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What do you think about Aneros Vice ...
  • Hello guys,

    This is the first time I use this forum even though I frequently read the different topics and experiences of all . I think each and every one very interesting and the descriptions of your experiences are very stimulating and informative ...

    I currently has five models: MGX , HELIX SYN , euphoric , and PROGASM PROGASM Jr. gives me great pleasure and make me discover very specific and very pleasant sensations . This is also the last year in October , what started my first waves of pleasure, spasms and all other sensations that you describe in your sessions. Since then, I like to give myself time ( about 3 or 4 times a week) to play with my Aneros and continue my journey of discovery ...

    I find it extraordinary to 55 years to live my sexuality in different ways and especially to feel my body differently. For my wife and me, it is a boost to our sex and our intimate moments . Wishing to continue this adventure , I want to buy the Aneros VICE . What do you think of it ? Can it really increase the fun and let me know SUPER O ? Regarding the prostate massage , is it really the best?

    Sorry for the translation, I use a linguistic tool on the web because I am a francophone from Quebec (Canada).

    Thank You.

    Bonjour les gars,

    C'est la première fois que j'utilise ce forum même si je lis fréquemment les différents sujets et expériences de tous.  Je vous trouve tous et chacun très intéressant et les descriptions de vos expériences sont très stimulantes et instructives...

    Je possède actuellement cinq modèles: MGX, HELIX SYN, EUPHO, PROGASM and PROGASM Jr. qui me procurent beaucoup de plaisir et qui me font découvrir des sensations très particulières et fort agréables.  C'est d'ailleurs l'an passé, au mois d'octobre,  qu'ont débuté mes premières vagues de plaisirs, spasmes et toutes les autres sensations que vous décrivez dans vos sessions.  Depuis, j'aime me donner du temps (environ 3 ou 4 fois semaine) pour jouer avec mes Aneros et poursuivre ma route des découvertes...

    Je trouve extraordinaire à 55 ans de pouvoir vivre ma sexualité de façon différente et surtout de sentir mon corps autrement.  Pour ma femme et moi, c'est un second souffle pour nos relations sexuelles et nos moments d'intimité.   Désireux de poursuivre cette belle aventure, je désire acheter l' Aneros VICE.  Que pensez-vous de celui-ci?  Peut-il vraiment augmenter le plaisir  et me permettre de connaître des SUPER O?  En ce qui concerne la massage de la prostate, est-il vraiment  le meilleur?

    Désolé pour la traduction, j'utilise un outil linguistique sur le web car je suis un francophone du Québec (Canada).

    Merci beaucoup.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Save your money it is pretty much the same as progasm in shape and using the vibrations does nothing for a aneross session. I dont think it is worth it. Get a tempo. Then you or your wife can use it while having sex.
    They say if she has it in you can feel it moving through the vaginal wall!
  • I have to disagree.  I find the vibrations to be amazing. Vice is my favorite toy.
  • @LiCNYCgay the vibrations feel good but as far as aneros sessions go the vibrations kill the movement.
    The aneros experience is all about subtlety! When you introduce a jack hammer things dont go so good, but that is not to say you dont get something out of it.
  • I like the Vice. It is alot more comfortable than the Progasm Jr, and it is flexible. Even more so without the vibrator in it. If you find the Progasm to be a little uncomfortable or pokey, you will like the Vice much better.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I must admit that on the very few occasions that I use the Vice, I use it exclusively without the vibrator.

    I now wish I had waited and bought the "DeVice" instead but its not terribly relevant since the larger toys, (Maximus excluded), don't do much for me anyway.
  • Vice has the largest neck therefore keeps your sphinctor open the most. This causes my hemrroids to flare up. The progasm ice seems to not cause the same problem  as it is a bit smaller in the neck but the rest is the same size.
  • Vice has the largest neck therefore keeps your sphinctor open the most. This causes my hemrroids to flare up. The progasm ice seems to not cause the same problem  as it is a bit smaller in the neck but the rest is the same size.

    That explains my recent experience with hemrroids lol. What is your method to deal with it? Previously, I have used a Peridise immediately after a session, but I notice that I clench tighter and tighter in the days after, when I can't have an Aneros session. Should I use a Peridise on those days? What about when your muscles feel sluggish and overworked? I haven't used anything during those times because I don't want to overwork myself, but hemrroids can be a problem lol. 
    Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks :)
  • @Wandering_smoke honestly! Said  to say I stopped using it.Because nothing really helps afterward!.
    Sure I use the peridise but I dont know if they really help at all. It takes a month for the roid to go away if I am lucky! Sorry for the bad news but that is my experience :(

    I like sleeping with my peridise, great fun. But roids well that just kills any fun
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author