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Using the Helix Upside Down...
  • I'm reluctant to start a lot of threads because one, there's a lot obviously. And two, I don't want to gum everything up for the vets and newbies. But I feel something I discovered needs it's own post because it worked surprisingly well.

    Watch this video...

    Around the 4:50 mark you'll notice the user on his right side and that the helix is in reverse, and it working quite nicely for him. Now this is something that I had to make sure I was getting right when I first started, and obviously it wasn't hard as you just need to look at the pictures. However I still wondered what it would feel like, so after watching this video, I have to say it was pretty nice.

    I didn't hit any major milestones but at one point, while on my front and back, I felt like things were gearing up for something I haven't felt before. Sadly I didn't quite get there, but want to know if it's something I should keep doing or something that will inhibit my progress \ rewiring.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    See I knew those videos were fake!!!  He had it inserted wrong!

    But in all seriousness i have tried this with my progasm, it does feel good but it never really amounts to much.  I think the reason is the pointy part which is intended to massage the prostate is obviously pointing in the wrong direction.  I dont think it will hurt anything, keep doing it if you think it helps.  
  • Haha... Worse yet the one video posted here before... This guy:

    Looks like it's only three quarters in... Which begs the question, does it need to be completely in? And have you ineverknew had it in upside down?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    you dont need it to be all the way in, though your body will eventually suck it in as needed, sometimes to the point that the p tab almost hurts.  Yes i have put my progasm in backwards a few times, like i said in the first message, it felt good but never went anywhere O wise,
  • Huh, yeah I just noticed something different, like maybe it was the beginning of something surprising.

    Tell me this, does regular kegel exercising help the whole process?
  • I tried the progasm in backwards too just to see if it could be done as someone said they had had orgasms from it.
    I expected it to hurt but it was so comfortable I went off to sleep.
    Note i said comfortable not affective!
    Still now i am rewired I am sure I could stick a finger or anything else suitable up there and it would feel good 
  • Haha, well that raises a good question though... When you are rewired, then it's lot easier to get a great O or a FBO \ MMO \ SO correct?

    But yeah, I'll tell you, I have to think it's still touching my prostate though... I did it this morning again and I got light dry O's from it!
  • Yes @HopefulMMOer, I get pwaves from the slightest thought, have orgasms just because i sat down, Strong pwaves tells me i have to go number 2 well before i feel the urge! :)
    Leg spasm for no reason while watching tv and then a warm feeling in my groin area just out of the blue.
    Ha! if i touch my sphincter with a finger, especially a lubed one my butt starts sucking away like it wants a pacifier!
    For those that are new to this, most feelings are not strong but faint, very subtle but enjoyable none the less. While rewireing in early stages the feelings where overwhelmingly strong and a little scary because they controlled me but now there not.
    Only thing is i now wish i could get back to that point. It is the one thing i would not mind being addicted to!
  • Oh just wow... That crapping can be pleasurable, more so, makes me anxious to get to your stage one day!
    But wow, your body has certainly adapted and rewired perfectly...

    As for the early stages, I wonder if mine are inhibited due to anti depressants... Euphemistic and I had talked about that in the other thread I wrote. And yes, the desire and even fear of addiction is of course real and just the little bit of pleasure I got from having it in reverse, imagining that MUCH stronger just stuns me to be honest!
  • @HopefulMMOer As a matter of fact in the early stages i was on depression tablets as well and also pain medication.
    I was mostly bed ridden due to a accident so put in aneros overtime more often than not.
    The longest session was around 18 hours give or take! :)
    It would be wrong to say the drugs dont affect the feeling or progress but it wont change the results that much. If i could do it then you can, I am no one special!

    There has been times when I know I am going to need to go number 2 before my bum did. Its freaky.
    I can feel the package pass through the inner sphincter. The only reason i can feel this is because of the nerve ending are alive inside now because of ridding aneros. I never used to!
    I can only feel this passing when things are just right, maybe something to do with mood but then again maybe i just read it wrong and now i still feel it but as p-waves either way i know whats next. I feel it pass then load into place and then knock on the back door in the form of pressure.
    I know some people my think I am nuts but i used to be just like them until aneros.
    I could not say that it has not changed my life because it certainly has.

    The first signs for me that the aneros was doing something was when all of a sudden i was acutely aware of my heart beat not just seeing it but i could feel every beat. The aneros was like a amplifier and i could feel the aneros pulse along with my heart beat. It all started there and just grew and grew.

    There comes a stage in your anerosing that you realise you will never be able to go without it again. Scary at first but you come to love and accept this with open..... ass! :)
    Practice makes perfect so keep going, one day you will look back and say "shit he was right!"
    You never stop rewiring either it is always changing. So dont think of it as a beginning and a end of rewireing, sure there is a beginning but no end. 
  • Any progress is good progress! Be happy with any progress you make! It adds up with time and patience!
  • bravenworld - Interesting and good to know, again we're all different, but if you were in that shape and had success then hopefully I'll be as successful. Also interesting that you're more in tune, or attuned, to your body regarding BM's and that whole area.

    As for the heart beat, yeah I heard that too, that you actually feel it inside your rectum. I definitely notice it more during a session but have to have anything aligned the way you do... BUT, I will look for that as a positive sign!

    theme - Yes yes and yes... I contradict myself when I say I'm a pretty patient person yet don't have the patience for "constitutions" like this. I'd rather just have a pill for everything that ales or bothers me, and a pill that can bring me right to a SO ASAP! Yet with this I have realized big time that any kind of progress or success hinges on patience.

    And one thing that continually makes me anxiously happy (another contradiction!) is the fact that I have made progress despite lack of optimal circumstances in which I'm learning!
  • Update... Ummm, wow?

    Had a nice long session with it in upside down... I felt more P waves, a bit of full body tingling and tingling waves, had longer and a bit harder dry O's multiple times, and also felt a good bit of pleasure in other positions as well...

    All of this pretty new. Interesting, while on my side, like trying to catch an ember to help blaze into a fire, I felt like a pocket of pleasure inside. I captured it with contractions, holds, minor thrusting of my hips and the aneros itself, and it began to build up really big... Nothing... I don't know if it was because I turned on my back or any number of reasons, but it was still nice... This happened at least once more, weaker though but again, nice.

    Now this was with the helix to boot, so tell me how this makes sense? Do I keep down this road? Is it actually touching and or massaging my prostate upside down? And would one of you try it to see if I'm just the frickin nut!?!
  • Hopeful, I hope you mean that the device is turned around inside so the head is facing away from your prostate and outside, the p-tab is in your butt crack rather than your perineum. I'm trying to imagine how the p-tab would feel inside me and it's not very comfortable! :((
  • Haha, yep, thankfully I didn't experiment with that or I'd really be walking around with a limp! But it's crazy man, I got as close as ever last night with it in upside down and I'd love to know why!!?!?!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @hopefulmmoer, its probably cause you are getting some stimulation of your prostate.  Remember it doesnt take much pressure or movement to cause good feelings.  Not sure if you get anerosless feelings, but those are great feelings like you have a device in yet you dont.  I'm not sure what causes this, whether muscle memory, or pc muscles pushing on the prostate, but whatever the reason, it simply doesnt take much to get pleasure from your prostate once things are getting rewired.  I wouldnt worry too much about the how, but just enjoy them for what they are.
  • Oh you said it, and yeah, great point that as we rewire it becomes a muscle memory sort of thing... Especially when you can do it without the aneros. And the feelings are great but I don't want to disrupt any progress I may be making with doing it wrong, although obviously it feels so right... So I guess the questions is, is this progress on the way to being rewired and or to a FBO \ SO!?!?!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    aneroless feelings are completely normal, enjoy them, this is definitely on the path, no worries.
  • I know this is off point, but you reminded me of a fantastic session I had a few months ago, when, in the throes of a long and successful series of MMO's,  I found myself with my butt and legs straight up on the wall next to my bed.  The experience was very different and exciting.  Give it a try...
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I put mine upside down once and encountered a minor sharp pain with very slight bleeding though i had done other questionable things with it before-hand like manually fucking myself with it (inserted correctly). I imagine it may have also been a roid though i don't know if i have those or not. I use Progasm ICE. I did insert it backwards from time to time afterwards but only for a split-second as part of the twisting process to spread the lubricant.
  • ineverknew - Felt some last night after a long session and was surprised and pleased

    Armon - I actually tried that once and it felt good, but it sounds like your body did it on its own

    Trei - Yeah, try it fresh and see how you like it... I don't know why I'm having the luck I'm having with it that way... Now I had a session this afternoon which was an epic fail pretty much, so I probably should take a break as I've been riding a lot lately!
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Just on a whim I decided to rotate the Helix after an Anerosession that leveled off and felt like it was going nowhere. I tell you what, I've been trying to get anal orgasms for a while and they just came in droves. I felt like I was being butt-fucked and I liked it. I was actually imagining being ridden by another guy, very horny. One cracking 'analgasm' after another, I was just hanging in there and biting the pillow. Definitely doing THAT again. Now I've got to try and convince get the wife to give me a damn good pegging. This thing's turning me gay, lol...!!
  • @Bunk - Haha, yeah, we probably all had those thoughts... For guys who've never been with other guys, the fact that we're feeling such, literally, UNBELIEVABLE pleasure through our "exit onlys" would probably make the biggest hetero wonder!

    But I'm glad to hear it worked for you... I myself haven't done so in a while as I've been having a lot of progress the normal way, though the last couple I've had some duds, so I may try backwards again.Now tell me, where you riding on your stomach the whole time?
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Yes, lying on my front most of the time. Well I didn't want the guy to fall off lol...!
    Worked when on my back as well, and my side and walking to the bathroom...!
  • @Bunk - Oh geeze, must be nice! You had more luck then I've had!:} But, there's always tomorrow!