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recommendations on penis masturbators?
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    Looking for something realistic and easy to use. The fleshlight seems like a lot of work and apparently its loud(maybe its too realistic lol). How about products like this one If anyone has experience with these toys i would like to hear your advice as i have never had one before.
  • AkiraAkira
    Posts: 32
    Why is the Fleshlight to mutch work?

    It's a great and nice feeling device! It does not feel like the real deal for me but it is a total different sensation. Really good!

    No experience with the other strokers.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I know a bit about penile masturbators. First off, many masturbation sleeves are disposable (usually the ones made of a jelly-like substance) meaning that they aren't meant to last for more than a few uses.
    Though, if you're really careful they won't break as fast.

    My first was Devinn Lanes succulent blossom by california exotics, it lasted about a month of pounding into it multiple times daily before it was destroyed. I enjoyed that "far" more than my fleshlight instructor which i never use and the blossom is my favourite in terms of feel so far..

    (Also, the thicker you are the less the durability, sometimes breaking on the first use for girthy people.)

    What i assume, though it may not be true, is that those who praise fleshlight may have not given any other brands a try. Also if you want a durable toy you can try doc johnsons ur3 material devices though they take a hit in pleasure they'll probably never break as im sure my super sucker never will no matter what i do to it, but it does hurt a bit at times as the texture is almost like straight up rubber but it feels good still more like "smooth" rubber.

    P.S.: I will say though that fleshlight feels the closest to real skin (OMG, especially when its placed in hot water before-hand, it feels just like the real thing!) but it's too soft to feel any of the texture due to me missing thousands of nerve endings and pushing into it with numb dryed out glands on a frenulumless penis via mandatory circumcision at birth. FTL!!

    p.p.s.:Yes i used to tink that all of the people complaining about clen-up of the fleshlight where just a bunch of pansys but it really is a drag to clean, first off the inner case attracts grease-like dirt and has a bunch of hard to see spots that you must clean, as well the case though its made of herd plastic takes forever to dry (30 min. under a fan) The sleeve itself is mush simpler to clean, just soak in water and let dry (30 min. under a fan) or i hear it'll collect mold.

    Imo, it's still not a big-deal but why go through all that when i can just grab my super sucker, whack away, lick it out, and toss it back away in less than a minuet. (mind you i do give it a hard-core fleshlight style cleaning once or twice a month.)
  • I masturbate too much but because of that I can certainly give you some advice.
    The cheap strokers. I have had about 10 of these and they're cheap. Your hands are free (if you do not have hands please don't take offense, please borrow someone elses hand(s)). They come in a vary of sizes, colors and action (pussy lip, bunghole, miniature female on a log) along with the least favorite material feeling.
    Fleshlights aren't bad. To me it is a solid start towards serious consideration towards soloplay. Plenty of options (add the above with a bunch of other options like Alien, pornstars and stamina trainers) but the big upgrade is the material. Very smooth and pliable. It has a texture that's not like flesh but its not bad. More pliable than it looks and it can give. Giving is good but the package design isn't the greatest design. I know they have offered other solutions but it still looks funny sticking my dong in a 1960's flashlight. Sure feels good though but cleaning it is comical! The inserts come off easily but they aren't rigid so it is what I would imagine washing an eel feels like.
    Which gets me to my preference. Black Tenga fliplight. It is soft and spongy with some firmness. It doesn't feel like a vagina but pretty damn good oral. Prepare yourself for some new sensations. I can't really describe the feeling but it is very very very good. It is loads (heh) easier to clean but requires that you clean and dry it well. My only complaint is that it is too short for me but the last chamber is heavenly.
    I would rank good lube as a more important factor than the toy. Sleeves go through a good amount of lube and will always require good cleaning but the Tenga is my choice. Pair your aneros super-o's with awesome lube AND a Tenga? Your partner might be wondering why you just suddenly disappear for a few hours of the day. You will suddenly be trying to schedule your time for solo play.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    the super head honcho masturbator seems to get really good reviews. i would also prefer something that doesnt have much of a "chemical" scent, or any scent at all.
  • exodusexodus
    Posts: 51
    The fleshlight and most other mastrubators are NOTHING compared to the Japanese 'meiki' series. 
    They're genuinely the closest thing to a real woman in terms of the realistic feeling it creates. Often it comes with lube that has some form of real vaginal compound in it and a strong scent of pheromones (which make me go crazy lol).
  • I bought the "Cobre Libre", a battery operated device. It has two inbuilt very quiet motors that vibrate at different speeds an a large variety of combinations.. I have found it excellent. It is can view it on Youtube. It seems excellent at getting you to orgasm. I don't use it for that. My technique is this. I place a cushion on my lap and place the Cobre Libere upright and facing my penis.. I then put a little lube on the top of my penis. I insert it just into the opening of the toy. I relax and then touch the start button. It vibrates gently giving the penis a tingling sensation and the hint of an erection. I then touch the operating button once, then twice. The vibration increases just enough to creat pleasure waves in the prostate area and give rise to the most exquisite erection sensations. I am almost groaning as the penis stiffens. When it reaches its limit, I switch off by touching the stop /start button. I relax by reading my ipad news or something. In about 30 seconds, I am right down soft again, ready for the repeat. I continue this for about an hour and when I finish, I put the toy on charge, ready for the next session.
  • I highly recommend a TOMAX masturbator. They're better than Fleshlights. Possibly even better than the Meikis that @exodus mentioned. The TOMAX ones don't have a smell, and they're very durable. I bought a Lilith Uterus a few months ago and I LOVE it.

    You can find a couple on Amazon if you know the name of the model you want (read the reviews for the Lilith Uterus), or you can the whole line of TOMAX masturbators here
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    the tomax seems interesting, i will look into it thanks.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    well, i wanted to order the tomax but can't find a place that will ship it to Canada.

    edit. i contacted queen and they said they will ship it, but its going to cost 30, which brings the total to $80. I can buy a fleshlight right now for $50+free shipping.

    is the tomax really  worth the extra 30?. i love the realism ( i decided on venus real) and the fact that its closed at one end. But fleshlight seems very popular.

    i found it weird that only one place sells tomax in the states and none in canada, very hard to find given that it seems like a solid toy.
  • @legace TOMAX is a relatively new, small Japanese company. I've had to do some research to find exactly who they are, but they're good, and they focus on quality above all else. Hell, when I got mine, it came in a plastic bag lol. They have apparently started shipping in their own boxes very recently. Hopefully that won't drive up the cost too much, because they are very affordable...if you can find a supplier in your country. 

    As for realism...nothing can compare to sex. Fleshlights are popular because they are widely known. Sounds like your price in Canada is a bit more than a Fleshlight. That's weird because here, Fleshlights cost more lol. Personally, I'd get a TOMAX. As you know, you can choose your softness or hardness.

    Here is the actual Japanese site. I can give you all the research I found if you'd like(?), but this is the source for TOMAX
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    In defense of the Fleshlight/Fleshjack toys.  (I'm not circed so can't speak for the Uncut).  I've made no attempt to imitate a Vagina -- just tailor a set of sleeves to my own desires.

    -- Easy to modify/sculpt the sleeve to one's own liking.  Both trimming and addition of a few rubber bands have worked for me as has shortening the internal sleeve. 

    -- Cleaning: I only use water based lubes, remove the air valve cap after use and blast it out with a Cleanstream nozzle.  < >.  

    Once a week I close the air valve and shake it with splash of Rubbing Alcohol.

    I've also salvaged a smelly pink sleeve by turning it inside-out and tossing it into the washing machine with a load of T-shirts and skivs.  (warm, delicate cycle)

    Careful though; as, the washing machine treatment trashed an early (circa 2009) Ice sleeve.
  • My absolute favorite is the Tenga Flip Hole, also known as Tenga Side Flip.  A lot of guys shy away from the Tenga products, as they are disposable, but this one is worth the cost.  It will give you about fifty uses.  One will last me about a year.  The three different chambers inside feel incredible and each very different from its counterparts.  It's also incredibly easy to clean and comes with a stand for easy drying.

    I have the Fleshlight too.  It's a great toy.  It's a bit too large.  They have come out with some slimmer models recently, but they are also more snug.  The biggest downside to the Fleshlight is the cleanup.  It takes a very long time to dry.
  • You bastards! I ordered a Tomax Succubus 2D (regular micro ribbed) for less than $40 and shipped within 4 days.
    As stated by previous members it is a pretty damn good toy for the money. Material is very similar to the Fleshlight and it delivers! I actually put it above the FL in terms of price point and (although can be hilariously an exercise to insert) because there's no shell it feels better gripped or propped.
    Clean up wasn't too bad. The material is the best I've tried at this price it's almost unfair but it is tight and maneuvers well (above average length and girth). It can drip fluids (I have no refractory period) so have a towel nearby.
    Between the Tenga and Tomax? I'd still give it to the Tenga. My sensorys work and build much higher and greater with the black tenga. I can also go for as long as I want with the Tenga. It feels better and climaxing is more controlled and heightened. Clean up is still better than the Tomax but the Tomax is easier to clean than the FL.
    The 2D does give incredible feel. Because it has a simple design there's not a lot of variation but it always feels like it is turned ON all the time so for shorter sessions it'll be my go to item. For longer and higher experiences the Tenga still works better for me because of the variations and my ability to control the urge. The 2D feels like I've been tied down and my partner is going to force an orgasm out of me; not a bad thing but not what I'm always craving for. I feel like I am riding the waves versus creating them. At least now there's something to quench that thirst.
    Overall the 2D was an excellent purchase and worth every penny. I'm so tempted to try Tomax's Venus or Lilith's line next.