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Feel stuck...
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 193
    I know this may be negative.... But I'm feeling stuck, or like in wasting my time... Considering getting a diff/new model to see what that wud do, but not sure. Sigh.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    @newguy8, no worries it happens to all of us at some point.  Now would be a good time to try some new things, positions, lube, techniques.  
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 193
    Positions, n techniques please.

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    If you can maintain a half-asleep/half-awake state then I recommend trying your aneros in that phase with the full intent to have sensations or a powerful orgasm while doing nothing but taking in the micro sensations of the aneros. Keep in mind that you have to literally be able to see the dream world or sounds from it while also maintaining consciousness of the current world.

    I personally call this a "twilight session" (because it sounds dreamy ;)) ) and have gained astounding results from it, though I’m currently the only one that I know of that it worked for.

    As well, others have recommended calling upon the assistance of miss Mary Jane, if you're a responsible person that is and in legal standing. There is also a certain tea that a member recommended.

    Another thing that can work which have worked greatly for me are sexual tantra techniques, the technique that I like to use is to move my cupped hands slowly up and down from my head to groin area while my hands are slightly elevated away from my body, but before I do this I move my elevated hands up and down (uncoupled) over my chest as if I’m weighing my breasts in a reverberating measuring scale motion until I can feel weight/(energy?) in them.

    I then lather this mysterious substance over the head to groin area with my hands shaped together with each finger going into each indent of the other hand like a woven basket using the aforementioned technique while imagining my insides and prostate being touched by it. I use a pushing down/(then when at the bottom) pulling up motion.

    It was taught to me by @chuckjo2000 and it really helped to awaken my prostate.

    Another thing that I love to do is to finger and feel around my sphincters but what i do is very similar to this exercise which you should give a try.:

    Well I did my best, GL!

  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 193
    Dang trei... sounds interesting.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Thanks! I would have loved to elaborate further but I’m far too occupied at the moment. Just never give up as I was ready to label the aneros as unusable and a scam until I ran into chuckjo in the chatroom.

    Since then, after 4 months of use with my Progasm ICE, i've experienced P~waves, mysterious wonderul sensations, what i believe to have been the onset of a super-O, and just yesterday for the first time i hit a well of powerful prostate orgasms during a twilight session that left me yelling.

    The only thing I’ve yet to experience are rapid involuntary's, dry penile orgasms, and the super-O. :)

    P.S.: When i first started aneros i felt completely "nothing"! Not even the aneros was felt by me even though it was a big piece of plastic inside of me, i knew that something was off about not feeling an entire huge object inserted directly into me and so that fuelled my tenacity to continue.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Another thing that's worked for me is jacking off and mentally transferring the sensations/orgasmic feeling back around into the anal region or all over the body in random areas which for me takes a ton of will power but got easier as i progressed. Afterwards, while i walked around i would focus on my anal region 24/7 and try to conjer that feeling there, it is called a less session to focus on the anal without a massager.

    My p-gasms where had "without" the aneros in ironically as i'd awakened in the middle of sleeping and decided to focus on my anus as i fell back to sleep, little did i know that i had lith the fuse on a keg of TNT!
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 193
    AneRico said:


    The wiki is full of great advice, including a wealth of techniques proven to be effective.

    Aneros requires a ton of patience. Your frustration is understandable, but the process cannot be forced or hurried. in fact the opposite is true; the more you let go the quicker you progress.

    Buying new devices likely will be a waste of time and money for you at your stage of development.

    I realize Trei means well, but damn. He threw a ton of stuff at you that I find wrong-headed. Dig into the Wiki. Trust THAT info first. Good luck.

    I mean I lay there, legs bent, on my back w/ a pillow under me. Breathing n concentrating, doing nip stim... Once I do start feeling something, I tend to contract fully n it all stops...
  • Trei, I'm exploring the sexual tantric techniques too and agree they're wonderful. I've learned that they're not for newbies though. I'm guilty of putting them out there as a possibility for exploration but most guys either can't experience them, don't want to, don't need to. They need a good basic approach like in the wikis.

    That being said, a lot of the advice I hear being given about how to access the dry orgasms doesn't work for me which I know because I've tried t huh em. We're all different and some are more different than others. What works for me is the tantric techniques, waking up to the aneros orgasms, emotional release and the breathing exercises. There should be somewhere for us odd guys to get this information and trade methods.

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I agree euph, I just don't want to disenfranchise anyone but you're right. I guess we'll just have to stick to other sites or the chat for arcane techniques. I mean, i once saw a qi-gong master get beat down badly by a UFC fighter in a match, which exposed the master as a fraud.

    But trying these techniques for myself i can feel something there. Though I can' levitate things or launch fireballs I can still feel something, whether its an illusion of the nervous system or not i don't know.

    As well i've had astral projection, sleep paralysis and out of body experiences without ever wanting them and it was completely unintentional infact i didn't want those things to happen as i found them to be evil (since I was young and dumb), it's so frustrating trying to explain it to those who don't beleive..

    Well I’m rambling again when i should be working, and this is off topic anyways. Send me a PM if you want to discuss further perhaps.
  • Trei, you've got mail.