether we share it here and only here with the brotherhood, or with someone in our physical lives, it's fascinating, inspiring, and just awesome.

    I'm a Christian, and was resistant at first to all this for that reason. You know what though, I'm a sinner, and never was nuts about being a cafeteria Catholic. Not to say I just throw caution to the wind and sin here, love there... However as a Christian I've already had the debt paid for, so to speak. My point of this is, like I said in the chat, just LOOK what our bodies are CAPABLE of?! Whether it's God created or not, why deny ourselves of the potential?

    Wanna know who my greatest enemy is? Yep, me. Good chance you can relate too. A lot of you are fathers, I'm just an Uncle a bunch of times over. One thing I don't want to see, is them beat themselves up the way I can, and thankfully I'm learning. And this is helping.

    I'm also a political \ news junkie on the net, TV, paper, with family and friends, etc. Left or right or nothing are you? Good chance you've still seen the absolute vulgar bullshit (yes, irony) that this country has become. Do I have solutions? As a libertarian conservative, sure I do! You a progressive? Geeze, I bet you could just fix everything all up nice N puuuurty too just like me! Either way, the millions the media and shitster politicians and talking heads are making on our frustrations, anger, and fear is sickening to say the least.

    Fear. Boy how DC traffics in it. Both sides. Both parties. All sides, all parties. They. All. Suck. Very few GOPers I support. Very few Dems I can respect. Obama? Please. Bush? Bleh! Just go look at the flame wars on political sites. MSDNC! Fixed News! The Clinton News Network! Yep, they're all a big help in calming things down right?

    Well I'm talking a lot it seems. So continue on this stream of conscious. Agree. Critique. Ignore. These words will not last anywhere near forever. Same for you and I. In the end, what I'm trying to say is, what if every guy had an aneros? Yes, I know, kinda ewwww... I don't want to know my Dad uses. Brothers, nephews, uncles, grand pa's, priests, rabbi's, Walmart checker outers, Vulcans, etc. Good chance though they've all banged at least once in their lives. And like sex and your parents, the less we know about those individuals using an aneros the better. BUT, if they did use, how different would things be? (Advice, buy lube stocks, LOTS!)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    hey im a libertarian conservative too! lol  Dont beat yourself up too much, the world is one big shit storm right now but hopefully in the future we will figure it out.  As for aneros use, i dont really think we want everyone using them, and my reason is this.  There are already too many unproductive people in our country as it is, you give them aneros use and that will compound the problem lol, we will have millions sitting home getting to O city and not working!
  • Well, I live here in DC within the Beltway and live near the epicenter of politics. I have seen ugliness firsthand in political and religious debates in recent years.

    The beautiful thing about the Aneros is that it transcends political, ethnic, religious, and national divides. Men everywhere are getting in touch with their bodies and even souls through the Aneros.

    Experienced Aneros users everywhere are experiencing greater happiness, contentment, and bliss ... I have found my Aneros journey to be so affirming and healing. ;)
  • If every man had an Aneros, I don't see crime becoming a problem. Hell, the only reason we masturbate is to get rid of some energy. It's a basic thing that all males understand. Of course there are rules ^^
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    Great Profile pic. I like to see those walls of oppression and shame and guilt slowly fall down. With Aneros the real you can present its self and I hope your ready for the change. I think every guy needs a aneros device. it will probably stop these wars, fights and disputes were all having. It also brings people together. I have chatted with men here from the Netherlands, to New York to Denmark and we all are here for the same thing. To reach a orgasm in its most rarest form. From the inside. 

    I always here that riding with friends or family could be weird but why. I have rode with my dad and as two men were both just trying to achieve the same thing. I erotic beautiful orgasm. I commend you for this post.
  • ineverknew - Haha, so there is another one, I knew it! And you said it perfectly, lets try to avoid making it easier not to work and not pay taxes (which of course doesn't include those that are truthfully hard up or in a condition where they cannot... We do have hearts!) by having FBO's and such!

    BigGlans - I can only pray that your last paragraph especially comes true for myself and everyone who goes down this journey!

    Wandering - I thought the same thing too, why go out and cause trouble, risk getting IN trouble, when you could be riding?!

    BigOluver - I say this a lot, but you said it BigO! Who knows what could change with wars and dispute, as I think this journey transcends the physical. As for riding with family, hey, if it works for you or any man out there then more power. I imagine it would help with closeness.

    But because it is personal, centers on the subject of O's and what not, sexual by nature, and even the hygiene aspect of this (I have one friend who calls me Howard Hughes because I wash my hands before and after a meal, so I'd REALLY be worried about his lack of pre and post sessions!) it's like picturing your folks banging, or hell, anyone you wouldn't want to see doing it doing it!:} But thank you for the kind words.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    If every man had an Aneros:

    - Wars would become extinct. Men would rather O than fight. Instead of shipping arms, governments would ship Helix's. The defense machine would grind to a halt and the economy would collapse.
    - Young men would stop playing computer games, they'd rather O. The information economy would collapse.
    - An Aneros is easier to figure out than a woman. Aneros O's are very good. Men would stop chasing women. The fashion economy would collapse.
    - A nice car is no longer desired by men to attract women. Aneros O's are more fun. The world-wide automotive driven culture would be shaken to its core and the oil-driven economy would collapse.
    - Committing a crime takes too much time away from Aneros sessions. Men stop committing crimes in pursuit of better orgasms. The entire legal profession stops in its tracks and the economy collapses.

    Everything male is orgasmic bliss until extreme shortages of Acetate plastic and medical-grade silicon develop. Cartels are formed and...


  • I'm not sure if you're an optimist or pessimist, but one thing is clear, you're pretty much saying it'd collapse society as we know it?:}
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392

    I'm not sure if you're an optimist or pessimist, but one thing is clear, you're pretty much saying it'd collapse society as we know it?:}

    I'm a hopeless, optimist. :)

    I'm sure my life would have been different if I had discovered Aneros when I was in my teens.  How about you?

  • That's funny, xileh. I've been thinking along those lines too. here's my take:

    men would discover a new world of bliss.

    men would learn to understand and appreciate their bodies.

    women would be grateful.

    there would be more"wanted" babies as they got control of their sexuality.

    families would be stronger, more loving, more sexual.

    men would be less"productive" until they had explored themselves.

    then they would find new ways to be productive, more meaningful ways.

    straight men would be more understanding of gay and bisexual men, and some would be curious.

    boys would grow up knowing about their bodies and learn not to be as competitive and aggressive.

    gay men would be completely accepted.

    new industries and culture would develop organically as the men understood what they really value and make it real.

    the arts would flouris and be valued.

    like the middle ages when troubadours brought the joys of romantic love to people who were under the yoke of religion and social obligations, a new kind of love would revolutionize the culture.

    until then, the lizard brained elite would fight this trend as they see their profits and wars go away.

    some of the elite would come over to our side and use their power to promote the new men.

    many elite would fight back. they live off our fears and lusts that comes from the ancient lizard brain. they know how to manipulate us.

    some of us would revert to the security of the old fears and lusts.

    most would not.

    babies are children would be better cared for and understood.

    intuitive men would flourish and become more adept. they would be better understood and accepted.

    new psychic abilities would emerge.

    society would split into the new men and the old men. the new men would not be afraid of the old men but the old men would keep their distance and continue the old ways.

    women would be inclined to favor the new men so they're offspring would increase.

    the elite would use every dirty trick to stop the new men. I'd rather not think about what.

    the new people would live more in the present and their lives would be enriched.

    there would be less need for medication especially psychiatric, as people became more grounded.

    some religions would fight this trend because of the sexual freedom. others would be enriched.

    gay men would be more loving and less risk-taking. long-lasting multiple relationships would develop. same with the non-gay folks.

    connections to others would be the most important thing as men reestablish connections to their real selves.
  • @euphemistic...Wow...What a world this would be if what you described were to come to pass! Imagine the possibilities!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @euphemistic - perhaps there would cease to be straight and gay men, and be just men.

  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    You als world sound hot. No wars, no arguing, Just sex, orgasming and money to buy more toys.
  • @euphemistic - One can dream really... And crazy that it'd be this little what, device, that could do all that.

    @BigOluver - And imagine the toys that could develop from a world like euph's!?!? I'm still waiting for holograms or robots though... Friggin singularity, I mean seriously, how long does it need to take?!:}