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Heart beats hard a few times while relaxing..again..
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Hey guys..
    @wildturkeys thread on panic attacks got me thinking and searching online.
    I found that panic/anxiety attacks do the same to the heart beats that what I feel. I sure hope this is whats happening to me as well.

    A little bacground on me first:
    In good physical shape, mid thirties, no record of heart trouble before aneros.

    Been using Aneros actively for a year soon. Have had some really precious experiences with it and I get Super Os on a regular basis now.


    In the last thread about this I (with the help of others on the forum) concluded that the irregular heart beats might be my resting pulse dropping so low that my heart would kickstart itself.

    Now I'm not so sure. It might be panic attacks.. but I'm not anxious or in panic over anything while resting. It usually happens when I'm resting. Watching TV or working on the computer.

    After two days of great and long Aneros sessions it's really acting up now. I've had the heart beat hard and fast 2-4 beats five times the last hour. I'm only sitting on the couch reading on the forum.

    You know when the aneros session suddenly speeds up your heart beat for a while? making it beat faster and harder before you superO?
    What I get is like that.. but no good feelings. It's only the heart and only lasts 2-4 beats.

    Are they in fact panic attacks?
    Could this be something like the andrenalin control getting out of balance by the aneros sessions?
    I really think the prostate gland might be connected to the system pumping out adrenaline.

    Either that or the sessions may be creating some disturbance in electrolyte or endocrine balance, maybe even creating metabolic abnormalities?

    Does anyone else relate or have the same symptoms?
    I really need input on this.. and I need to know if its dangerous.

    I really don't want to go to the Doc explaining what I've been doing and how it relates to my heart beat irregularities.
    It settles down when I take a few day breaks from the sessions - so I know deep inside that there is a connection.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Whether you feel stressed or not panic attacks can happen.  I've had a few, though mine were more of a sudden feeling i was going to die, like terror feeling.  I would say it wouldnt hurt to see a doctor about it, no need to really point out the aneos use per say, just to get things checked out.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Actually people call what your going through a kundalini awakening i'm not sure what it is but that's what a few others on here have claimed. Also, i'd check with the doc, maybe you're body isn't healthy enough at your age to handle extremities like the super-O but i could be wrong (knocks on wood).

    P.S.: Just tell doc that you've been having "normal" penile orgasms (albeit strong ones) since that's not far from the truth, also it's probable, imo, that doc doesn't even know what the heck a super- O is.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I must emphasise that I am not a doctor and have no medical qualifications whatever but, my understanding is that you are suffering from "Arrhythmia" and that this a condition that requires some investigation be someone who is appropriately qualified.

    My advice is that you seek medical intervention and don't leave it too long before doing so. I don't think you have to mention your Aneros activity. Chances are that it is irrelevant anyhow. Just describe your symptoms and let the experts take it from there.

    Please keep us informed and Good Luck!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I have no medical qualification. It also sounds like you may have the dred CD. That is, cognitive dissonance. It can come as an anxiety attack, as heart palpitations, nausea, even vomiting. The palpitation especially if you have any form of arrhythmia or are currently under stress. Dred CD arises when there is a conflict between your subconscious programing and with what you may be doing or thinking. It is very debilitating. So check to see if your Aneros activity and super "O" are in conflict, say, with your upbringing. CD is easily fixed if the cause is identified. Many Aneros users have had to deal with varying degrees of CD. (CD is my abbreviation)
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Thank you for valuable feedback guys. It is definitively in the category of arrythmia and/or palpatations like @Pommie wrote. Since the heart beats that arise are out of my control and very uneven.

    I considered earlier that this might be "all in my head" like @imp says. So I have tried to stop the irregular beats by focusing on them. This does not work. And they come no matter what I'm doing - as long as I'm relaxing. I could just sit there without thinking anything, then suddenly my heart beats out of my chest 2-4 fast beats...
    I've just simply never felt any of this before I started my journey.. so I'm kind of fumbling around in the dark now not knowing what to do about it.

    Today it has been two days since my last aneros session.. haven't had any incidents so far today. (knocking the wood)..

    I will look more into Cog.Dis.. as this could be a mental thing controlling the subconsious heartbeat. But I have no issues with Aneros and SuperOs that would give me any CD issues. It's all good.. no guilt or childhood issues around this either.

    As to the "kundali awakening", I do believe in directing energy. But I also see it so that energy comes from food and fat. I do not believe that any extra energy will be set "free" by aneros. And I really haven't felt any surge in my own energy level.. same as always.. I haven't felt any stress mental or physical either. Besides, invoulantarily increased pulse is not energy being freed (to me). It's my subconsious and physical needs going out of control when regulating the heartbeats. The question is why... and clearly Aneros is a link.

    I do however feel and know that aneros play makes my heart reace, and pound harder (stronger pumping due to excitement maybe?). The same punding as those few beats I get irregularly by itself. The difference is that they are not caused by any voulantary aneros action/play. And only ladt a few beats of course.

    @isvara: I will continue to look for CD issues that I might have on a daily basis. I will try to be aware of anything I do that I feel I shouldn't - and really focus on not doing it.

    Other than that I have decided to take a 4 WEEK BREAK from aneros and note the progress/changes. I will also consult my doctor within the next few weeks.

    With that said I'll also note that I remember making a thread on aneros making me have a consistent elevated pulse / heart beat a few months back. It stopped, so I forgot about it until now.

    The last thing to note is that I've been for the last week, and am now, at the cabin 3000ft above sealevel.. so this might be making the palpations/arrythmia more powerful as the air is thinner and everything here raises my heartbeat alot faster.

    Thanks again guys.. I'll read and consider all the information people can give me here!

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Just an update for anyone else that might end up in the same boat.

    I`ve now had 3 stops at the doctors office. The last two to put on and take of a heart-monitor that I had on friday to monday.

    And the results are in.. my heart as ALOT of double beats, something I didn`t have before I started using aneros. Now, I`m not saying there`s a connection, but I think there is. The extra beats are exactly like the beats I get when approaching a super O, especially when my heart rate goes up.
    Also, it`s worth noting that when I was on my aneros-break it subsided.

    The doctors conclusion was that this wasn`t severe enough to be put on any type of heart medicine. And as it is now, it shouldn`t be dangerous to my health.
    If it starts acting up while relaxing he simply told me I should get up and walk around a bit. It is also triggered by coffee and all kinds of excitement.

    So I`m back in with aneros play... finally :)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    good to hear  ;)
  • @Alex_xxx I would have to say the same thing has happened to me since using aneros. It never happened to me before that. It only happens very occasional usually while sitting in a chair or it happens while in a session when the aneros is working me.
    Now sitting in the chair my prostate could be lightly pleasuring itself and this causes it.
    In a session it is definitely as I am getting excited.
    When I was starting out with aneros there was a distinct moment when my brain was suddenly tuned in to my heart beat. This has not changed back ever again. I am always aware of my heart beat now but before I rarely ever noticed it, so in saying that maybe I had never noticed the heart double beat or flutter.
    I feel every beat every day now from my heart to my crotch. Its like they are conected or something! LOL!
    It doesnt really worry me, if it stops then thats bad but I wont know it for long ;)
    The heart monitor thing is a good idea though.
    My heart beat directly drives my aneros twitching like a marching drum, It was a amazing moment when I just suddenly became heart aware.