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Am I unable to have the Super-O?
  • toolboxtoolbox
    Posts: 15
    Hello Community,

    a few years ago I sometimes experimentated
    with two very bad prostate vibrators (Roxxx Off Cheeky Boy and one other without name) with very
    low success. The only thing I noticed was, that the penile Orgasm was more
    intense, but I hadn't a real image of what
    feelings the prostate is causing. However, the issue of sexual satisfaction through prostate-stimulation was still interesting for me.

    Few weeks ago I
    decided to go in a second attempt in the issue of prostate-stimulation
    and read a lot of articles and "How To's" about it. I bought two toys.
    The Aneros Helix Classic and the Nexus Glide. I tested them three times
    till now and unfortunately I still have the feeling, that something is
    I had time, I made some breathing and contraction techniques like
    it's described in many "How To's", but it doesn't happend very much.
    concentration and the right contractions I got very aroused, but this
    was not the toy, which brought me near of the PONR, it was my mind. Not Until I were near to the PONR
    my rectal area was buldging. Moving the toy by hand now caused
    pleasant feelings. I took out the toy and used my thumb to stimulate the
    rectal area, because I had better control over it and I wanted to
    locate the prostate. I never had the feeling, that the toy tabbed the
    prostate with one of my four toys! It's very hard to find it and I'm
    not sure if I did. However, the result was just a very intense penile
    Orgasm and not the P-Orgasm, all people are dreaming of ;) Any arousement I get, ends in a penile Orgasm (How to stop that?).

    I'm at a frustating point now because I made experience with several toys
    and I'm not a total beginner anymore, but it feels if I would be. I'm not sure, where the
    mistake is:
    - Is it my body composition (prostate not to reach)?
    - Is it the wrong technique?
    - Is it the wrong toy?
    - Is it too less patience?
    - Is it all?
    - Am I even able to have these kind of orgasm?

    read this very good milestones-list and I have to admit, that I weren't
    coming over point six and I'm not sure, if I located my prostate
    If the Nexus Glide or the Helix is inserted, I don't feel
    much in the inside of my body. Even the pressure of my hand is strong
    enough to cause feelings in this area at all. So I'm thinking about a
    bigger toy, for example the Nexus Excel or the Aneros Progasm. But I
    don't want to spend so much many to that tools, if you understand, there
    all also other things in live ;)

    I hope you can help me with tips, advice, suggestions for the toys or whatever.

    many greetz
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    how many sessions have you had?  Do you realize this journey can take months to years for some to get pleasure from their prostate?  Its not an instantaneous kind of thing.  Patience and frustration can stop the pleasure also.  Its also normal for some to not be able to "feel" your prostate in the beginning.  I would suggest picking one toy and sticking with it for a while and read up on this forum for some pointers.
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    @ineverknew is absolutely correct.  I spent decades stimulating my prostate with vibrators, prostate massagers, and e-stim.  The goal was always a more powerful penile orgasm.  Yes, some folks have immediate success with massive multiple prostate orgasms with their Aneros.  More often than not, it takes time and practice.  Some of the folks here have been working for years.  Others get frustrated and quit.  
    Imagine you start a journey and you come to a fork in the road.  You take the right fork (penile orgasms) and for the next 10, 20, or 30+ plus years you stay on that road toward the best penile orgasm possible.  You become very savvy at your technique, what arouses you, and how to maximize this event in your life.
    Now you have your first Aneros device.  I hate to say it, but much of what that previous road taught you and all those years of experience may work against you.  You are starting over back at that initial fork in the road (prostate orgasm).  You have to learn an entirely new journey and it is a wonderful one if you give it the time and attention that it requires.  You may have to let go or unlearn some bad habits as well.
    Everyone is different.  If I could go back and create a lesson plan for myself based on the last six months, I would lay it out like this:

    Sessions 1-30: Aneros inserted isolation exercises.  Focus on deep stomach breathing and learning to recognize sensations.   You will be amazed by how agile your internal structure is as you develop control over these muscles in different intensities and combinations.  Sure, you can give a mega-pull (squeeze) and hold it but there are soooo many wonderful sensations at the low effort end.  You will learn to differentiate your PC muscles from your external rectum muscles and all the different sensations with each.  Don't have any expectations.  When you start a session, ask your Aneros what it might decide to teach you today.  When you are not in a session, keep practicing these muscles with kegels.  Experiment with different positions.  Do not touch your penis.  Do not masterbate if you can help it and if you do, do it completely outside an Aneros session.  Watch porn if that gets you aroused but then put it aside and make the Aneros your total focus.

    Sessions 31-60: Aneros inserted relaxation exercises.  Deep stomach breathing is now second nature.  You have strengthened your PC muscles a great deal.  Now it is time to stop thinking.  No more porn during sessions.  Just erotica or hypno-aneros relaxation audio.  Isolate other distractions.  Further decrease your expectations.  Practice holding extremely light contractions while breathing.  Clear your mind.  If it is light outside and it is distracting, wear an eye mask.  Focus on all the sensations your body creates.  Don't make them happen, *let* them happen.  Feel the pins and needles in your hands and feet spread up your legs and across your chest.  Become conscious of your heart beating.  You will eventually feel it throughout your the Aneros, your penis, your prostate, your chest, your feet, and your fingertips.  As your heart beats in your rectum, visualize the Aneros moving to your heart beat.  Avoid touching your penis.  During some sessions you will start to feel your penis fall asleep.  It will feel like it is draped in cobwebs.  If it helps, imagine you don't even have a penis.  That the only pleasure you allow yourself is through your rectum.    

    Session 61-90: Aneros inserted.  You recognize when porn, erotica, and hypno sessions help and when they distract you.  You might watch porn on your iPad for the first 20 minutes of your session and once you feel a tingle, you can put it aside to focus.  Try all the positions again without expectations.  Check out the pros and cons of each.  As you quiet your mind and focus on deep breathing, you might feel like you are floating on an ocean and each little movement of the Aneros pushes you in different ways.  It will truly feel like you are moving.  Like the Aneros is somehow connected to your inner ear.  You are utterly relaxed.  You aren't worried about when you have to leave for work or when your wife gets home.  You and your sensations are the center of the universe.  You are a master of maneuvering the Aneros now.  You can focus in on the pleasure you receive and cause it to move and spread.  At this point, Yoda said it best, "Through the <Aneros>, things you will see.  Other places.  The future...the past.  Old friends long gone."

    At this point, even if you haven't had an Super-O you will recognize how much pleasure you can receive if you allow the Aneros to teach you and you will realize that you aren't the same person that started the journey 90 sessions ago.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    Beegee6,  that was nice.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I agree with @ineverknew, @beegee6, and @darwin.

    @beegee6, you stated quite succintly some of the essential elements of this unique journey each of us is travelling. Thanks for re-affirming to the many newbies the thought paradigm shift needed for this journey to progress.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @beegee6, yes very good write up and explanation!
  • @beegee6 --- Awesome way to coach a new user! Excellent description of the experiences!
  • @beegee6 You quoted Yoda, as a fellow SW fan and newbie to the journey, I approve and find your descriptions of the stages very useful.
  • toolboxtoolbox
    Posts: 15
    Thank you very much for the long answer. One achievement I made in the past is that I'm able to cause an orgasm without touching my penis any time! This orgasms are also more intense as orgasms caused by penetration. I think not many people can do this and that shows myself that I'm quite sensitive for sexual feelings... and I think I reached the highest level of penile orgasm. That's the reason, why I'm interestet in prostate-massage ;)

    The problem (maybe caused by the the time we live in) is that I lost the
    ability of getting aroused just through my mind. I'm accustomed to pics
    or videos. My mind is not strong enough to bring me on the same level
    of arousement like it is when I'm watching good porn...
    That's a big problem I think. Probably I'd have to train my creativity and my patience because both has been lost to all that visual stimulation stuff...That's so much work :(
  • @beegee6 - the fork in the road is a clincher - I know there are layers
    and interconnections, but let's go to the heart of that paradigm shift
    as your fork implies.

    @toolbox - penis equals ejaculation, prostate equals orgasm

    ejaculation is finite, orgasm is infinite

    your prostate is not interested in porn, it is interested in you becoming aware of it, follow the other path as beegee6 suggests, he lays it out brilliantly and insightfully.
  • @toolbox

    The suggestions above by @beegee6 couldn't be better stated! Most of us felt at one time that it was very difficult, if not impossible, to learn to have a prostate orgasm...however, we surrendered to our bodies and to the ability of our minds elasticity, to re-learn and to adapt to a new reality...that we can have prostate orgasms!!! It will take some time, but the techniques described above are excellent...if you are patient, and persistent! Don't give in to frustration, but accept that you are learning a new way to do something you've done only one way for many years, and don't put so much pressure on yourself! It will happen!