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To all gay members......
  • The other night when i was havin all those orgasms, was thinkin it'd feel gr8 for a top as well. The anus clampin down, the spasms inside.
    So, question is.... hav u ever had sum1 inside u while having orgasms/super-o's. How did it feel for him and u. OR were u ever inside sum1 else as they O'd? How did it feel?
  • As I remember irishedger, on the aneros wiki page it says, in so many words, that if it were as simple as having something up there then all we would need would be a dildo or penis, but its more complicated of course... But like you, I absolutely thought the same thing when I was exploring this.

    Like, is what the gays (non political correct irony intended!) get to feel!?!?!? Boy did I hitch my wagon to the wrong train! But as I've learned, through A training and what not, at one point you should be able to have an A-Less FBO \ MMO's \ SO, so I would assume you could experience those things while sexual with another man... And I imagine it would be a very intimate thing.

    I would also imagine you could share that with your female SO as well, if she would wear a dildo \ use her fingers \ tongue, etc. Or, if you're like me, you're a fan of shemales and could have the best of all worlds! (Don't know if that's the PC term but no disrespect intended!)
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @HopefulMMOer "Shemale" is typically seen as a derogative and offensive term, it's the equivalent of reffering to all females as sluts and hoes. They prefer just to be reffered to as transexuals..any word that they use in porno such as tranny is usually offensive. I guess they see it as your looking at them as a sexual object instead of a human being and only interested in sex.
  • Trei - Yeah, I mean I don't know any personally and just never understood which term is the correct... On the porn sites I've seen them labeled all kinds of different terms... And I'm confused by transvestite, cross dresser, and drag queen as well.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Yes, most cross-dresser do it purely for sexual reasons and would love you to call them a slut as it turns them on, however a cross-dresser is a transvestite (guy who wears girl clothes) and a transsexual is a person who believes that they where born in the incorrect body so they artificially change their sex.

    The topic of gender/sex/orientation can get "very" complex as you can see from this yahoo answer (second answer)
  • Yeah, honestly, only literally now, within the context of this discussion, am I more aware of CD's. And as far as that and all the answers go, yep, complex is one way to put it! And unfortunately in today's world, it will only get worse, not better...

    The politically correct crowd have a vested interested in making this into an issue or a new victim class. That isn't to say there aren't victims in every class, gender, race, religion, insulted and exploited by other members of various ethnic, sexual, gender, race, religious groups, etc. But like Big Oil and Big Pharma, Big Guilt makes many hucksters and snake oil sales individuals many many millions of dollars. To me it's like any other wedge issue, distract and obfuscate while I stuff my pockets and empty yours.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246

    Yes you are right, people need to stop being so damned sensitive i mean it's one thing if the person was directly trying to offend but it's another when the person simply didn't know any better, i too used to call all transsexuals shemales before i learned that it was offensive. I wouldn't sweat the small details too much..
  • @HopefulMMOer u misunderstand the question. If my penis was in a man having super o's, would i feel his rectum clamp and move. Obv id feel, the anus clamp. Can feel that when a guy cums when ur inside.
  • IrishEdger, know what you mean about being f••ked and f••king a man. Maybe it depends on how developed his pelvic floor muscles are. I exercise mine regularly.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @IrishEdger Yes. I'd imagine that you'd feel alot of sensation from the other persons ass as it quivers and contracts while fucking it, also i've seen many videos of people orgasming without touching thier penis just from being pounded in the ass. Super-O's seem to be a rare commodity so i doubt many can have those while being pounded unless they learned it from the aneros first.
  • i kinda knew this would go nowhere cos o's are a personal ting. Just hoped a couple might enjoy 1 gettin super-o's while the other enjoys the feelin' of a contractin ass.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    there has been some discussion of this in the past.   it seems that gay men who get receptive penetration rarely have dry orgasms.  i have the impression that usually it feels very good and then they ejaculate.

    some gay men here i recall reporting having anal orgasms, but only a few.

    on the other hand, it seems inevitable that men who have learned MMO from the aneros would surely have super-Os from fucking, though i don't recall many reporting that here.

    and if they do, i can't see how that wouldn't feel intense to the cock and the person who owns it.   

    in fact, that is a pretty big part of my aneros and aneros-less fantasy life, how good my orgasms feel to the guy whose cock is doing me (if i am having a homo-erotic fantasy)


  • Trei - Yep, perfectly said... The professional grievance industry is really getting it's pound of flesh.

    irishedger - Ah, I imagine him having a super O while you're inside, and clamping down tighter would be good times for all. I can only imagine the closeness two gay guys would feel while riding \ involving it in their love making \ play time, etc... Which is why I have my tranny with a working prostate and me riding fantasy. (Or riding with a beautiful while she's using the EVI, which pretty much guarantees anal I suppose if she's okay with it.)

    darwin - Yeah, I've read about anal orgasms too and wonder what they're like compared with others.