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  • AneRicoAneRico
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    Deleted by author
  • Good information, AneRico. I'll try that downsizing technique. I recognize everything else you say, you're good at describing these inner things. Especially about inserting and removing the progasm type. Another way is on your side with the top knee bent and holding that knee so there's no tension on your ass.
  • @AneRico - Great post.  Maybe a little aggressive like the big boys, but great info on proper preparation and comparing models.  Definitely agree my Progasm gets my whole body involved.  Believe the K-tab touching on spine helps there, besides the curve and size.  Took a little while to tone my anal muscles, but now my Progasm moves mountains inside me!  Progasm insertion is two step process and I find myself getting week kneed just from the head!